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Cute, small and green.

Pocket Dragon Adventures was a 1998 TV show created by Craig Miller and Marv Wolfman, who story edited the animated series which ran for one season. Produced by Spanish animation D'Ocon Films, in co-production with Televisión Española, Bohbot Entertainment, and DIC Productions.

Based off of collectable figurines of the same name which was launched back in June 1989 created by artist Real Musgrave, the cartoon is about the titular Pocket Dragons (a group of very small dragons) who live with a kindly old wizard, and their many adventures.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Acting Out a Daydream: Cuddles is the Sleepyhead of the group, but sometimes when he dozes off daydreams he's a daring adventurer named Sir Cuddles. He can only be snapped out of this alter-ego persona if someone says "Cushladoo".
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Specs has a huge crush on Princess Betty Bye Belle who runs the town library and is as much as a Bookworm as he is. Belle is aware of his feelings but sees him more as a friend.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Binky becomes gigantic in the episode Attack of the 50 Foot Binky because she was tired of being the smallest Pocket Dragon. She concocts a potion that'll make her as tall as Filbert, but as Specs later discovers she failed to put a delimiter on the potion. Now Binky will grow endlessly with no stopping, unless they can find a rare magical flower to halt the process.
  • Ditzy Genius: Scribbles is a scatterbrained inventor whose creations tend to cause more problems than they solve. She and Specs disagree as to which of them is smarter, and she often steps up to act as The Leader should Filbert be incapacitated.
  • Dream-Crushing Handicap: Zoom-Zoom is the fastest most rash of the little dragon group, and wishes he could fly, even wearing an old-style aviator's helmet. Unlike regular-sized dragons however, Pocket Dragons as a species are unable to fly.
  • Fantastic Racism: Knights like Sir Kenneth hunt dragons despite the fact that in this fantasy world, full-sized dragons are sapient bipedal civilized and every bit as intelligent as humans.
  • Guardian Entity: Filbert, the leader of the group sees himself as guardian and protector of the castle and wizard, despite the fact that nearly everyone who knocks of the door is a well-acquainted old friend of the wizard.
  • Limited Animation: Subverted when compared to D'Ocon's other productions, sometimes not even matching their artstyle. This is because they only animated half of the series in-house, while the rest of the episodes were outsourced to Taiwanese/Chinese/Korean studios. Even then, the D'Ocon-produced episodes still feature a lot of the tropes the company is known for: reused animation, low-budgets, simplified framerates, among others.
  • The Klutz: Sir Nigel's brother Chumley is far more gifted as a talented painter, than an explorer.
  • Merchandise-Driven: This series is based off of a toyline of the same name.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Like the franchise the animated series is adapted on, Pocket Dragons are mischievous but always friendly mouse-sized dragon race that love to live in human's homes and help with their chores. The series focuses on the main six of these creatures who live with a kindly old wizard.
  • Overly Long Name: Sir Nigel the dragon's Welsh brother's full name is "Chumley Gwilliam Llywelyn Spikey Smoke". Specs agrees they'd best call him just Chumley, or they'll be making introductions all day long.
  • Two Men, One Dress: The Pocket Dragons once got together in a manually controlled robot to trick someone.