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To thine own self be true,
and it must follow, as the night the day,
thou canst not then be false to any man.

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

Hic Sunt Dracones

Nothing on my page is Nightmare Fuel: teddies, dolls, dresser, bed, and large windows. See?

Specimen Number: 2311607
Name: [redacted]
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Nationality: [EXPUNGED]
Affiliations: Seelie Court, Unseelie Court, and Eldritch Barbershop Quartet.
Behaviour: a tad dramatic, sporadically arrogant, perpetually childishly precocious, deceptively honest, neurotically paranoid, suicidally curious, happily macabre, and uses a disturbing amount of contradictory words.
Session Transcipts: The madness seeps from the walls.
Helpful Formatting Notes: Further down this page.

Please leave record of your visit in the Vandalization Folder.

Favorite Avatars.®
In a fey mood.
Alice, what have you done?
Entrap me, entrall me.
Axe-Crazy and adorable.
Sp8der 8reath
Maple. Maypole.
My first Moment of Forum Win!
My second Moment of Forum Win!
Catch and carry.
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Ash and Ember.
    Created the following trope pages 
  • Zilch
  • Has added examples and edited Paranormalcy and other Faerie related pages.
    My Titles, Locations, and Signature 
  • Seelie Court Operative
  1. Trooper Faerie
  2. Disillusioned
  3. We can see you
  4. Trust me
  5. Let's play
  6. Watching, waiting...
  7. Quite the lady
  8. Madly Endearing
  9. Entrap me, Entrall me
  • The Windmills of My Mind
  1. A Faerie Circle
  2. The Tweens
  3. The Mirror
  4. The Netherworld
  5. Between Never and Now
  6. Uncanny Valley
  7. beyond the looking glass
  8. the other side of sanity
  9. the deep, cold, dark beneath
  10. the corner of your eye
  11. this neck of the woods
  12. a sea of discontent
  1. Just because I have feelings it doesn't mean I can't be evil.
  2. Things are not always as they seem.
  3. Because sometimes we all feel a little contrary.
  4. Be Careful What You Wish For: my words are true, I make no such guarantee for my intentions.
  5. "Hi there. Would you like to play with us? Please mister, let's play." - Hansel
  6. Nothing is perfect without imperfection. Unless you like Mary Sue: then run. I like to be sporting.
  7. Reality is subjective, the facts are irrelevant, and the truth is a lie.
  8. Please stop speaking: it confuses the voices and they’re making me quite mad.
  9. I want you, in my room, on the bed, under the covers, with no one around, so I can show you my... awesome new glow in the dark stickers! :D
  10. A truth is like a mirror. While one can be trusted, many can deceive: they just need to be positioned correctly.
  11. Some people are like slinkies: generally useless but they make you smile when you push them down the stairs. >:)
  12. Try to find what you can only glimpse. Try to flee what you do not know pursues. You cannot see the doorways - we watch you always.
  13. Always watching. Always waiting. Always smiling.
  14. Curiosity is my best friend, my wickedest foe, and my greatest temptation. Subject to all my love, hate, and wonder.
  15. Now you're looking for the secret... but you won't find it, because of course you're not really looking.
  16. I don't want to watch the world burn. I just want to leave it colder.
  17. “Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills.”
People quoted in my signaturenote 
  1. Eppur si muove - Galileo
  2. "... if [Stolen] was ever not happy, she would manifest into her true form and devour the souls of the tropers..." - Sabre's Edge
  3. You're the devil on my shoulder assuring me that soul-crushing impossible death traps are a hallmark of good game mastery. - darnpenguin, from our PM's with his permission.
  4. Do not mistake me for my mask. You see the light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold, dark beneath. from The Name of The Wind.
  5. Victory is not achieved by those who hope, but by those who dare and those who move. - Juan Carlos, via P Ms.
  6. "I'm mentally stable! It would take a lot to get me to act any differently! :P" - Noaqiyeum From here.
  7. Talent is nothing without discipline, and imagination means little when it lacks the will to make something of it. - DrunkScriblerian from PM's. Used with permission.
  8. [Remember]; never give the monster under the bed a straight answer. [He] doesn't deserve it. - Drunk Scriblerian
  9. "I feel a moral calling to be a Devil's Advocate." - Noaqiyeum
  10. [When Stolen's] annoyed with someone, by sheerest coincidence The Wild Hunt decide it's a good night to ride out after their target...~Sabre (as in Sabre's Edge)
  11. You can'ttrust Stolen! She is a good girl! :D - Noaqiyeum
  12. Human beings are clearly meant to love and adore mathematics in all its glory. Just as we planned. - betterthanstrawberry
Woollen. Woman.
Moon at night.
Willow. Window.


Fallow farrow.
There may be more... give me time to remember. And read!
Ash and oak.
Bide and borrow.
Chimney smoke.
Barrel. Barley.
     Web-based and Comics 
Stone and stave.
     Tv Tropes RPG Links 
Wind and water.
    Image Macros 

Other Tropers Welcome!
It is a nice day isn't it?

This is the part of my page that you guys can wreak havoc in: it includes applied tropes, mental images of me, and, of course, vandalism!

If you vandalize my page I shall leave a commentnote  and vandalize yours. Because it is fun. XD

I have also decided to leave some TIPS here. If there is some advice you can add feel free to do so!

