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Hunan Broadcasting System, originally known as Golden Eagle Broadcasting System, is a Chinese television network that was founded in 1970 as a station local to the Chinese province of Hunan before expanding to a nationwide satellite channel in 1997. Their flagship station, Hunan Satellite Television (or Hunan TV for short), is second only to CCTV-1 as the country's most-watched station.

They are also known as "Mango TV", which originated as a Fan Nickname stemming from the appearance of their logo - it's supposed to be a white fish and a golden grain, but looks a lot like a mango. Hunan TV have made this an official alternate name for their channel.

Among their television stations, and the content they focus on, are:

  • Hunan Satellite Television - their main Chinese-language station
  • Aniworld - animated shows
  • HNTV World - Chinese-language international channel
  • HNTV Economic - economics and money
  • HNTV Drama - Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • HNTV Metropolitan - city
  • HNTV Movie - also what it sounds like
  • HNTV Public - delivers public information

Hunan TV's various stations have produced or aired the following series: