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The Jackal is an 18 year old British troper that doesn't really like talking about himself, but will try. He's mostly a Lurker and is definitely The Quiet One, but can usually be found on the forum or on #yackfest. He can also be found making small edits on the wiki (especially on the pages for works he likes) commenting on YKTTW or occasionally making a page, especially namespace pages for existing tropes. Feel free to comment below.

Comments and vandalism section:

  • English Ivy
  • Outta The BLAM- You wrote the Foo Fighters page? You sir, are a Pretty Cool Guy.
  • Writing the Foo Fighters page + quoting me = awesome. -signed, Kinkajou
  • You're British? Hm, did not know. + Cool Points - Iverum
  • You're a cool guy. I like it when you post. Post more! —Agent Nomnom Jayden
    • I second this motion.
  • Another Briton like me, eh? Hello! — Flanker 66
  • You wouldn't happen to know anything about a Mr. Bourne, would you? ~HungryJoe
  • Here's a trope. Lurker. I don't see you often, but you're nice when I do. ^-^ —Runic
  • Never trusted Jackals. Or lawyers, or cops. Or milkmen. They're all up something, I tells ya. This one time back in '22 I remember one of them jumped me during a shakedown in a moonshine factory. I still got scars on my arm. Sunk his teeth right in and just wouldn't let go. Fucking Milkmen. -Polymphus
  • Hi there fellow Brit. Tea or Coffee? - Bisected8
  • Be Careful What You Wish For ... vandalism you ask....and vandalism you have. Dammit, my vandalism is getting more and more boring lately. I apologize for that and promise you that I'll come up with something better next time. - WUE
  • How are you gentlemen! All Your Base Are Belong to Us. You have no chance to survive make your time, Jackal! CATS
  • Hey Jackal! i forget what post this was an even what forum, but I remember reading one of your posts and thinking...Hey, we could be friends!—Amarys
  • Lurk less, post moar! Not all of us are on IRC, and you seem to have good things to say! (This is NOT simply based on the fact that you called me cool.) - Noaqiyeum