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What time is it? Uh... well... not radar time, apparently.

Adventure Time is rated TV-PG, but it is still considered a kids' show...more or less. It is cleaner than other radar-dodging shows of the early 2010s, but that doesn't mean it's not capable of getting away with dubious content. It's basically a requirement for most Cartoon Network shows, after all...

Outside of the U.S., this is not the case. This show is heavily censored or Bowdlerized in a lot of international dubs to ensure that it remains a kid's show (since a lot of countries outside of America have stricter rules on what content is and isn't appropriate for children). Versions shown in Australia and the United Kingdom are said to be the hardest hit (even though the Blu-Ray and DVD versions in those countries are uncut and uncensored), with the UK even banning some episodes because they were too inappropriate to be censored.

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  • Embryo Princess shows up in the background of a couple episodes, and full-screen in Season 4. She was going to be known as Abortion Princess.
  • Lemongrab was originally called Lemonsnatch, a play on "sourpuss", but the censors wouldn't allow it as it's a genital joke. note 
  • The show repeatedly implies that Jake and Lady Rainicorn do a lot of kinky, interspecies sex.
  • In the Tree Fort, where Finn and Jake live, a poster seems to show a naked woman (with tears that hide the sexual parts). According to the crew however, she's wearing a strapless bikini.

     Season One 

"Slumber Party Panic"

  • Mr. Cupcake is dared to take off his "wrapper" in a truth or dare game. After he does it, people go "wooow" and "I didn't know he was chocolate".

"Tree Trunks"

  • Tree Trunks attempting to seduce a tentacle monster.
    Tree Trunks: I'm helping you by tempting this guy with... my body...

"The Enchiridion!"

  • Finn kills a giant heart-monster by punching it repeatedly, causing a geyser of red blood to burst out of it, which is surprisingly graphic for this show.
  • "Tenderness, ingenuity, bravery, nard-kicking ability, and when you took that giant ogre's dollar, oh man, The Keeper nearly fainted!" note 

"My Two Favorite People"

  • Lady Rainicorn's joke is about "the time when [she and Jake] ran naked through that farmer's cabbage patch." Probably got past the radar since that joke was told entirely in Korean.

"City of Thieves"

  • This episode can be summed up as a virginity ("You stole my purity") and murder ("My hands are unclean") joke, which becomes just plain creepy when Finn accuses a little girl of stealing his purity from him (It Makes Sense in Context, but still...).
    Finn: We're virgin islands!
    • It was originally supposed to be "virgins" but the Cartoon Network censors asked the writers to change it.
      • On CN UK, however, this episode was HEAVILY censored to remove EVERY reference to purity, virginity, murder, crime, etc.

"What Is Life?"

  • Ice King says that NEPTR "was infused with [his] private particles."
  • Ice Kings reads a magazine with a bra in its cover.


  • Finn sings a song saying that he wanted to have a key's baby.
    Finn: Oh key, we're meant to be
    I want to have your baby
    Oh key, you're so good to me
    (finding out the key is suspended in a cube of jelly)
    Euuugh, Jelly Cube! Come on, give it to me. Don't flaunt it—if you're not—gonna—give it up!

"The Duke"


  • The Duke of Nuts wants to know why Finn wants to "sack his nut castle". Wouldn't be so bad except they use the phrase several times in a minute.
    Duke of Nuts: Why would you want to sack my nut castle on my second son's first birthday?!

"Rainy Day Daydream"

  • This episode is the only time in the entire series the word "Crap" is used. UK and Australia changed it to "Cripes" though. Dang it.

     Season Two 

"It Came from the Nightosphere"

  • And Marceline's father has a phallic appearance, has serious vagina dentata mouth, and absorbs and releases souls which look like giant sperm.
    Pen Ward: Marceline’s dad, when he turned into a giant monster, we had a bunch of notes about it, that it was too vagina-like. We had to change the shape of it and then they said it looked too much like a penis.

"Blood Under the Skin"

  • This entire episode is about people trying to embarrass Finn.
  • Finn steps into the "Swamp of Embarrassment" which features him having to run through loads of old ladies showering. Some of the lines in this scene include: "My most private parts peeped by boy!", "PERVERT!", "MY PRIVATES!!". Yeah, this scene was only shown in full in the US. Everywhere else censored it in one form or another.
  • There's an entire MINUTE of this episode dedicated to showing Finn how to pick up a ball with his butt. We see PLENTY of ghost butt in that time. Amazingly this WASN'T removed in UK airings.

