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Spooky Teen
Wow. This page is in dire need of a clean-up. Please mind the mess.

    Why Am I Here? 
I stumbled upon TV Tropes as a confused, angst-riddled youngster with a few convictions against socialization. Most of this has stayed the same. Sorry.

The short version of a long-winded, self-indulgent rant is this: I'm a mopey poet. I like long walks in the pale moonlight, incense, cuddling, being chased around in the dark by masked men, and bunnies. Pronouns are whatever (I usually use her/herself/she). You can call me Marie.

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Vandalism, AHOY!

  • Welcome and have fun here! —Morven
  • Can never have enough Canadians here! — Kirant
  • HEY YOU! Hope to see you around more often! <3 ~Bella (Yoshicookie)
  • The faeries are impressed that you beat them to a vandalization. Also your username reminds them of a friends nightmare except it was filled with kittens. XD - Stolen By Faeries
  • Hey there! You are officially part of my "Cool Rating", even though I've never met you. A Rabbit Filled Nightmare is an awesome handle. Inhopeless Guy
  • Supposedly Everything's Better With Bunnies. Mmmm...
    • Wrong-o.
  • Nightmare eh? You can fix that with some delicious cake. - Spirit