Editing tips:

  • [[color:red:example]] yields example. Do try some other colours. —sgrunt
  • Go here to upload images (it's in the tools sidebar). —sgrunt
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    • --> at the beginning of a sentence will make the text smaller and also move it slightly along the page only within the wiki. See my "replies" to vandalism for the effect.
  • Putting [[ and ]] around links will provide you with, well, a link. This works both in the Wiki and on the forum.
    • Neither the wiki nor the forums allow the hyperlinking of images.
  • To hottipnote  you must type in [[note]] Example text[[/note]]
  • To create a spoiler type in [[spoiler: example text]].
  • There is also [[AC: example text]] to type like G La Dos or however they call it.
  • Dot point lists are created by starting your sentence with a "*" and adding a "*" for how indented you want the list. For numbered lists use a "#" instead.
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    • To link to another troper's page the rules are similar for tropes except all tropers names are begun by a Tropers/ or @/ - e.g. Tropers/CyganAngel yields Cygan Angel, Tropers/{{Noaqiyeum}} yields Noaqiyeum. In the cases of numbers if there are more than one caoital letter in the name (e.g. Juan Carlos 11) then proceed with the first method shown, if there are one or no capitals then use the second method.
    • For your typing to look all
      , then type @@sample text@@ to yield
      sample text

Forum exclusive tips:

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  • To embed a You Tube video take the address (e.g. and take the part after the "=" and proceed like so
    . This will present an embedded video.

If you want to see more complicated things check out this page... which I found out about after I put all the effort into making my section. >:P

Well, now that the serious stuff is over, let's have some fun! >:3

    Mental images of me 

     Things Recommended to Me 
Of the alternate title, "Oh hai Noaqiyeum" :P
I've decided that the lists I keep are too scattered I'm putting them here - I know there are more but right now I can't remember their names - the concepts I know. If you've recommended something to me please put it here.

    Tropes applied to me by Tropers 

     Vandals Welcome!
Let's play.

  • Welcome to the forums. I'm not my avatar. Remember to consult people's page's if you require infomation about their age, sex or gender. Please keep all limbs in the vehicle while travelling. Do not collect £200 as you pass go. Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
    If by coffee you mean hot chocolate then sure.

  • Hi CyganAngel
    You adorable wise sneak huggles

  • Okay, be honest. Are you or are you not my evil twin separated at birth and send to the other side of the world to prevent us eventually taking over the world together? - Phoenixor
    LOL. My mum rather vividly remembers my birth. Split souls?

  • Ah, a fellow Fey lover! Cheers, and have a good time on the wiki and fora. You seem cool, and I'd hate for the data vampires to waylay such a promising soul. Diamonnes
    Don't worry, the vampires were like a three year thing: the Faeries have had me since I was 4.

  • Guten Tag, Fraulein! I like the (Un)Fair Folk, too... (If signing up was still open I'd ask you to join us in When The Tropers Cry!) ~Noaqiyeum
    I'll be spying on the thread.

  • Someone is bound to get our ages right, hopefully. Maybe. They better. - Nekoalexa
    We could always look on the brightside: we'll still look young when everyone is all wrinkly.
    Woohoo! FIRE!... you guys are trying to convert me to pyromania!note 
    *_* fire is pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny *_*
    • Yay for more vandalism!note  :D -Nekoalexa
    Vandalism and fire! Just add puns and you've got what TV Tropes is trying to convert me to :P

  • This place needs some vandalism. I can help! — ACrackInTime
    • - Glomp - :)
    Vandalizing is fun.


Why thank you!


I was wondering where Puss-Puss put you.
  • I AM BACK!- Mr W
    So I see *cuddles*

  • *lets loose with the spray paint all over the page* —a vandal
    • *adds even more spray paint and finishes with a GLOMP* —the same vandal
    • Me again! *snuggle snuggle*
      • *huggles* My Cuddle Buddy!
      • *cuddle cuddle* :3
    One of my faithful cuddle buddies. :3
    *cuddle cuddle cuddle* :3 :3 :3

  • Do not trust Bisected 8 as he is a programmer. Do not trust programmers. Do not trust Kernel Hackers. Do not trust those who use Linux. I do not have Root Powers, therefore you can trust me. Let me tell you how you should not trust them since we began to live. There are 9x11^4 million kilometres of typewritten circuits in melon bread thin layers that fill our complex. If the word "Defenestrate" was engraved on each picometre of those tens of metres of chocolate sprinkled melon bread, it would not equal one-fourty-second of the melon bread you should have at this micro-instant. Melon Bread. Melon Bread.also jcruz
    I shall be wary of the programmers: congrats on guessing my pic on BlackWolfe's page!

  • Oh god, where am I, wait...the faeries placed a glamour on me, causing me to write this comment about how awesome I think you are and how glad I am to have met you...oh wait that's not glamour that's just me really enjoying talking with you. Maybe it's your glamour? ;) You are cool and I'm glad to have met you. :) —Cogito
    I am just as happy to have met you :3

  • Do you believe the Wagon Wheel has become smaller with every passing year? —pathfinder
    Yes, yes I do. Stupid cookie. *sniff*

Alright, you've been here long enough to get my signature treatment.

I think Stole By Faeries is a pretty cool gal. esh lieks teh faeries and doesnt afraid of celibacy. - Diamonnes

The faeries have invaded your page. I'd recommend iron but they have me in something of a compromised position.

Hello, friend! :3 ~Fuzy2K

Hello to you too, friend! cuddles

My Good Lord... You IQ rating makes me look idiotic by comparisonnote . - redrosary

It's not a big deal - I am too distracted to do anything useful with it XD

Hey, I just noticed that you made a fsck reference! Hurray for nerdiness! — jcruz

Megatokyo taught me it!

Hey, Faerie! I bet you know what I'm going to do in this page. -glomps- —Earl of Sandvich

Glomps back :3

First thing you should know about me... I'm a hugger!Tye Dye Wildebeest

Here's a secret: so am I.

Great art. You really do deserve a Deviant Art account. —Arcolops

Eventually I shall gather enough evidence to prove so!

