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"I refuse to take part in this faggotry, goodbye."
—Typical reaction to any and all forum hijinks

goodtimesfreegrog (all lowercaps, thank you very much) never knows what to type in these things, but that's never stopped him before.

The subject is a 22-year-old IT student (found at the University of Tampere to be exact) hailing from Finland, sporting an average fashion sense and modestly neat facial hair. He's also short and pudgy (as you could tell from the extremely accurate portrait to the left), and has been repeatedly described as an adorable teddybear of a man. His actual stance on all of this is modestly conflicted.

His interests are generally limited to videoelectronic entertainment (as the size of his Steam library and collection of old consoles and games he's barely even played will attest), and he loves to navel-gaze and debate about game design in general, hoping to work in the industry eventually, even if it's just building computers for the really smart guys. He also likes to draw cutesy stuff from time to time (his Deviant Art account can be found here), and occasionally entertains the notion of developing his characters more fully and actually writing some sort of fiction starring them. But all those video games aren't going to not-play themselves, are they?

The subject is also noted for having excellent taste in music, and is occasionally known as the Insurance Man For The Funk. Ask him nicely, and he may share his playlists with you, assuming you have a liking to classic seventies funk and soul. Despite being the resident grumpy curmudgeon of the fora, the subject keeps his PM inbox open at all times, so don't be afraid to drop a mail and say hi.

If the subject's name is familiar to you at all, that's because it probably is. The subject goes by the same handle on other websites, and is a former member of the VidyaVidya livestream collective. He's still hoping to get back on track with talking over video games, via Let's Play. His videos so far can be watched here, and any feedback is welcome! He's also writing a liveblog about his ongoing attempts to wade through the entirety of his game collection, and beat every unfinished game he has. This liveblog can be found here.

The subject is also a recurring participant in the ongoing Grumpy Tropers project.

Tropes attributed to the subject include:

The subject likes these things:

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    Video Games 
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His contributions to the wiki include, but aren't limited to:

Sabotage goes here:

Best Liveblog EVAR of The Year award. - Newton the Newt

Lo, MAH BOI - Kinkajou

I was going to say something snarky, and then I saw Legacy Of Kain on this page. Now I want you to bear my children. <3 —Blackmoon

Vandalized for great justice! Are you Haven's evil twin? No, wait, that's Venhax... looks like we've got quite the bait for Wild Mass Guessing here. —Outta The BLAM

I always wondered if Finnish people were born with fins... - Krrackknut.

Great name, great taste in women, great times and passable grog, and a good all 'round dude. I don't see him around much, but I think I like him! - Fawriel

Ozbourne was here. Now, where's this free grog I heard about?

HUGS! - Spain Sun

You are a very fun dude. :)-Dark Lady Celebrian

A FREEZAYER WAS HAYER -Freezair For A Limited Time

Grog's a great dude, even though I keep mistaking him for a tree frog for some reason. —Agent Nomnom Jayden

Miss Hedgey baked you some banana bread. Hope you indulge in it well.

Snoo-PING AS usual I see. -B Pence 89

Grog is both stylish and quite cuddly at the same time. -hugs- -Epitome

  • Lotsa hugs for you too! You're welcome to cuddle me up any time ;D —goodtimesfreegrog

I'm going to vandalize your page, although I can't stand it, because I know you planned it.

Clearly, I need to talk to you more good sir. Vandalised! For Great Justice!

LIAR. This is not a good time, nor is it free grog. This is an excellent way to amuse oneself, and some of the finest complimentary gin in the world. - Krrackknut.

  • Oh, that's all from my brother, he's awesome. Unlike my lame little brother, depressedtimeslousyale. [wmg] —goodtimesfreegrog


...GAH. I just realized that I vandalized this page twice. Why did I do it twice? GAH! Now I did it THREE times! - Krrackknut.

