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Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Non-Action Guy, and notorious Serial Tweaker. All of his edits on the wiki consist of correcting spelling and grammar errors, deleting pointless Natter, and other useless BS. Likes anime, seiyuu, and dub voice actors. As you can see below.

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  • Does this count as "fixing your page"? Thanks for following my liveblog, by the way. Your avatar is great :D Anemotaxis
    • Sure does! Thank you =3
  • Hi Spork! Go update that fic of yours. - Mapi
    • But I don't wanna ;_;
  • Cute Ein avatar ^_^ -Outta The BLAM
  • Yo, Sporky, baby! How's it hanging? — KSPAM
  • Just so you know, if you ever change your avatar from this, I will make you pay for it. —Ponicalica
  • Hi Sporky! Cosman246
  • DURRRRRRRR HAT -Freezair For A Limited Time
  • Yo. I just vandalized all over you. Don't you feel violated? AHR
  • This goes against everything I once stood for but I'm vandalizing your page. NO REVERTING. -ColorPrinter
  • Don't forget to smile, Sporky :D -ButtercupIsTiny
  • Hi #yackfest. —a vandal
  • Hey there, doll face. *smirk* -JinxedBlackcat
  • Hey, Sporko. You're an awesome fella. Juan Carlos 11
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  • Vandalism. It be cool. - Spirit
  • You asked for it Aiko Heiwa
  • Munch. - Rynnec
  • Because you requested it: ITS VANDAL TIME!! - Rynnec
  • Your posts in Manga/Anime have always reminded me I'm in the same fora - cutewithoutthe /a lurker
  • ATTAAAAACK!!!!~Hi. Karasu91
  • It's okay to correct spelling. Somebody has to do it, after all. - Amused Troper Guy


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