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Hello my name is Kate, what's your name? Louie W. My specialty is the Ball and Cup... Ah, even if you look at me like that I,I,I,I don't have a Ball and Cup right now so I can't prove it, but... well, actually I do not really have a specialty. I do not like that many things nor do I know much about anything and I am probably wrong quite a bit more than I am right. I do think quiet and cows are pretty cool though and my favorite Pokemon is Porygon2.


Applicable Tropes:

    Tropes For Which I Am Somewhat Responsible 

Things I Like (No Order):


     Video Games 

  • MLB: Houston Astros
  • NFL: Green Bay Packers
  • NBA: Milwaukee Bucks
  • College Football: Wisconsin Badgers
  • College Hockey: Wisconsin Badgers
  • College Baseball: Rice Owls
  • College Basketball: Marquette Golden Eagles/Wisconsin Badgers
  • International Sporting Events: Team USA



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