  • I am like a Pringle in human form. Once you pop...well, you know the rest. —goodtimesfreegrog

You list Sketchbook as one of your favorite anniemays, I agree with that sentiment and therefore have decided to type this here. -Louie W

I keep reading your name as "goodtimestreefrog", which gives me weird visuals of good times with a red and green poisonous tropical frog... - The Stupid Exclamation Mark

  • Are you insinuating that licking a poisonous frog will not result in good times? —goodtimesfreegrog

...What kind of grog? - English Ivy

Here There Were Dracia


Hai, fellow alleged G.I.R.L.! :D ~ The Lucky Star

In this world of bitter roneriness.
Two will succeed where one will digress.
And a butt-buddy is really all that you need.
For a but is a butt is a but indeed.
So together we'll attack and throw poo at the strangers.
We'll be known as the Poo-Flinging Rainbow Rangers!
Charging on bears through the Lapland-ish land.
It'll be big, it'll be cool, it'll be oh so grand.
With capes of awesomeness, what a bustle we'll stir!
So here's to the self-proclaimed Finnish ambassador!

~ Tachi

Muahahahahaha! It's been a loooooong time, stranger! - Flanker 66

Dude your username alone makes me smile- Landstander

Hai! If we change all the G's in your name for F's, we get foodtimesfreefrof, which... doesn't mean anything. GRAH. Anyway. You are FUN and COOL. YEAH. - Jseblan

I haven't been on this page yet! But don't worry, just because of my nature, I'm taking your page-vandalization cherry retroactively. Was it good for you too? ;D —Blackmoon

Good times, free grog?! - Monsieur Altijd

I like your taste in music. For those about to rock, we salute you!Catfish42 kidding? With recognition like this? Oy, you're worth way more than Zoidberg :) - Keybreak

  • How do you know I didn't just add all these here myself? I could be talking to myself right now! —goodtimesfreegrog

Oooh, another spyro fan! :O And yes, I had to vandalize your page just to say that. Spyro is that cool. ~ Saraphyn

  • Thanks for the visit! We should go out sometime! —goodtimesfreegrog
    • Your living in Finland might put a damper on that, mate. ~ Saraphyn

Hello, dear. Poker sounds great! Would you like to invite your friend Ridley too? — M0therBrain

Has this vandalizing section been here for a long time? -Spooky Mask

Thank you for (indirectly) introducing me to "why would you draw that"! Gotta go fast — -nohaynicklibre

If you don't mind I'll sabotage your fire extinguisher... - Land Of Gold

Hiya! Thanks for welcoming me :) - Xandriel
* Not at all, sonny! — goodtimesfreegrog

Thanks for the welcome too! - StolenByFaeries

Oh hai there, friend! :3 - BlackCoyote

Get down! Uhn! -busts a groove... or something like that- - Midnight Velvet
* Get down wit'cho bad self, sista, or what the hell ever. —goodtimesfreegrog

I have nothing meaningful to say, so I'll just leave this here. — Central Avenue

A wild Kris appears! But then— gone!

This is an invisible vandalism. No one will ever know that I visited this page, and my work will only be visible when you least expect it.— a juice box

-cuddles- - M'sieur Lapin

While I understand your appreciation of French Canadians awesomeness, I must retaliate with this counter-argument stating that Finns are, in fact, the coolest people. Thumbs up, have a Good Time. Metal Jesus

You wanted some sabotage very well <leaves C-4 on the page> later grog man. -Tuefel Hunden IV

You belong in the Audio Erotica example section. Also, SABOTAGE! - Little Miss Space Monkey

My goodness, have I really not vandalized your page before? Well, here I am. ;D ~Bella

I like the music of James Brown too. He was an awesome guy, especially in one of my favorite films called The Blues Brothers. (8^) - AlBundyFan365

I can't stand it
I know you planned it
I'mma set it straight, this Watergate
I can't stand rocking when I'm in here
Cause your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear...
[/sabotage] - Bobby G

I've never vandalized this page! D: I have to fix this presto! Keep rock.. ehrm, funkin'. You're the blackest of all the white Finns. —WUE

  • Good job fixin' that! I'm still the whitest person I know, so what the heck evs. —goodtimesfreegrog

Hello! - Idler 20

ORLY? -Kuro Fox

Ask and ye shall receive. Receive VANDALISM, that is! buahahahahaha - SunshineWerewolf


Just an experiment. The colors come and go, stealth! except for the animals that see in B&W. - Amused Troper Guy

I find this page to be disturbingly lacking in ~PINK~Juice Box Hero

There is no chance that I ever read your handle as "good times green frog" and subsequently was confused by your picture. Telcontar