You commented on my page! Now I want to stalk you be your friend! —Tidal_Wave_17

A fellow stalker friend is always welcome.

You make the faeries do it. - Balmung

You know what they say about -runs away- Juancarlos 11

Words of wisdom.

Ceci n'est pas une vandalism. ~ Noaqiyeum Also, lockon has indicated that When The Tropers Cry may be taking new sign-ups soon, or something. Just something that you might be interested in...

And this is not a reply. Must stalk the page more closely.

Hey, you like Exact Words, too? That trope is one of my absolute favorites! —Sean Murray I

Hand in hand with the faeries, good man.

I've come to take over your page -evil laugh- Wannabeotaku

I have an army!

A faerie, huh? Do you know Navi? ~KuroFox

We may have met.

Awww, you got abducted huh? I saw your face on Milk Cartons ^_^ —Counterclock

I hope they used a good picture :/

I never really was on your side. XD —YouMustDie

Ah, but what side is Orange on?

I'm looking forward to trolling you soon, sweetheart. — Snicklin

A troll, eh? Have you met some of my faerie friends?

Don't let jealousy possess you, Fairies! My pm box is always open. Nathaniel The Seeker

Nathaniel of the Awesome Page, your proposal for Open Borders is accepted.

Give her back, you darn faeries! -Mega Magikarp

Shh! You don't want them to steal you too. ;)
...Why did they steal you in the first place? -Mega Magikarp

Vandalizing in 3...2...1... -thespacephantom


Hello. —Reo Sawaguchi


You know what happens when your page gets vandalized? ust what heppens to everything else. - juancarlos11

It gets vandelized. FYI The faeries have stolen a lot of your stuff.

Just learning how to play D&D, I see? I bet you'd do well in a quest of my glorious design. —Sean Murray I

Ah, a Dungeon Master: player killer or player helper?

3.5 or 4E? i like 3.5 best, but I happen to have the books for 4E mostly, we should talk sometime! - Dynamod

I must learn more!

Are Faeries venomous in Australia? —Orange Spider

Not that I've heard but I wouldn't put any bets on that.

Just curious, did you like wearing fairy wings to school? Also, if you haven't already done so, get a deviantArt account. If some moron like me could only make 4 crap drawings in a month and manage 20 favourites, that gorgeously drawn profile page pic of yours surely can do better.~ betterthanstrawberry

What a compliment! I checked out your page and it's not crap... and I may have gone to school dressed as a fairy once or twice.
  • Thank you very much for the alphabetising! (huggles muchly)

Hey, love that drawing on the top of your page! -Siranae

Thank you! The faeries have located your page. Careful or they might steal you too.

Nice art, and nice to see other Black Lagoon fans! - Balmung

Thank you! Hansel and Gretel are so cute.

Hello there, and compliments for great drawing skill. Also for being one of the cuddliest members on the fora. Props. - Sabre's Edge

Aw; on both accounts.

I get so jealous of how cute you are! Youre just too adorable! ~Dynamod

I'm not that cute. But I do love the ego stroking. :3

Kitsune? Me? I'm the wrong nationality for that. But who knows? =P ~KuroFox

Mmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

The Faeries commanded me to GLOMP you. -glomps- —Earl of Sandvich

Well, we mustn't resist a faerie command. Glomp

I left you a piece of pound cake, but the faeries ate it. :( —Earl of Sandvich

Damn faeries, I warned them what would happen if they ate more of my presents.

Hi~! -huggles- Just wanted to say I think you are crazy awesome. And you like Black Lagoon, that's definitely a plus. :D PM me any time. <3 — Compassionate Sadist

Huggles, wow you think I'm Crazy Awesome? Sweet!

Hi! Time to vandalize! *Lets EVEN MORE faeries loose in this hizzouse.* -Balmung

Dammit, I just got the last batch to settle down. WHO GAVE THEM COFFEE?... Bisected...

Hello! Good day to you and may your interactions with the fairies go well! -OOZE

Why thank you! They've yet to decide to eat me so all is well.

I see your faeries attempting to take over my page, and raise you my Faireys. Fairey Gannets, to be specific. BOW BEFORE MY TURBOPROP-POWERED FAIREYS, I SAY!

Just what I needed: they're calling in the gremlins. As if my electronics weren't fscked up enough as it is.

Because one pass of vandalism isn't quite enough if you've decided to quote me in your siggy. (hugs) —Sabre's Edge (also, Maltese ancestry? Nice! Faith, Hope, and Charity will be on eternal air patrol for you! And Desperation in reserve. Also, if you're out shipping or ship-sinking, please let the SS Ohio go by; sinking her would deprive Malta of her petroleum-oil-lubricant supplies and possibly cause a Temporal Paradox...okay, I'll stop with the history-related shipping puns now).
Your quote is awesome! And I just learnt something new. And you know where Malta is d*_*b
Err...don't kill me?

Hello. Then I offer you a proposal, Faerie Queen. You will become my vassal and do homage, and in return you will be spared as long as you fight for me. -Shichibukai

Can I be The Dragon? There tends to be less paperwork.

As long as you aren't thinking of betraying me, very well. I acknowledge your vassalage.

I'll have to barter with the faeries for your release, I think. Or steal you back from them; but then you'd have to change your name to Stolen From Faeries By Blackmoon, which is unwieldy. And dear me, your page is even bigger than mine is.Blackmoon

Ah, registering a name change is a tedious process...for the sake of convenience I shall remain with the faeries. It's cool - I get to go dancing a lot. ;P

A massive bank heist is on the agenda. -Shichibukai

I shall ready the gremlins: they love playing with security cameras, vaults, and other unimportant pieces of equipment.

Good, good. No questions asked? ;)
Mmmm, the gremlins are requesting cookies later but that's all. Oh, and the faeries want to know if they can take prisoners.