"Power Animal"

  • The gnomes lead Finn to a machine that has a capsule with a pole in it, and is powered by "sexy-fun dancing!". Finn refuses, but they shoot electricity through the floor and Finn is forced to dance around the pole in order to not be electrocuted. It's pretty terrifying if you get down to it. So, yeah, in summary, they made Finn pole-dance.

"Crystals Have Power"

  • (Crystal-possessed) Tree Trunks referring to Finn as her "lover" and wanting to make him her "sexy Crystal King", and going on to say they can "kiss each other in an alternate dimensional plane"...Finn is twelve and Tree Trunks is a small elephant. She tells him he's cute and that she likes him even after she's NOT possessed anymore. Tree Trunks is a tiny, strange elephant pedo.

"The Silent King"

  • The "Goblin Song" is dubbed in this way in Spain:
    I only wanted to get you out of trouble
    But you show me your buttsnote  instead.
    Yeah, OK, I'm the king, hoo-hah
    But I didn't expected to see your anus
    I have to accept it, your terrible fear I can no longer cure

"Belly of the Beast"

  • "All our favorite foods are totally dead. They cannot procreate in little food beds."

"The Limit"

  • "Careful, dude. I think that's my nurp, but like super stretched out."
    Asker: What's a "nurp?"
    Adam Muto: What you say when Standards and Practices doesn't let you say "nipple."

     Season Three 


"Wizard Battle"

  • Abracadaniel has a rather phallic character design. He is pink with poofy, short pants and a triangle-shaped head.

"Fionna and Cake"

  • Fionna's first exchange with Ice Queen... which appears to be two girls talking about blueballing.
    Fionna: Ice Queen, why are you always predatoring on dudes?!
    Ice Queen: Ha! You should talk! Keeping all the babes to yourself; totally iceblocking my game! (Prince Gumball looks squicked out)
    Fionna: ...What?
  • Earlier, Cake's tail frizzed when she sensed danger, but this time...
    Cake: How're you, gorgeous?
    Lord Monochromicorn: (in morse code) Hey. (Cake's tail frizzes)
  • The bedroom scene. Until Fionna noticed that the real Prince Gumball was frozen to the ceiling, it looked like it was going a completely different way.
    Fionna: Hey, is this your bedroom?
    Prince Gumball: (locks door) Fionna... (unbuttons shirt)
    Fionna: Heh-heh... (to herself) whoa...

"The Creeps"

"From Bad to Worse"

  • Near the end of the episode:
    Jake: Sorry for bitin' you, sugar.
    Lady Rainicorn: (smiles, in Korean) <I wanted you to bite me.> note 
    Jake: (Luminescent Blush) (nervous laugh) Heh... heh-heh-heh-heh....

"Ghost Princess"

  • This conversation:
    Ghost Princess (talking about Clarence): It's hard to explain, but it's like we already know each other!
    Clarence: I feel it too; our spirits must be entwined in the cosmic wheel of time.
    Jake: [Gives a thumbs-up] NICE!
    Clarence: Let's go to my private mausoleum where we can be... private.
    Finn: Yuck!

"Marceline's Closet"

  • Finn sees Marceline naked. And not just naked, but he's lying on the ground staring right up at her from underneath!
    Finn: <stone-faced> I'm not going back out there.

     Season Four 

"Web Weirdos"

  • This exchange.
    Finn: Does your wife make that sound, too?!
    Ed: Yeah, I guess, but she never does it in front of me.

"In Your Footsteps"

  • When Finn and Jake find the woods party, Jake says the following about the bear. "He got in close and used you. Now he's feeding nuts to your ex-girlfriend." Cut to bear putting a peanut in Bubblegum's mouth. And then bear giving her the Heimlich maneuver.

"Princess Monster Wife"

  • "I can introduce your parts to something new."


  • LSP stripping her "dress" and swinging it around for Finn...
    Lumpy Space Princess: Finn, my dress is slipping...
  • At one point LSP gets trapped in a room covered in mirrors. She sees in them Finn, taking off his shirt and hat and swinging his long blonde hair seductively. At first she's happy thinking she's finally seduced Finn, but as the topless Finns then walk towards her with their hands outstretched:
    Lumpy Space Princess: Oh, lump, I took it too far!

