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Buttercupistiny: >:[ You are a BRAT, Iverum.


-Likes lists a tad too much.
-Is an op on #yackfest and can occasionally be found with the altnick of Ponigirl
-Was in charge of rallying the writers for Tv Tropes The Tv Show.
-Hails originally from Northwest Ohio, but currently resides in Southern California.
-Dad is an English teacher, and thus instilled a love of literature and the things that make it amazing in me at a young age.
-Is 20 21 22 years old
-Was a Biochemistry major, currently undeclared after 2 years on medical leave.
-It seriously bums me out that I can't spell my name using the Periodic Table
-Is a Hufflepuff and damn proud of it.
-Developed a strange addiction to Dean Koontz while in the hospital and even wrote a paper comparing and contrasting three of his books.
-Janitor called me her fellow Koontz bitch! WHY DOES THAT EXCITE ME?!
-Is a pretty good source for Brotherhood 2.0 references.
-John Green is pretty awesome :D
-Is a Second Generation American.
-Paternal Grandmother came over in '58 from Ballymena, Ireland
-Mom's Paternal Grandfather came over from Croatia, changed his name, and we can find no legal records linking him back.
-For those that give a damn, which you probably don't, 11/16 Irish, 1/4 Croatian, and 1/16 German.
-Accidentally swallowed her earrings thinking they were medication AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE
Alchemyprime can verify this. Buttercupissilly sometimes...
-Has a boyfriend

Tropers Do That Thing You Do:

-Buttercupistiny contains so much moe I don't have enough hands to count it on. - Fawriel
-Let's face it: you two are the unofficial TV Tropes Moe non-couple. - Ironeye

-Is Moe - Leigh Sabio

-Buttercup = the original Warrior Poet -AFGNCAAP

-Buttercrispity is a Battle Scowler, so she is a Badass Adorable! *hugs* -Outta The BLAM

-Your fawface emoticon doesn't look like a fawface. ._. - English Ivy
That's because although Faw introduced me to it, it's actually a Spackeradderface.

-I think Butter-kun has adopted me as her son or something. - Thnikkafan
Heh, that or little brother. Someone's gotta watch out for you.
I was talkin' to Jinxed today and she said I've adopted you, and since you can't adopt siblings, son you are.

-Butter is Huge! means good for everybody. vandro

-Please to be feeling better soon. I want to get to know you better. -Ozbourne
I'll do my best!

- BUTTERCUP!!! :D *hugs* -Jinxed Blackcat

-Buttercupisadorable. No question. -William Wide Web

-Buttercupishuggable so, so much. -Kinkajou

-Buttercup is my fellow Asuka avatar person - Solstace

A smile for brightening my day. :D Anemotaxis

A smile for being awesome and finding horrible yaoi fanfic to read. :D - William Wide Web

Hugs! - Spain Sun

Buttercup is just the right size, shape, color, and temperament for maximum cuteness. - Krrackknut.

Aww, hope you have some more hugs in you! n-n - Miss Hedgey

-Leaves Cooking aide and a flower- :D NOOOOO DON'T POKE ME!- Tuefel
so I can find this later.
Saw the new vandal mark. Your so very Adorkable

Poor Buttercup. *hugs* - Not-So-Badass Longcoat
Also, one thing that's incredibly Hilarious in Hindsight: the shitbag named Edward.
I actually enjoyed Twilight, but that's neither here nor there. I will give you that the fandom is fucking nuts. Also not where the name originated.

*huggly schnuggly buggly boo* -Charlatan

-...I was going to die? This is either news to me or I forgot the matter entirely. - Krrackknut.

Why haven't I scribbled on your page yet? I am a very bad person. Buttercup you are the best! Way to be that tiny Asuka. (is that a sentence that makes sense? WHO CARES) -Sporkaganza

Buttercup is an awesome person, and I am surprised I haven't doodled and left my mark on your page here yet. And that the page isn't bigger. Although that about sums it up, so oh well. —Hugs— BlackDove

Buttercup smells sweet. Ladycoffee

Fond of the following:

Anime and Manga |Film |Live Action TV |Music |Theater |Webcomics |Western Animation |Web Original 

  • Ray Bradbury
    • Dark They Were and Golden Eyed
    • All Summer in a Day
    • By The Waters of Babylon
  • John Green
    • Looking For Alaska
  • Orson Scott Card
    • Ender's Game
    • Ender's Shadow
  • Madeline L'engle
    • A Wrinkle In Time
    • A Wind In The Door
    • A Swiftly Tilting Planet
    • Many Waters
    • The Arm of the Starfish
    • A Ring Of Endless Light
  • Sharon Shinn
    • Archangel
    • The Alleluia Files
  • C.S. Lewis
    • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • J.R.R. Tolkein
    • The Hobbit
    • The Lord of The Rings
  • J.K. Rowling
    • The Harry Potter Series
  • Orson Wells
  • William Goldberg
    • Lord of the Flies
  • Dean Koontz
    • By The Light of the Moon
    • Velocity
    • The Face
    • False Memory
    • Odd Thomas
    • Forever Odd
    • Brother Odd
    • Odd Hours
  • Harper Lee
    • To Kill A Mocking Bird
  • E.B. White
    • Stuart Little
    • The Trumpet of the Swan
    • Charlotte's Web
  • Eoin Colfer
    • Artemis Fowl Series
  • Tamora Pierce
    • The Protector of the Small Quartet
There are many others, but these are the ones that came with me to college.

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