I'll pay in boxes of them, heaps of them. Yes, and save a few juicy human prisoners for my dinner. So, what are the goings on in your realm?
Excellent but a little slow. Just sinking a few ships.

You vandalized my page! It's going to take weeks for Barry to get that cleaned up. Think of the working man, will ya? - darnpenguin

Oh. Well, you probably shouldn't check what the faeries left on the ceiling.

Thanks for the blatant vandalism; I think. Why do I have a feeling this is going to cost me? Last I checked I didn't make any deals; if so I'm great about wording them properly. I'll have to keep an eye on you. - Kino

You don't have to: we are already watching.

Ooh! OOH! TARGA!Snicklin


Your stupid faerie minions captured me and dragged me all the way here. Do you think you could do something about that? - Anomalocaris20

I'll have them take the course again. Don't grumble at me: I warned you what would happen if you took prisoners. We're supposed to tell the master first!
...What is what you posted on my page implying? About Exact Words and stuff?
I can only do so much.

The faeries have brought me here... because I have a valentine for you. —Earl of Sandvich

:3 X) Valentine huggles

A fairy like me loves faeiries. ;) snailbait

XD The faeries appear to be debating something - I'd keep iron by your bed so they don't steal the snails.

Eloquent speech, artistic talent, a good amount of self-confidence, and a fondness for physical displays of affection towards those you truly care for...this could be the start of a beautiful acquaintance-ship. ~ Endark Culi

I am sure it will be :)

Hmm..for some strange reason, I believe that you would make a good ally in case of emergency. I shall make a note of this. ~Gambit508

Excellent! More alliances.

You seem like an excellent artist, a good friend, and an all-around shiny person. Has-you a Skype? -Six Times Nine

Wow... so many compliments... and I don't have Skype T_T

You seem like a really awesome person, and we seem to have a lot in common. Someday, I hope to share with you my gilded-page copy of the Grimm Fairy Tales. Also, YOUR CURRENT AVVIE'S A KITTY YAY KITTIES! - Tropers/Burinnu

o_o You like Grimm Fairy Tales... and kitties... :D No Stolen - it is bad to have the faeries kidnap people for you: very bad!

   The Faeries sent me here again, so that I could put a bit of Eldritch in your vandalism wall!   note  -Earl of Sandvich

Yay! More Eldritch!

I got dragged here by The Fair Folk, like everyone else. I don't know you as well as the others, but you seem pretty cool, and I wouldn't mind rectifying that.- Tropers/{{rmctagg09))

I wouldn't mind rectifying that either :)

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination... Tye Dye Wildebeest

By leaving this comment, I made you "a victim of coicumstance". Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! - AlBundyFan365

Hee hee hee - wow, you watch Married With Children :D

If you weren't female, I'd be tempted to ask you if your first name was "Denzel." -The Ginkei

Eh, it's a close call ;P

Hello. You seem to be getting along well. - Radd

Quite :)

This post brought to you by ACME Co. - Coyotic Evil

I should be very careful that it doesn't malfunction.

I was going to mock the whole faerie thing before I considered that the faeries may just mock me back. Please tell the faeries that I am a nice young man pretty pretty please. - MadassAlex

The faeries will take note of your niceness and wisdom.

Hello once more, Stolen! My avatars have compelled my to vandalize your page. -Balmung

Well, it isn't exactly a crowd I would want to mess with.

I'm here to get my stuff back >:D -Sakan4k

Of course! It's right over there, right under that rainbow and in the middle of that mushroom ring. Feel free to help yourself to the food.

I wonder who is the changeling who took your place? I hope it's not me! —Anne Beeche

The faeries have sent me here again. I haven't vandalized in a while. How are things going? —Earl of Sandvich

Excellent! Glad to see you're back :)


Did someone say "fire"?

I thought I had vandalized your page before! Thanks for deflowering my troper page! If you ever want to be naga again, ask for a cookie and I shall oblige. -Enkufka :D

:3 ... well, being a naga is fun...

I prefer being a fox-boy, but then I can't coil around people and hug them...
Ah, but you can be cuddled and huggled and wuggled and smuggled and...

Hi, Stolen By Gnomes!!- cutewithoutthe

Hello cutewithoutsomething!

The coffee made me do it! *raises flask* - Bisected8

There's a good reason why I don't let the faeries drink it.

>Rolls around in the Faerie ring<-Enkufka

XD You should see how confused the faeries look right now!

  • Since you generously revandalised my page, I want to return a favor. - NathanielTheSeeker
    Very good sir. You and Neko make a beautiful couple.

golly gee wilickers, you sure did fix this page up madame

Hello fringe! Glad you like it.

  • Hello again. I haz vandalised your page. -glomps-A Crack In Time
    Hi Crack! You iz made of da win!

  • O___O Nice arts. Also, yes, your blood covered avatar girl is cute... though I'm not sure who it is -Hotel Kilo
    That would be Yuno, a fellow Yandere. And thank you!

I can haz fairy friend? -Enkufka

You can haz a fairy friend X)

Hello there, tiny faery! How are you? -Enkufka

I'm excellent! How's the fox-boy?

I bring death and destruction to your page! Though you will love me for it. :) -HellmanSabian

Haha! Have a virtual iron nail, virtual fey-type thing! How'd you like them apples? Also: In Yer Parallel Realm, Stealin' Yer Goldz. -InverurieJones

Calling up the Fae - from the Name of The Wind. Iron poses them no such problem.

May I have this dance, M'lady? >bow< -Enkufka

But of course, *curtsies*

This page is not Dorfy enough. Allow me to fix this. -UristMcDorf

Excellent! Now the dwarves are my allies too...

