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First things first, she's a girl.

A twenty-three-year-old troper with a tendency for lurking and getting single-mindedly obsessed with her next favorite thing. Rather than creating or significantly editing articles all at once, she peppers pre-existing articles with examples and nitpicks at typos (often while unwittingly adding even more). Has a liking for critically acclaimed videogames that never sell well and anime that have annoyingly tiny fanbases. Takes some sort of perverse pride in being almost ridiculously geeky and sports a masochistic fascination for stuff that is So Bad, It's Horrible. Really likes redheads. I mean really likes them.


She has a tendency to spot her errors immediately after editing or posting. Don't be surprised if she ends up editing them three or four times in the span of the minute.

Personality-wise, she's a lot more open on the internet than she is in real life (she has Social Anxiety Disorder), and isn't very confrontational unless a Berserk Button is pushed. She is easily sidetracked and prone to Wiki Walks or non sequiturs if left to her own devises. She has a habit of forced modesty, and will insist that she isn't very good at something even if she really thinks she's pretty good at it and wants you to think so too.

She is a psychology major, thus reinforces the idea that most people that pursue the field are psychologically damaged or dysfunctional in some way. Also, she probably won't shut up about it if you get her started — or even if you don't, really. But hey, at least then she'll stop talking your ear off about Baccano then.


She also writes stupid fanfiction for semi-obscure anime fandoms.

You may also notice that she writes about herself in third person, at least in profiles. She is not sure why this is, other than that it's easier for her to write in third than first.

Is a significant fan of:

    Anime, Light Novels and Manga 

    Video Games 




    Western Animation 


Created and written the following pages:

Tropes That Apply to Sparkysharps:

The place someone designated for the application of vandalization, for there wasn't one here before:

It would be rather rude of me to create an unauthorized section in your userpage and not leave something behind, and since you seem to have completed your own trope list yourself, it would be equally rude to modify it. Therefore, I am left with no other choice than leaving a simple comment. As for its contents, I'm afraid there's not much to say, just that you have a notorious (and, I would argue, positive) presence in the Manga & Anime subforum, and make contributions to Psychology related discussions... also, I will take this chance to communicate my appreciation of your appreciation of Wuxia, and the natural predisposition it has to go well with Giant Robots. All that being said, I hope this piece of vandalism meets your expectations.

  • I, on the other hand, have no qualms about being rude! SPARKYYYYYYYY~! *hug attack* You are one of the awesomest people in Manga & Anime! Thank you for being the cool person to talk about Baccano!, Durarara!!, and so on with! =D -Sporkaganza
  • Leaving a commendation for my fellow recommender. A thoroughly decent chap(ette). :-D - Ack Sed
  • You really like redheads. Does that include Conan O'Brien? (8^) - AlBundyFan365
  • Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Haven't seen you around much, but I do like what I see! -goodtimesfreegrog
  • Just staring at your page, impressed by how much stuff you have listed. Guy Ritchie films and Daft Punk and yaoi and Baccano? You are so much awesome. ♥ dellyskoll
  • Did you hear about what Gregg Williams did from 2009-2011 when he was with the New Orleans Saints? I don't like what he did at all. - AlBundyFan365