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Fanfic / My Teacher Is My Dad?!?

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Midoriya Izuku starts a new phase of his life by attending U.A. High. But many obstacles still stand in his way, like a quirk that is still too much for his body to handle, a class full of students who would just die to discover that Izuku is All Might's son, and... villain attacks?!?

My Teacher Is My Dad?!? is My Hero Academia fanfic by LightSage89 and is the sequel to My Hero Is My Dad?.

The fanfic can be found on Archive of Our Own here.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: During the Hero Vs. Villain challenge, Izuku was able to hold more of his own against Bakugo, getting the upper-hand at only 10% after Bakugo only manages to overwhelm him with his combat skill. Not only that, but the boost in confidence his training and time away from Bakugo keeps him from taking his verbal abuse. He also manages to capture Bakugo and assist Ochako directly in winning the challenge without injuring himself (only coming out of it with a bloody nose from one of Bakugo's attacks).
    Bakugo: Deku...
    Izuku: You haven't known me for years and I've grown too! We both got into U.A., didn't we? So don't call me Deku anymore!
  • Adaptational Intelligence: During the Hero Vs. Villain challenge, All Might stops Bakugo from using his gauntlets before he gets the chance to use them, having researched how they work beforehand and explaining to Bakugo the various reasons why using them indoors would be a bad idea both in the exercise and in the field.
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  • Adaptational Jerkass: Zig-zagged. Aizawa is quick to single out Izuku due to his association with All Might, thinking that both are shallow glory-hounds who use their flashy quirks for attention. While canon!Aizawa was considering expelling Izuku because his lack of control over his quirk would have made him more of a hindrance during a life-or-death situation (which one could argue was a good reason), here he threatens to expel him because he was holding back some of his power during the fitness exam (essentially punishing because he can control his quirk), Izuku only using a fraction of the power he used on the Zero-Pointer to make a fairly decent score. It is not until Izuku demonstrates his absurd strength at the expense of his arm does he back off, even providing some of his capture tape to help bind up his arm so that he could stay for the scoring before seeing the nurse.
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  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Downplayed. When canon!Izuku demonstrates his quirk during the fitness exams, Bakugo is so floored that Izuku might have been hiding his power that he nearly attacks him after Izuku blows away the ball-toss at the expense of his finger. Here, Bakugo merely shouts indignantly when Izuku absolutely demolishes the punch-testing machine. This is no doubt due to having spent less time around Izuku. This does not stop him from targeting Izuku during the Heroes vs. Villains exercise though, and even then he complies with All Might's restriction not to use his gauntlets (unlike in canon, where he gives the "he won't get hurt if he dodges" excuse).
  • Cassandra Truth: Bakugo accuses Izuku of breaking the law by lying about his quirklessness and does not believe him when he tells him that he did not get his quirk later on (though he omits the fact that he actually was quirkless).
  • Fastball Special: Izuku and Ochako manage to win the Hero Vs. Villain challenge by having Ochako use her quirk to lower her own gravity while Izuku throws her at the bomb.
  • Nominal Hero: Discussed. Mineta made the lowest score on the physical exam. Aizawa fishes for a reason not to expel him by asking for his motivation, only to have him transferred to General Studies when the reason he gives for wanting to become a hero was to pick up chicks.


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