"Burning Low"

  • Jake explains "The Tiers of Love":
    Jake: Bro, you gotta let things take their natural path. Look, let me explain to you some junk about dating. Right now, you're at Tier 1, which is hugging, but pretty soon, you'll be at Tier 2, which is smooching! Then down the road you'll make it to Tier 5, where she'll let you discover all of her 15 feet of her long beautiful stomach. And after a while, you'll make it to Tier 8, where you touch her horn for the very first time, very special.
    Finn: What about Tier 15?
    Jake: (immediately) YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT!
    Jake: DO NOT DO TIER 15!
    • In the original storyboard, Jake was gonna mention Tier 9.
      Jake: And then you'll make it to Tier 9! On that one, just make sure you have a comfy place to sit the next day. (ashamed) Cuz'll need some time to reflect on what you did.

"I Remember You"

  • "You know I kinda like being tied up in these cords... kinda freaky."
  • In the Dutch dub, instead of saying "help me get some princess action," the Ice King says "help me om een prinses in bed the krijgen" which is the Dutch equivalent of saying "help me sleep with a princess".

     Season Five 

"All The Little People"

  • Jake asks Finn, "What's that in your pants?". Finn's response?
    "Oh no, not again!"

"Mystery Dungeon"

  • According to Jesse Moynihan, a writer on this episode, the scene of Lemongrab spraying juice was supposed to resemble ejaculation. Moynihan even said, "I thought it would be funny for him to scream “mommy” while ejaculating juice out of his head."
  • Ice King, upon remembering who NEPTR is, acts as though he had a single instance where he wasn't blue-balled.
    Ice King: Oh-ho, my son! (hugs NEPTR) The grand prize of me loins!

"Bad Little Boy"

  • Marshall Lee sings: "I know why you're mad at me. I got demon eyes, looking right through your anatomy."
  • On it's own, it's impressive that they were able to get away with Cake Shaking the Rump for a solid 10 seconds straight, especially with how much her stretching ability accentuates her ass.
  • At the end of the "Graveyard Rap", Marshall Lee says the line "Bad little boy, yes I'm bad but not little". Cake looks at him, stating "Nuh uh, boy, what're you thinkin'?"

"A Glitch is a Glitch"

  • After Ice King's spent the entire episode begging for her love, Bubblegum finally acknowledges him, gets on her knees in front of him, and starts to lift up his robe. His reaction is, "Whoa, are you praying to me? I'm kinda into this," but, um...clearly, there was a very different implication at work.
    • It goes further than that. When she lifts his robe so that it's caught on his crown and his body is exposed, he says "I'm still into this." Then PB shoves him to the ground. "Still into it." note 
  • Ice King sends Finn and Jake a "gross" video involving a woman pushing her hair. Later on, when Finn and Jake have to emulate the same act, Jake uses the very specific terminology of "double-teaming" Finn's locks.


  • Finn tells Rosalinen that where he comes from, pillows are only used for bedding. She replies that "well they're used for that here too" in a just-barely-suggestive-enough-to-make-it-past-the-censors tone, and Finn blushes.

"Princess Potluck"

  • Bounce House Princess asks Finn and Jake if they want to "go inside" her and "bounce around for a little", wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. Finn blushes and declines (though by the end of the episode, Finn and almost everyone else at the party save the caterer have been inside her).

"The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita"

  • While living on Party God's neglected girlfriend, Ice King sows his literal seeds into her (she's an island). The "seeds" are even helpfully labelled! Not to mention planted in an anatomically accurate location.

"Another Five More Short Graybles"

"Candy Streets"

  • Jake morphs his torso into a car, squats over Finn, sucks him in through the trunk, and spits him out behind the steering wheel. The next shot zooms in on Finn's frozen look of dismay.

"Wizards Only Fools"

  • Finn out of the blue says "Is PB straight-up naked right now?".

"Jake Suit"

  • Jake's injuries are referred to as "hickies from the universe."
    • "And everyone wants to get with the universe."
  • At one point, Finn, while wearing Jake like a suit, slams into a fence crotch first. Later, Jake refers to this as getting hit in the "doggie bag."
  • At the end one of the nurses says that it's time for "full body immersion therapy" suggestively, even making kissing noises with her mouth.

"Be More"

  • The episode opens with BMO deleting his files when Finn and Jake aren't looking. The way he starts giggling while getting dumber and dumber from the data loss makes it an obvious reference to drug use.

"Sky Witch"

  • A box in Maja's house is marked "My privates." Made worse when she calls it "[her] private box."
  • PB calls Raggedy Princess "easy" by telling Marceline, "Raggedy Princess can be your new Hambo. She’d do it too. That girl's got like, zero self respect."
  • Maja says that Ash was "a wenis." Since we know he's a jerk, she's basically one letter off from calling him "a dick."

