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These guys make everything better. Don't you deny it.

Greetings, fellow troper(s). I come in peace...for now.

Name: Mort08.

Meaning: Mort as in the lemur from Madagascar, and '08, as in 2008, when Madagascar 2 first came out.

Location: My own little world...

Life Story In A Nutshell: Female. Quirky. Somewhat disturbed. Photographic memory. Dropped on head as baby. Comes from family that's not very big but definitely screwed up. Loner. Frequently escapes to magical world inside head populated by favorite movie characters. Likes writing. Has written original stories, one short play and fanfiction. Has read Emma, Dracula and Frankenstein just for the hell of it. Does theatre, and lots of it. MAJOR Film and Western Animation fan. Favorite movies are (almost) all kids' flicks. TVTropes ruined my life. I couldn't be happier about it.

For my Troper Wall, see here.

See the cute dragon! SEE THE CUTE DRAGON!

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    What I show examples of 

I want that ride for my 16th birthday! Inclusion of Doctor is mandatory.

    Pages I have made 

You try to kill Wallace And Gromit. You are evil. I give you moustache.note 

    Things I like a lot 

    Shameless Self Promotion