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Tropes I've suggested the name for:

  1. Above Good and Evil
  2. Ascetic Aesthetic
  3. Bastard Bastard
  4. Borrowed Biometric Bypass as a rename for "Bloody Biometric"
  5. Decoy Trial
  6. Disconnected by Death
  7. Dying Declaration of Love (a rename for "Going Down With The Ship", due to it using an established term in a completely different way.)
  8. Ethnic Menial Labor
  9. Freudian Slurp (a redirect to Erotic Eating)
  10. Grow A Conscience (a redirect to Villainous BSoD)
  11. It's Fake Fur, It's Fine
  12. Libation for the Dead
  13. Measuring the Marigolds
  14. Mutant Draft Board
  15. No Time to Think
  16. Painted-On Pants
  17. Personal Effects Reveal
  18. Silly Reason for War
  19. The Smoking Section
  20. Stillborn Franchise
  21. Team Hand-Stack
  22. Terms of Endangerment
  23. The Ending Changes Everything (the new name for "The Usual Suspects Ending")
  24. Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket
  25. Tuck In The Dog (a redirect to Comforting Comforter)
  26. Villains Act, Heroes React
  27. Wunza Plot

Pages I've found, made, or contributed to the page image for:

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  1. the final scene from Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World on Bandage Mummy. rodneyAnonymous brightened and color-corrected it.
  2. Faye demonstrates Behind the Black in Questionable Content (rodneyAnonymous did the image manipulation)
  3. Sarge and Beetle Bailey on Big Ball of Violence
  4. Moloch and the big switch from Girl Genius on Big Electric Switch
  5. Velma on Blind Without 'Em.
  6. Eminem in a bathtub of blood on Blood Bath. Sean Murray first mentioned that the trope was used in one of his videos, and I found the screencap.
  7. Vox originally found the comic page, but I did the cropping and color-tweaking of Hercules on the Blood Knight page.
  8. How to trap a Canadian on Box-and-Stick Trap
  9. Burning love letter with rose on Break-Up Bonfire
  10. Buster Keaton's version of By Wall That Is Holey from Steamboat Bill.

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    H, I, J, K, L 
  1. M.Bison on Ham and Cheese
  2. Angela Lansbury as Mrs Lovett on Horned Hairdo
  3. Nannie-harvesting from Schlock Mercenary on Human Resources
  4. Krunch and Cale from Looking for Group on I Did What I Had to Do.
  5. "Safari Head", an entry in a 2012 hairstyling competition, on Improbable Hair Style
  6. The ninja waiter from Freefall on Kansas City Shuffle
  7. The Corinthian from Sandman on Knife Nut
  8. This pen-and-ink drawing on Knighting. (Melloncollie cleaned-up the background to an even white color.)
  9. Andres Cantor announcing a chess match on Large-Ham Announcer. Willbyr suggested the ad, I grabbed and tweaked the screencap.
  10. Hazel kicking the shopper from Freefall on Little Girls Kick Shins.
  11. "Sit on the table Tristan" from the webcomic Married to the Sea for Lost Him in a Card Game.
  12. The guy from the Flash game Magical Awakening, on Lotus Position.
  13. Knight texting (originally a macro) on Low Culture, High Tech


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    page images I suggested that have since been changed or removed 
  1. Sandy, before and after from Grease on Be a Whore to Get Your Man. The first image has been changed to a different one, the second is still the same.
  2. Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer", formerly on Blood Knight
  3. Fluffy (The thing in the crate under the stairs) from Creepshow, on Fluffy the Terrible
  4. This incredible mish-mash of superheroes, formerly on Fusion Dance.
  5. # The real John Smith and The Disney version on Historical Beauty Update. My original suggestion had the woodcut in black-and-white, and sparkysharps found a color version of the same image.
  6. The giant dino-seaturtle from One Million BC on Slurpasaur It was pointed out that this was not a real turtle at all, it was a stop-motion puppet.
  7. Yngwie Malmstein on The Power of Rock

    Pages I suggested the page image caption for 
  1. Cut-and-Paste Note: I suggested the stinger.
  2. Cool Bike
  3. Chekhov's Gun
  4. Energy Beings
  5. Gender Flip
  6. Guardian Angel: (It's a bedtime prayer commonly taught to Catholic children)

Pages I've written, rewritten substantially, or am writing:

  1. Margin Play (Seriously. Look at the edit history: All Maddy, all the time. Gah.)
  2. The Utterly and Completely Definitive Guide to Cool
  3. Pacifist
  4. Actual Pacifist
  5. Bit Character
  6. Cool Bike
  7. Sally Forth Howard
  8. Thud and Blunder
  9. Rot13.Home Page
  10. Laconic.Home Page

Pages I've substantially contributed to the introduction on:

  1. Badass Longcoat
  2. Epic Riff
  3. Free the Frogs
  4. In-Camera Effects
  5. Knockout Gas
  6. Practical Effects
  7. The Theorem of Narrow Interests
  8. Haiku.Home Page

