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Live Blog Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
Episode 1: Fairies Can Be Pretty Annoying Sometimes
Episode 2: Searching for the Twinkles with some help from the Rubettes
Episode 3: Waffos Are Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, and Puffy-Fluffy 1
Episode 4: Psychic Doves and a Shining Cat
Episode 5: Plantman Appears On The Scene
Episode 6: Poor Communication Skills Can Mess Up Relationships
Episode 7: Basil And Cinnamon Are Too Spicy For Sugar
Episode 8: Robotnik Jr. Triggers The Aurora Borealis (Kind Of)
Episode 9: Bears Are Pianists Too 1
Episode 10: In Which A Bearsuited Men Mistreats A Piano
Episode 11: Fangirling About Bifauxen Bears
Episode 12: Unrealistic Expectations Met By A Child
Episode 13: Plantman Saves The Day 2
Episode 14: Turf Wars And Paratrooper Knights 3
Episode 15: Do Not Leave Small Children Unsupervised Around Tiny Pianos 3
Episode 16: Even Season Fairies Listen To Weather Forecasts
Episode 17: Extreme Separation Anxiety Causes Fevers and Playing Dumb Looking Games
Episode 18: Giving A Mother Cookies Has Nothing To Do With Lederhosen
Episode 19: No One Understands Plantman Plus A Clip Show 1
Episode 20: A Large Ham, A Piano, And A Robotic Frog 2
Episode 21: Things Suddenly Get Dramatic
Episode 22: Moving Pianos, Tiny Pianos, and Greta's Secret Plan
Episode 23: Mario Kart Would Have Been Better If Anyone Drove Pianos
Episode 24: Sappy Stuff And Furries
OVA 1: Stage Fright Is No Laughing Matter Plus The Bear Pianist Again
OVA 2: Why Do No Season Fairies Know How To Pronounce "Waffle" Correctly?

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