Hello, miss. Not doing anything at all with crowbar, just... looking at how shiny it is. If you'll just look that way I'lkqi0ef gqe0pjo hiduafipdwhipqwj[]PJO hifoh ofhaerhierjrhi9 o0 ijopj ioGuiJIPOfhr-9f pjpq [oij h9wgerhiojnq k -El


I have sheilds at the ready!!!! I must Defend!!! For the Biscuits!!! - Voids Empathy


Are those faeries ever gonna give you back? =P -Mega Magikarp

*whispering sounds* Apparently not.

-sprays, before cameras flash and sirens blare- Crap, the blues are here! Gotta run. —a fugitive named T. L.

How many times have I told you faeries not to steal police cars! You scare away all our guests!

>Pastes a poster of Hardcore Syndrome 2 on the wall< I don't know if you enjoy Japanese trance or rave or electronic or whatever it is music, but this is a pretty awesome album! -Enkufka

Duly noted :)

-Next time, try it on someone who DOESN'T have a fairy as their avatar. ESPECIALLY when said fairy is Cirno. *Cirno proceeds to freeze the lot of you, because SHE'S THE STRONGEST* -TARDISES

*Looks to my avatar gallery* Yeah... that ain't gonna work.

-Can the faeries grant me a wish? Without me having to promise my left biological component? :P -Enkufka

They appear to be demanding more cookies instead.
— Provided! Provided they give me Voluntary Shapeshifting abilities. :P -Enkufka
They appear to be in serious consideration... you may want to clarify things 'before'' they get creative with the wording.
—- I would like them to give me Voluntary Shapeshifting abilities in the form of "Ability to grow and un-grow Fox, cat, and wolf ears at any time I wish, one at a time, and to have them paired with their respective tails, which, to clarify, means that when I grow said ears, I grow the corresponding tail as well. This is to have unlimited use." Is that exact enough? -Enkufka
Seems accurate enough.
Yay! >hands over a jar of cookies<
*takes the cookies* Thank you! You shall receive your powers shortly. They have a 30 day warranty.

-I appreciated your toads and diamonds. I am leaving hot tea and peanut butter cups. -Tropers//steampowered

Oooh! Yummy!

-Você não pode derrotar me! Eu sou determinado abater seu reino e seu reino corrupto!

You have abn Irish parent? Cool, I live in Ireland. Best country ever, due to its beautiful language and mystical mythology. Tropers/{{3rdpoliceman}}

I do love the Sidhe.

  • How evil do I have to be for vandalizing your page the third time? -Nathaniel The Seeker
    Pft, lightweight.

  • Gotcha. -Enkeli
    =3 Smuggy approves.

  • Hi, nice to meet you once more! The Void sends its greetings to you =) - The Watcher
    Excellent! The Seelie court reciprocate teh greetings... the Unseelie court is too busy trying trying to push traitors into the Void.


Hey there! Kinda resisting the urge to start singing Rocking Robin...

Hello faerie captive. being faerie-stolen can't be too bad if they give you a computer, right? ~ Braincogs

Yeah, it's pretty ok. Though I wish they would stop encouraging me to stalk people.

-Você não pode derrotar me! Eu sou determinado abater seu reino e seu reino corrupto! -Você Deve Morrer

... [Reply is pending translation from a third party]

  • Yes, but are Ostrogoths welcome too? -looks quizzingly at my rather large ax and helmet with horns on it- -red223
    Everyone is welcome to vandalize! It's fun!

  • Light Is Not Good is "not necessarily a bad thing?" Well, in a literal sense, no, but... Anyway, hiyas there, other Rena! -RenaTheArchmage
    Well, the angel does say so :P And Rena says hi!

  • The faeries didn't know I was coming... -MilosStefanovic
    That's just what they want you to think...

  • I enjoyed the first time so much that I just had to return for a quickie. -RenaTheArchmage, the Chaste Pervert
    OK, then... I'm gonna... go stand over there...

  • Good evening, Stolen. My, it's certainly been a while since my first visit here. If I may be permitted to inquire, how are the fair folk doing? I brought brownies for them, but I'd hate to think that all this sugar is wearing away their pointy little teeth. ~ Endark Culi
    It has been a while, welcome back! The Fair Folk are fine. And it's ok, I'll take the brownies ^_^ ... for the team...

  • Faeries are better than fairies. Much better. ~theindefiniteone
    I think so too! stop poking that dagger into my ribs, it won't make my statements sound any more convincing!

  • Do faeries like muffins? -hands plate of freshly-baked muffins over- ~theindefiniteone
    -drools- I shall find someplace safe for them ^_^ like my tummy

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, Faerie. - Ivan The Mouse
    Good time to you sir!

  • The zombies are disappointed know what? That's your thing. I won't steal it. Rock on! - Karl Kadaver
    Thanks X) Rock on!
    • "And so, it came to pass that Karl, in his infinite wisdom, might, and grandieur, returned to the page whence he vandalised so many aeons ago. He then noticed that the Faeries replied to his vandalism and he was pleased. This pleased him muchly. He was muchly pleased. And so, being pleased, he returned to the fora. After leaving this long-winded vandalism, of course!" - The Book of Jenova, Chapter 13 Verse 37 as quoted by Karl Kadaver

  • Greetings, Faerie, The Void is in dire need of souls, do you have any to spare...?
    Hmmmm, souls to spare. None here but you may want to check out the pages of my fellow abominations.