"Frost & Fire"

  • Finn getting excited over Flame Princess beating Ice King up and getting what is an erotic dream of her shooting her flames at Finn's crotch and enjoying it.
    • And then he freaks out when he has a dream of Ice King shooting ice at Finn's crotch (not enjoying it) after Ice King beats up FP. This is the second episode to imply that Finn is turned on by violence.

"Earth and Water"

  • Similar to what happened in "Frost & Fire", Finn gets aroused when he sees Flame Princess acting aggressive and domineering towards her father.

"Love Games"

  • During the 'crooning' competition, Blargatha's half-assed love song features the lyric "Maybe later we can get 'Do Not Disturb'!"
  • The 'spooning' competition, which involves couples hugging and rolling around on futons with their bodies touching front-to-back.

"The Pit"

  • Jake made a solo pornographic tape for Lady Rainicorn. At her request.
    • More specifically, he made two. The first involves Jake lying on a rug in front of a fire, speaking suggestively. In the second, he's wearing a towel, calling himself a dirty dog, and then ripping the towel off. When he does, the shot not-coincidentally happens to be framed so that his tail is seen dangling between his legs. Meanwhile, outside the tape, in the real world, Lady Rainicorn is screaming with embarrassment and Finn is covering his eyes in horror.
  • When Kee-oth tries to absorb Finn's sword, Finn calls out "AAH! He's sucking my sword off its hilt!" In some earlier broadcast versions of the scene, there's a perceptible gap between "off" and "its", making it sound like... yeah. The gap has been deleted on the Hulu version of the scene, at least.

"Root Beer Guy"

  • All of Cherry Cream Soda's complaints suggest she is sexually frustrated with her husband.
    "I am a Cherry Cream Soda. And I have needs just the same as any other Cherry Cream Soda."
    • This added by the statement of how she misses sleeping with him. It looks like she means since he stays up all night trying to write his book but with the sexually frustrated undertones it sounds like something else.
      • Heck this one doesn't seem to have gotten past the Radar for long, as a new version has her saying "I miss you at night" instead.
    • She even dresses as a French maid (including the accent) to try to entice him! Later she says she had a great night after dancing.

"Apple Wedding"

  • The episode ends with one of the better possible examples in this whole series. Apparently, Tree Trunks has an exhibitionism fetish.
    (Princess Bubblegum is watching everyone through the security cameras in her jail)
    Tree Trunks: Looks like we got the whole place to ourselves.. if you know what I'm saying.
    Mr. Pig: Wait, don't you think there might be cameras down here?
    Tree Trunks: I hope so.
    Princess Bubblegum: (shocked face)


  • The episode is brimming with references to male gonads. Rattleballs is a gumball machine with gumballs visibly stored in his lower torso; he coughs because one of his gumballs was lodged in his body during a horseback riding accident years before; he throws eggs (a slang term for male gonads in some languages) at Finn during their training exercise; and a flashback shows stone creatures robbing a "rocks" store.

"Billy's Bucket List"

  • An example that didn't get past: Jordan the fairy was originally not wearing underwear when Finn pantsed him. (Note that this ENTIRE scene, along with Jordan getting decapitated, was removed in the UK, even though the crew didn't go through with the "no-pants" version of that scene.)

    Season Six 


  • Finn says he wants to make out with as many girls as possible because it might make his flower "feel good." Cut to Breezy, who's fondling his flower eagerly.
  • There was apparently a G-Rated Sex scene between Finn and LSP. Finn pecked LSP on the lips, but LSP wanted to swim in the "deep end," not the "kiddie pool." Cut to a while later with the two of them in separate sleeping bags, Finn looking equally contemplative and traumatized.
    • Finn is thus both figuratively and literally deflowered before regaining his arm.
  • Breezy calls herself a virgin queen bee and asks Finn to be her drone, which is odd, yet in character for Cartoon Network's standards and practices department, as an earlier episode ("City of Thieves") had to have the line "We're virgins" changed to "We're Virgin Islands" because it was considered objectionable.

"Furniture & Meat"

  • Jake offers to pay to watch a couple do things. At night. In their bed.

     Season Seven 

"Flute Spell"

  • When Huntress Wizard goes to sleep at night, her body is normal, but when she wakes up in the morning, she is an actual wooden log. She literally has morning wood.

    Season Nine 

"Bespoken For"

  • One of the suggestions in Ice King's "What To Do When Your Best Friend Leaves" book suggests you "get blowed".

    Season Ten 

"Come Along With Me"

  • Finn, Simon, and Betty's escape from the inside of GOLB manifests as a tight, red, fleshy hole which, as Finn notices, starts clenching.