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Live Blog Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares
LouieW2010-12-11 18:43:32

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Episode 1: Fairies Can Be Pretty Annoying Sometimes

I do not know if this has been done before here. If it has I am sorry for being a copycat. Anyway, I am going to Live Blog A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, otherwise known as the series from which the Moe Stare picture originates. This is probably going to be really poorly done and uninteresting considering how unfunny I am (also long). If you find it is like that feel free to not read it.

  • Dramatic music, snow is falling slowly with that glow effect thing. This show looks like it could be called epic. It reminds me of something Key would do and the moe stares just reinforce that.

  • A Big-eyed moe girl is staring into the sky. For some random reason a piano is floating there. It's moving. She tries to grab it, but obviously that is impossible to do when she is just laying there in the snow and the piano is flying up there.

  • A bunch of random people appear out of nowhere. "Hey, is she all right? What's wrong?" Well she is staring at floating pianos on the ground with a huge moe stare…

  • She now explains that there are these things called snow fairies. Oh, okay, but why is the piano still flying there?

  • The moe stare girl [her name is Saga, but I feel like there would be little difference to anyone reading this if he or she actually knew that] delivers coffee to some random mustached man who has a desk in the middle of a hallway. [Henceforth I will refer to her as moe sue because that seems to be her role. Nothing personal.]

  • The mustached guy tries to pay her; she refuses and ends up in a tower looking at birds. I am pretty sure she could have taken the money and still have been able to climb the tower, but whatever.

  • Her town does not look Japanese at all. So her reason for climbing the tower seems to be that she wanted to stare at the sun, pretty unhealthy if you ask me.

  • "But isn't the admission fee a little too much?"
The mustached man spits out some of his coffee and moe sue replies "just kidding". That was kind of mean...

  • The guy scores her coffee. Adding 15 extra points for what I assume is moe, it still only comes to 80. Then moe sue responds moefully "Bingo" (I guess that is gratuitous English because I do not think it really makes sense here).

  • Woah, a creepy black haired girl (Who looks kind of like Kyouku of the Anti-SOS Brigade) spies on moe sue, gives an evil grin and laughs. I guess she is the antagonist (assuming a show like this even has one).Wait, why did a dress just randomly come flying off? Close your window when you do something like that.

  • Oh, okay, apparently the creepy moe girl [named Greta] needed to change so she could meet moe stare girl. She must have teleported. Showing off her shiny gold watch looks like it was actually the reason. "I always get up this early," she laughs in that annoying rich way (I think she is starting to look like an Anti-Tomoyo now).

  • She gets told like a bedtime story by moe sue though. Her pajamas are showing under her skirt and moe sue points that out while bending down to stare at them. That is kind of rude is it not?

  • So later moe sue is spreading jam on bread while listening to her Grandma. She is not even looking at the knife when she does it, just mindlessly staring at her grandmother. Somehow the jam is spread perfectly evenly.

  • She's late. Creepy moe girl is ready to ambush her again though, no worries.

  • The ambush attempt fails, moe sue slips through the gaps between buildings which it turns out is a normal shortcut for her to take. It looks really painful and one would have to be basically paper-thin to do it in addition to having a completely uniform body shape. I think the creepy girl's watch broke trying to follow her. That stinks.

  • Moe sue looks like she is just wasting time talking to people. I thought she was supposed to be in a rush?

  • I thought moe sue was going to school, but it was just work at the coffee place.

  • Moe girl has pretty high expectations. First, she chastises herself for being a little late, and then she complains that 80 points is not enough.

  • Working montage, all moe sue does is carry (heavy?) things it looks like. Creepy moe girl tries to ambush her at work (it seems she just injured her arm, her shiny watch is still intact). It barely fails; moe sue is in a hurry again.

  • Two more moe challengersfriends appear. Pigtails and Hairclip.

  • Moe sue lectures a guy for trying to give her a free apple. "Do you have a solid business plan to make money?"
.Apparently she has a good grounding in economics.

  • Shopping montage this time, moe sue explains to Pigtails and Hairclip why you cannot just give free stuff away like that. ( I need to mention that when they are looking at swimming suits during this scene the pigtailed girl has a facial expression that kind of creeps me out.)

  • Waffles are next, the Belgian type. Some of them have this gross-looking pink stuff on them. Strawberry, maybe? Moe sue points up into the air dramatically while ordering. Apparently her marmalade waffle will pierce the heavens.