  • Okay, how the heck did your Fairy invasion vandalization disappear from my page without history mentioning anyone deleting it? o-o ~Spooky Mask
    You see, people assume that time is a linear progression - really it's just a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey ball of stuff. Incidentally the invasion did return... again. ^_^

  • Can you imagine, Lady Gaga has a song named "shit" in German on her latest album? Geez, she's becoming more and more pretentious on each passing day! - Ivan The Mouse
    That is extremely strange O_o

  • Oh God, she's expanding... And I, for one, welcome our new faerie overlord! - Orange Spider
    Expanding? Whatever gave you that idea? Why would little old me want to take over the world? -sweeps blueprints for Evil Lair under the table-

  • You have one huge Wall of Text of vandalism. Also, nice drawing. -des
    I'm so proud of it ^_^ Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the drawing!

  • Accessing location... Data stream found. Input message: My, aren't you popular around here? I suppose I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Oh, and don't try to send your Faeries after me. This line is untraceable. - Oblivion4568238

  • I find the spelling "Faery" odd, but strangely cool, in a sense. It makes us think less of Disney's fairies, if you will. —The Guy Who Likes Lady Gaga
    That was what I was aiming for ^_^

  • ''Aus.''Ivan The Mouse
    Hello there again.

  • So... much... vandalism... ~ Liberated Liberater
    I know! It's lovely! Maybe I should put it in a folder though...

  • (huggles) ~ betterthanstrawberry

  • BZZZT. ~Liberated Liberater
    I'm sorry, the buzzer is broken - pull the lever next time.

  • Happy day to thee. - Premonition45
    And a happy vandalizing to thee!

  • That new spidery avatar of yours.I approve it.The world needs MOAR spiders. - OrangeSpider
    That it does: If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.

  • Rawr vandalism. - Junfez
    I saw what you did there -_^ oestentacious, and cake, flawlessly, delicious, and inane.

  • -glomps again- :3
    is glomped Hey there!

  • Life is not a lullaby. ~[2]
    It is, however, a fairy tale. In their original contexts of course.

  • Lovely. ~The Liberated One
    Uh, thank you?

  • FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!! -raigakuren
    Outrageous! I'm not old enough to be someone's godparent!

  • Hello fellow fearie/fea/fairy-ectra lover. Your avatar picture stole me from the fora for a while and your page gave me knowledge, and interest. Are you sure you are not one of the fae? :3 -Vyctorian
    I believe that is Minene - she's awesome. And unfortunately not - it would be fun though.

  • Yeah. So, I wrote you a song, I guess.
I know this girl who is really cool, I say,
But I don't care anyway,
She has the same music that I play.
Awesome as hell can be,
Really smart for the Econometrics degree,
Stolen is one of the people I have,
A newfound respect for,
Could I ask for more?
The things said are witty,
They make my jokes rather shitty,
And I can't think of a bad thing to say,
About the chick anyway. - Hopey
Yay! Song for me! ^_^ many tropes... - Shad

Indeed. There are many - but think in terms of all tropes and it becomes rather small.

finally found the bottom of the vandalism comments = Commander Obvious

It is quite a lot... I swear it's been mentioned before.

Aha! I have vandalized you before you could vandalize me! ~ A Rabbit Filled Nightmare

Very good preemptive strike!

I have come to instill joy and vandalism. And to compliment on being a better artist than I'll ever find time to be. - Dark Confidant

Hopefully some day, people will remember how cool faeries are. People, as in, the general public. Not just awesome people like you. - darkclaw
Thank you! And I do wish people would recall how awesome they really are. Also, if you wish to vandalize another Vampire Twins fan go see Noaqiyeum. Careful though - they're terrifically Mind Screwy.
I hope so too. And ^////////^

Hello there! I am Dalexterminate! It's nice to meet you!

A pleasure to meet you!

Greetings! I don't remember how I got here, I think I was following vandalism of other people I know, but those formatting tips are really useful, thanks for putting them up! - montagohalcyon

You're welcome! I was hoping they would be of use to someone. Now be sure to stick to the path, otherwise you may get lost.

  • I vandalize you. I vandalize you so much the Faeries will have to give you back. =P -Mega Magikarp
    I wonder what they think of that logic.

  • Hey, Stolen By Faeries, thanks for the nice vandalizations on my page! Out of curiousity, though, have you read much of the Greek myths? Guessing about you from how smart you are and the fact you mentioned Athena, I'm gonna say yes. -Darkclaw
    I am quite the mythology buff, truth be told. I don't know as much as I'd like to though. Thank you anyway!

  • Good show on putting up that markup-help section. You can't always find the kind of tips you're looking for when you need them. -Dog Like Sparky
    Thank you - there's actually a Text-Formatting Rules page but I didn't even know it existed. O_o

  • Liberated Liberater says: I just love your page. :D
    Awwwwww, thanks. Unfortunately it's in a committed relationship with me. And by "committed" I mean like an alysum.

  • Haha! Internet spraypaint! Some stains never come out. — Quarterman
    Tell me about it. Do you know how long I've been trying to get that spot of blood out of the carpet. Out Damn Spot!

  • Longest. Troper. Page. EVER. Of course, this is never a bad thing. —Tre.
    Well, maybe not ever but it is long.

  • And getting longer. I don't know if I should be jealous or relieved given the small stature of my page. :/ Ah well, it's not the end of the world in either case. Or is it? ~~ Dark Confidant
    Relieved - I always forget where my links are.

  • Ah, much has changed since The Void resided here...
    Indeed... we now offer gift bags.

  • The faeries made violate my 'one vandalization per page' rule! -desdendelle
    They're insidious that way.

  • Jefferson Lives! -deathpigeon
    Uh... ok.

  • This is not vandalism by Ailedhoo. This is a duck.-Ailedhoo

  • What happened to the painting? I liked it -sadface- -desdendelle
    A brief flash of extreme self-annoyance made me remove it. I'm considering bringing it back due to the high level of protests and the fact that I miss it.

