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Logo for CCTV-1, the flagship station of CCTV.

China Central Television (abbreviated as CCTV, Chinese name 中国中央电视台) is a network of Chinese TV stations owned by the Chinese government. It launched its first channel in 1958 as Beijing Television and changed to its current name in 1978. The network comprises 50 channels, among them the following which each focus on specific kinds of programming:

  • CCTV-1: General entertainment channel.
  • CCTV-2: Focuses on finance/economy.
  • CCTV-3: Arts and entertainment programming.
  • CCTV-4: An international feed of CCTV.
  • CCTV-5: Sports channel.
    • CCTV-5+: Sports events channel.
  • CCTV-6: Movie channel.
  • CCTV-7: Military programming.
  • CCTV-8: Airs TV series such as dramas.
  • CCTV-9: Shows documentaries.
  • CCTV-10: Science and education programs.
  • CCTV-11: Chinese opera.
  • CCTV-12: Society and law programs.
  • CCTV-13: News channel.
  • CCTV-14: Children's programming.
  • CCTV-15: Music channel.
  • CCTV-16: The Olympics. (Happens every 2 years)
  • CCTV-17: Agricultural channel.
CCTV also operates six channels under the China Global Television Network (CGTN) branding, including the aforementioned CCTV-4 which is the only channel of this group that didn't rebrand under this name.

Has no relation to closed-circuit televisions, also known as CCTVs for short.

CCTV's channels air/aired these shows:

Domestic series

Imported series