Pages I've adopted for Maintenance:

  1. Bring My Brown Pants
  2. You Fail Logic Forever
  3. Covers Always Lie
  4. Dan Browned
  5. Badass Longcoat

Forum sigs, past and present:

  1. I don't know where "Theory" is, but I want to live there. Everything works in Theory. (stolen from a friend who had it on a t-shirt, and who, in turn, had stolen it from a sign in the engineering department at his college.)
  2. If I had a piece of chalk, I could work it out in a wall, if I had a wall. (From P.C. Hodgell's Seeker's Mask)
  3. This time Opportunity knocked once, then wandered off and came back with a flock of Epiphanies, and they brought a battering ram! (Stolen shamelessly from the first comment on this Blogunder Schlock entry.)
  4. Charmin ads are one of the biggest advantages that literature has over television. [ — Aliroz The Confused-]
  5. Zeere-a Is Nu Sooch Theeng Es Nutebeelity. Jordan, on the Bork.Home Page
  6. trouble is where god hides all the stories. Drunk Scriblerian
  7. "Likewise, headphone covers have little real nutritious value and are only used to hold sauce." Leradny, from a conversation about cooking with electronics in the Old Folks Home 'Kitchen' thread.
  8. " is easy to smile upon joy and the wish to share it..." —- Yuanchosaan, talking about being assailed with hugs from happy, drunk, fifteen-year-old girls on New Years Eve.
  9. "I wish to be surrounded by people who do not look like me in a place full of interesting aromas and colors." blackcat from here.
  10. "The times you live in are as interesting as you make them, and as interesting to others as you make them out to be." —Tropers/Drunkie from here
  11. "Half the work on any project is done the week before the deadline. The other half is done the week after." Paraphrased from the Irregular Webcomic! of November 2, 2013.

People who have paid me the compliment of sigging something I wrote:

  • Sandbylur sigged "You can't be charged with meaning to do something you didn't mean to do."
  • DrunkScriblerian sigged "When two mods Skullfuck the same poster at the same time, the thread goes "bork?" and forgets how to count", but the fuck-scrubber got upset about it and kept scrubbing it, so
  • DrunkScriblerian then changed it to "I strongly suggest you stop posting until whatever the hell you're tripping on wears off."
  • juancarlos11 sigged this exchange between Morven and I: "I'm not locking this just to spite you, TMA." —Morven "I, however, will revel in the tears." — Madrugada
  • Freezair For A Limited Time sigged "Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
  • Lessinath sigged a line I used in locking down an OTC thread that had soured: "This thread has gone so far south it's surrounded by nesting penguins." — Madrugada
  • DrunkScriblerian thinks I'm eminently quotable, apparently. He glommed "I wouldn't mind being between Eddie and Drunkie." -Madrugada, part of an evening of schnockered posting.
  • thenamelesssamurai sigged "Bullshit. What nobody tells you is that once you're over the hill it's a hell of a ride. Think Calvin & Hobbes and the sled ~Madrugada"
  • Mr Mallard sigged "There are no indigenous people on the moon." -Madrugada
  • Indigo12ash sigged "People don't make sense. Especially about sex. But that's hardly news, is it?" —Madrugada "
  • Candi sigged "Your experiences aren't universal, your preferences aren't universal, and your opinions don't trump anyone else's just because they're [yours]"

Characters I've been cast as in the "Cast Tropers in works" thread:

  1. Made Of Meat cast me as Charity in the Seven Eight Holy Virtues.
  2. According to Haven, I'm Madeline Weston in Burn Notice. I'm flattered.
  3. Lemurian says Ran Yakumo in Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom fits.
  4. Louie W cast me as Hiyori Kasugano (AKA Sensei) in Sketchbook. She has a chicken as a pet, which I think is quite cool.
  5. Scholastica thinks I fit as Heath in Fire Emblem 7
  6. Haven again. This time I'm the Peacekeeper in the Troper Magic: The Gathering.
  7. Yarrunmace cast me as Shikieiki in Touhou: Phantasmagoria Of Flower View.
  8. Flanker66 cast me as Glacier le Cactank in Megaman Zero 3. Judge, Jury, and Executioner? I guess I am sometimes.
  9. The Jackal said The Announcer in Team Fortress 2 fits. I think he may be right.
  10. According to Awestriker, it's Jubei in Blaz Blue.
  11. Ponicalica cast me as Maya Kamina in Rah Xephon.
  12. Milos Stefanovic thinks I'm Jaheira in Baldur's Gate.


  • I made the Google Tropers Map, and will add a pin (on request) for anyone who can't add themselves but would like to be on it. PM me with your location (in sufficient detail that I can find it) and the name (and any message) you want on the pin. Otherwise, there are instructions for adding your own pin here.
  • I'm a moderator in the forums, and can impose or lift forum bans.
  • Her blood type is also apparently B-Nicotine. - Diamonnes
  • Drunk Scriblerian says that my theme song is this. He knows me pretty well for never having actually met me.