  • Moe sue has a reputation for planning things out for herself and her friends. They agree that this is helpful [just wait until she uses them as pawns to pull off a gigantic Xanatos Gambit].

  • Blonde-haired glasses guy (carrying what I thought was a disembodied arm, but what must actually be a bundle of papers) nonchalantly bites moe stare girl's waffle out of her hand. I think this guy might be awesome (either that or mean).

  • Blonde-haired glasses guy has huge eyes [his name is Phil by the way]. This is the first time I have seen a male moe character with equivalent eye size to a female one. The guy has two lackeys too. All three of them want moe sue to help them with an "invention".

  • Creepy moe girl is eavesdropping on the corner of building. The mild stalking is getting a little disconcerting. All of this just to show her a watch?

  • When moe sue finally looks at the creepy moe girl's watch, she grabs the latter's arm (Which probably hurts) when she realizes she is late again. Pigtails winks at her...

  • The three boys inspect the watch and think of using it in their mad science. Now I have started to sympathize with the creepy moe girl.

  • Moe sue plays the piano in some music shop. Neat.

  • Fade to black. Now it is raining. Moe sue is too cool for an umbrella. Pan up to a fairy playing a violin. I think some kind of radiation wave is coming from it that somehow is affecting the environment. Would that not have some pretty large consequences? I thought messing with the weather in one place could have a pretty big impact...

  • A few minutes later "I should have borrowed an umbrella". Yep, and you probably should have taken the apple too.

  • Woah, a pink-haired fairy is sitting on a crate. Instead of running away surprised, moe sue opens up her eyes wide and inches toward it... This could be dangerous. Seriously, is that other one causing huge weather abnormalities not enough?

  • Oh no, moe fairy looks hurt.
  • Give it a waffle?
  • Y/N
  • Yes, moe fairy ate the waffle.
  • Then she dances around (from indigestion?) and almost falls off the crate.

  • "What shall I do with this?" moe sue asks. "This"? You are just calling living, intelligent creatures things now? Is that not dehumanizing (or defairyizing I guess)?

  • Moe fairy is gone... Yep, it is definitely not going to reappear again...Moe sue wonders what it was. Yep, a new breed of pet (or genetic experiment).

  • Yeah, there is no way a waffle-eating alien exists.

  • Pan to the waffle eating alien eating a waffle.

  • Waffle moe fairy is circling the grandma's head like a vulture. It seems like no one else can see the moe fairy. That is convenient.

  • Double moe stare time.
.Moe fairy pecks moe sue on the nose. Moe sue reacts like she has just been injected with a horrible venom.

  • Moe sue randomly flips through a book about what I guess is primates and she cannot find anything about the moe fairy in it. Well, that does make sense; she does not exactly look like a monkey.

  • She's a sugar fairy, yep that was established at the beginning, but what does sugar have to do with winter?

  • Moe sue uses her common sense and realizes moe fairy is an illusion. Good perception abilities there. Then she recognizes its existence when it starts talking and stealing her food. By the way, Moe fairy swallows using the full force of her body in one motion. I still do not understand how her digestive system could work, but I guess I do not really care that much.

  • Moe fairy seems pretty obnoxious and somewhat self-centered. Always saying "look at me". Moe sue is depressed about the persistent illusion. That makes sense considering it looks like it could be part of a larger mental issue. Moe fairy is being moe, playing in books, craving for attention. Moe sue is annoyed by it though. Could this be a deconstruction of moe?

  • Oh, I guess this is set in Germany since all of moe sue's books are in Deutsch (including some by Faust.)

  • So the waffle alien tries to play on a mini-piano and is totally shunned. Moe sue closes the curtain and goes to bed.

  • Moe fairy resorts to using the black magic of her flute to get moe sue’s attention. Although it is pretty dramatic all she does is make one giant CGI snowflake appear.

  • She explains that she is a snow fairy, sugar. Yep, that was already explained. Probably should listen to major plot points like that if you are going to be the main character.

  • Moe girl wakes up, magically wearing different clothing. She still denies the fairy’s existence, saying it was all just a dream. Well when you think about it that is certainly possible considering the inexplicable change of clothing.

  • Moe stare girl's basic response to the fairy actually existing "Impossible, because it is not just as planned!"

  • The ending indicates the city in the show is based on the City of Rothenburg, interesting. Well that is it for now. The preview does not really make sense. The only good thing I can get out of it is that there will be more waffles soon. Also, I feel really bad for Greta, constantly being made fun of and disrespected. Though some of her behavior is kind of rude.


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