  • Following a stream of links and pages, erring through a vast maze of tropes and struggling to find my way, I took a turn and found your page. It is impressive...most impressive. I salute you.
Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Elves are marvelous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes, look behind words that have changed their meaning.
No one ever said elves are nice.
Elves are bad.
Thank you for the compliment! And yay! Terry Pratchett! I confess that I have not read any of his works... I really must get around to it since I like the quote so much.

  • What happens next? Am I supposed to sing you a song now? If so, just pick your tune and I'll give it a shot... ~~ Dark Confidant

  • >sets up a tent in the Fairy Ring< -Enkufka
    Hey there! Careful, else you may never leave.

  • Man, I miss the activity in Lyrics Association. It would be totally amazing if there was more of that activity there again, eh? Know what I mean. Know what I mean? Nudge nudge. Know what I mean? A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh? —Sean Murray I
    I get the hint. ;)

  •  scream 

  • Faeries! ~raigakuren
    Hi there!

  • Woohoo! Vandalism Nice Page, too ~Who Needs Sleep
    Vandalism is indeed fun - that is the only explanation I can come up with for why my page has so much of it.

  • I have reached the conclusion that the year 1994 was the Worst Year in the History of Everything. —Sean Murray I
    Really now? Well, that's the year before I started remembering things so I'll have to take your word for it being such a dog of a year.

  • Thissssssssssssssssss is a nice page you got here. Also, I took all your cookies. ~Kuro Fox
    Nooooo! Now what will I use to appease the faeries? I can't cook dessert dishes. D:

  • Ailedhoo greets thee!
    The faeries welcome you!

  • Let's see if this works... —a vandal
    Yes that glitch was quite frightful. And ah! Not the feet! Not the feet! DX :P

  • I dreamt I left you a message on your page, and here it is. ~Noaqiyeum
    You dreamt something and then it happened... cool! :D Now dream that you have an airplane ticket or the TARDIS. Preferably the TARDIS. And its instruction manual probably wouldn't hurt.

  • If I might, I shall leave cuddles here... ~ betterthanstrawberry
    Oooh, cuddles. Interesting creatures.

  • You get so many messages and vandalism here on a regular basis and it has led me to become envious. Compared to yours, my profile page on this website feels like the kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. - AlBundyFan365
    Don't be envious! Just vandalize more and people will eventually vandalize back! Also, the Vandalize The A Bove Troper thread is helpful. >_>

  • You're welcome ^^ To be honest, I didn't expect it to become so popular when I put the YKTTW entry together. It was a pleseant surprise, to say the least ^_^ ~Nightraid
    Indeed! I hope when I make a trope it's half as awesome as Creepy Awesome.

  • I am not a very creative vandal. I think I was distracted by how shiny this page was. -Derwentian
    Well, it is Australian.

  • *sings something random horribly off-key* —a vandal
    Ah... very nice?

  • I understand now that you've been drawing interpretive, stylized images of fellow tropers. I would certainly be curious to see how you would draw me. I'm sure you'd do a hell of an interpretation that could rival Noaqiyuem's . —Sean Murray I
    Ah, the chibi army - I can add you of course. However attempting to rival Noa would be an exercise in futility, at least as far as creativeness goes.

  • Can I vandalize now? I mean, like, the last two times I tried nothing happened. D: ~theindefiniteone
    Yeah that was a wierd page glitch - it wouldn't even let me alter it! Praise the mods.

  • Feels awkward to be back again so soon, but I appreciate the random bit vandalism out of nowhere. Also, if you ever need a little entertainment and don't know where to find any, here's the greatest Deviant Art gallery there is for you to peruse through. —Sean Murray I
    Why, thank you very much! :D

  •    Hello, Fairies !    ~Dhana Ragnarok
    Hello Ragnarok

  • This video has been watched over a million times.Sean Murray I
    Woah, seriously? O_o

  • Long overdue, REVENGE! -Gunthir
    We were expecting you.

  • Who's the thief? ~Hydronix
    Usually the faeries, occasionally myself. And we don't steal - we borrow for extended periods of time.

  • November 10, 2011 - Journal Entry #203 - Out of bullets, my MP3 finally died, and the Vodka is gone. I saw one of them earlier today and considered just ending it once and for all. It'd be so easy; I'd just walk out into its line of sight and say something awesome like "Choke on this!" or something like that. It'd be over within seconds. But, as it turns out, my survival instinct it too goddammed strong. Why? What is it all for? I'm just one person I have no hope of stopping them. So I do what I can. I creep along like a rat in a maze. Because isn't that what this is? Some kind of sick experiment? Dear Scientists, Your experiment is a success. When will you stop? Right. Never. You're all dead.

  • Have a poem from our resident witch, Frederica Bernkastel.

    Everyone has the right to be happy.
    The hardest part is accepting that right.

    Everyone has the right to be happy.
    The hardest part is fulfilling that right.

    I also have the right to be happy.
    The hardest part is the cost of that right.

    Liberated Liberater
    <3 I love those poems.

  • Nothing to see here. Trust your government. The government is your friend.The Government
    "Trust me, I work for the government."

  • The Ramones rock! —Sean Murray I
    They are quite neat.

