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First founded in 1988 by Motoyoshi Tokunaga with Walt Disney Animation Japan, Spectrum was Disney Japan's non Disney based unit (the studios shared 20-30% of their staff), the studio is known for having spectacularly gorgeous animation (like TMS and Disney Japan) and working on 9 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series plus the associated films Mask Of The Phantasm and Sub Zero. The studio also worked on other productions as well, but went out of business in 1998 as they were failing to compete in the anime market (They only did four as subcontractors. But did do some cutscenes for some PC-FX and PS1 games), as well as the studio's debt (things like the airbrushing in Mr. Freeze's helmet did not help either) and Michael Eisner wanting to cut corners at Disney, and one way to do that was to tell Motoyoshi Tokunaga to shut down Spectrum. After that, most of their staff (like the ones that were not based through Disney Japan like Sabaro Hashimoto (who is now a arts teacher) Hiroshi Kawamata and Kazuyoshi Takeuchi (who both now work for The Answer Studio) went to Production I.G.

See also TMS Entertainment, Studio Ghibli and Walt Disney Animation Japan, three other Japanese studios known for gorgeous looking animation.

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Tropes associated with Spectrum:

  • Animation Bump: Arguably one of the best studios ever established, until they went out of business.
  • Off-Model: Despite their quality, they do slip up on the rare occasion.