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As often happens with Real Life people, karasu91note  isn't easy to sum up in a few words. He's a twentysomething young lad from Belgium who's something of a dreamer. Although he's from Belgium, his parents are from Latin America, he went to a German-speaking school as a kid only to switch to a french-speaking one later on, learning Dutch and English along the way and ended up studying in Austria.

Has a deep love of music, books, TV, paintings, japanese culture and random pop culture.

Makes regular contributions to Doctor Who recap pages, the Music and Live Action TV forums and adds the occasional comment or note if he finds another example for an article.

Was among other things Entry Pimp for Eva Green and Learning To Lie, and wrote the original page for The Fades.

TV Tropes ruined his life.

This Troper provides examples of:

Media enjoyed by Karasu 91

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     Anime and Manga  

     Comic Books 

     Fan Fiction 



     Live Action TV 


     Web Comics 

     Web Original 

     Western Animation 

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Ah, a nice clean page... *panzer bursts through the wall and starts shooting paint everywhere* That's more like it. - Stolen By Faeries
Squeeee, my first!!! Thank you !!! ♥ ... (Aand, that totally did not sound awkward. No way.)

Another fan of Le Petit Prince?! SQUEEEEEEEEE. —Sharysa

Ahh, but of course!! =) "On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur... L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

You enjoy quite a few of the same things as me! Sherlock is great! So is XKCD! AnthonyMercer

In~deed!!! You have good taste, sir! Now to convert everyone on this website - forums, beware...

You vandalizated my page?! This will not go unavenged. So... eh... there! ~ (Nee serieus, bedankt om iets achter te laten op mijn pagina. Deze site heeft trouwens meer Belgen nodig, hoe gaan we anders ooit de wereld veroveren?) ~ Sincerely, Fresison.

Heh, graag gedaan!! :) En geen zorgen, ik ben al erbij mijn vrienden te recruteren zodat zij ook de forums op stelten zetten... België voor werelddominatie!!

Hola mi amigo en musica! Apologies for never getting back to your vandalism. I don't often go on my own page :P —0dd1

Hola!! No sabia que hablaba español!! And don't worry - as you can see, I'm not getting a lot here either!! ;)