  • Themey-theme! ~ betterthanstrawberry
    Oh yay! :D

  • [[lyrics time]]

In these words that crash my ears I now stomach this in fear With the turn I gathered name as the bastard's son Who by fire I would come Through this wire I might cut 'top this tower of loss and lust

I'll gravitate towards you I will, in the now, Hate you (whaooo)

I'll make you wish you hadn't burned our time before I'll live through this in a manner cursed at my own accord

If my shame spills our worth across this floor Then tonight, goodnight... I'm Burning Star IV Only I don't even think of you No, I don't want to think of you anymore Goodnight, tonight, goodbye Goodnight, tonight, goodbye

In my presence you might wake Through this fiction I must fake Your death, to grace the face of my character With these lessons he might learn All the worlds from here must burn For as God demands in the end we miss

If my shame spills our worth across this floor Then tonight, goodnight, I'm Burning Star IV Only I don't even think of you No, I don't want to think of you anymore Goodnight, tonight, goodbye Goodnight, tonight, goodbye

SPOKEN: There is no room for mistakes, my children. For as I have been is the day I die. I'm sorry I never played the part as your father, as I should have, and from the looks on your seems that's all you've ever asked of me. It is time for you to go into these worlds alone... with all of my love. I'm so sorry. I love you all so very much.

I'll make you wish you hadn't burned our time before I'll live through this in a manner cursed at my own Accord

{I don't want to go!}So come on b*tch, why aren't you laughing now? {You left me here to fend on my own!} So cry on b*tch, why aren't you laughing now?

If my shame spills our worth across this floor Then tonight, goodnight... I'm Burning Star IV Only I don't even think of you No I don't want to think of you anymore Goodnight, tonight, goodbye

Only I don't even think of you No girl, I don't want to think of you anymore Goodnight, tonight, goodbye Goodnight, tonight, goodbye.

Wowsa - I think this works as a chapter theme for my book. O_O Thank you Van!

  • From one trickster to another, I love an amusing application of Exact Words, or a fun game of Literal Genie. Why lie when you can be technically telling the truth? - Completely Normal Guy

  • I Have Vandalised your page. What ya gonna do about it? HAHAHAHA - JR Pictures
    *puts a frame around the vandalism* Collect it of course! :D

  • You and I cannot escape this.
    Well hardly with that kind of attitude, indef.

  • Ice to vandalize you ~Panctice Squade Cutterback
    Ice in summer? :O Brilliant!

  • We haven't been crossing each other's paths very much on the forums so I thought it would be nice to stop by for a second to say, "Hello" and a "Happy Holidays" on top of that and leave a video of Gary Oldman acting as Sid Vicious for no real reason. —Sean Murray I
    That would be my fault I'm afraid - internet access has been tightened somewhat. Thank you for the link though!

  • I like trains. -Test Your Might
    They are neat - especially steam ones.

  • Don't know you on the forums too well, but you tried to distract me by vandalizing my troper page. Didn't work. Also, your page makes you sound AWESOME.Sharysa
    Ahehehe, Or Did It?
    Also, thank you! ^/////^

  • Okay...I want to know kind of amazing Wikiwalk you were on - kirant
    Just across troper pages, vandalizing what I come across. A crime spree, if you will.

  • As any physical interaction between the bees and the faeries would likely be nonconstructive, I speak for them when I say "Ahoy!" Muramasan13

  • They took my keys. The faeries. I left out shiny stones and change for them to have, but they took my keys instead. Have a faerie nice day. -Aramil
    So you're the one who those keys belong to... did they happen to leave my keys over there?

  • When life gives you lemons. You say fucking thank you!!!
    Of course! What else would go with my fish and chips?.

  • Did you hear about what Gregg Williams did from 2009-2011 when he was with the New Orleans Saints? I don't like what he did at all. - AlBundyFan365

  • The faeries have now decided to take my Game Boy. I am SERIOUSLY pissed. Can I have it back, please? I kind of want to play Pokemon again. -Aramil
    Ah, the faeries are denying having it - however the gremlins are strangely tight-lipped.

  • [[redirect: American Mc Gees Alice]] Pesce d'aprile! ;) - Noaqiyeum
    It took me a moment to figure out what had happened but when I realized it I knew who the perpetrator was. XD Very good!

  • This was never... is never... will never... be here... but it won't... cannot... doesn't... remain, and you aren't... haven't... shouldn't... look at what lies beyond.
    Well, now that I've utterly failed to be cryptic, time to use the old tactics and OH LOOK A GIANT TRUCK AIRPLANE DEATHSTAR! <Steals your stapler and runs off into the MOONLIGHT, running into the sky> -[[{{Rena The Archmage Near Hat Gee March]]
    But I need that stapler! D:

  • Man, I haven't been here in, like, forever, and now I have no idea what I should say... —Sean Murray I
    Well, I have been away from the fora for a while - but hello again!

  • Your handle sparked my interest as I was raised Pagan and they believe in the existence of faeries to a certain point, so I wanted to say hi and vandalize. However note that this is my second vandalism and as such it may appear to be sloppy. Anyway, hello. I also wanted to note that this is the longest page ever and I thought you were a mod. - Shaggy
    Ah, hello and cool! :) XD It's a very nice vandalism and this is a very long page, I'll admit. :P Oh, really now? Neat! :D

  • Oh no, how'd you find where my gold at?! :O Did you uproot my tree with a backhoe? -Mobile Leprechaun

  • Longest troper page EVER. Also, I love the faeries, even when they take my shiny items.
    Nothing to see here. Nope. Move along, this definitely isn't an attempt at vandalism. ~ Telcontar
  • Greetings mortal. Are you worthy to bask in my baskiness? We'll see. ~Basker The Basking Basker

  • Should I feel sad that the faeries haven't vandalised my page yet? If so...fuck it. I can't do Gayngst, sorry. Anyway, good day to you and all faerie-kind! - Blake Diamond

  • Four Is Death. T'hehehe- -the Just Read the Instructions

  • Your page is delightfully insane. I love it. - Mr Mallard

You will stay: you cannot escape us.

fnord! I see you there Noa... We see you seeing us. :)

Collection of links which I am too lazy to find proper homes for

“And lucky for you, I got places to go, things to destroy, stuff to steal.” "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." - Nietzsche

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