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Kino is a troper who is very sarcastic and cynical; he isn't nice.

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Tropes that apply to Kino:

Things said about Kino:

"Kino has decided being "nice" is anathema to him. He only understands strength. Do not try to politeness or kindness him into doing what you want. It doesn't work on him. Be forceful, be blunt, be honest, use evidence. He won't accept handouts, he won't give them either. And he's ready to deal with whatever the consequences of that are. I think this should be respected." -Good Guy Gregg

"Kino isn't an ass. He's a one-man social wrecking ball.". -Drunk Scribelbrian.

"O Lord Kino, help us get laid with your mighty sexy powers from among high." -Juan Carlos

"Thanks to the straight male troper and heterosexual female troper threads, I picture Kino with a drink in one hand and a gun in the other, wearing a very official looking "boob inspector" hat." -Lady Momus


"Kino is a being composed of pure sexual energy. People within a hundred-mile radius of him are incapable of being virgins simply by virtue of his presence". cool -Dan Eile

"Kino uses an asterisk to tell he's joking; I just hit the send button" -Scrye

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You screwed over the Fifth TV Tropes Writing Contest. Nice one. - -Jewelled Dragon

Well, you just go to your page, click the edit button somewhere near the top, and there you go! See, it's easy! Sorry for the vandalism, but you'll get used to it. Probably. ~ Midnight Velvet

Your cool - RobbieRottenj

VANDALISM! This page has been hit for love, for great justice, and for the freedom of Americans everywhere. ~Outta The BLAM

This page has been hit for the freedom of Americans to love realistically proportioned redheads for great justice! - Wanderlust Warrior


You mean you're not a lotto game? And to think I was going to give ten bucks! - Hungry Joe

I think Knio's a Pretty Cool Guy. eh haz secks wiht gingers and doesnt afraid of not being manly. - Diamonnes

I figure as often as we run across each other on the forums I might as well visit your page. You seem like a pretty awesome guy. - Pinata

~I LUV DON DRAPER!! SQUEE!!~ - inane242

I'm originally from NY myself. Go Big Apple! - Joerc45

I'm in NC. Now go slap some GRITS for me. They deserve it. - Completion

SURPRISE BUTTSEX! - tendollarlameo

  • It's not a surprise if I already told you to expect it.
    • But it is if he didn't tell you... *the Kenyan Rape Owl hoots* Indeed. - JHM

I keep thinking you look like your avatar, but your actual face fits too. - Leradny

  • Sexy and awesome?

The faeries are contemplating your fate. - a faerie

You seem cool. I guess. - Cutewithoutthe

Returning the favour. I like your style. We'll see where this leads us. - LittleMissSpaceMonkey

Like getting a well-deserved boot to the head. My thanks. - Hedgewolf

  • Here's to the best vitriolic best bud ever! Randomtropeloser
    • You're soooo lucky I'm drunk right now...

  • Your supreme manliness both frightens and entices me at the same time... - Tidal_Wave_17
    • You know I don't swing that way right?
    • I know, but as long as you post topless pictures every now and then, I'll get by. ^^
    • The women of TVT do need shlicking material.

Fuck bitches get money. Erock

  • True that.

I'm in your page, making it feel like Hot Topic all over again. - SunshineWerewolf

  • You mean i'm going to walk in, see a nice ass, think about fucking...then realize it's actually an emo dude?
    • Well, subtract the emo part and you're closer
    • Scene kid?
    • I'm no scene kid; I only like good post-hardcore.
    • Change that to punk rock and we might have something.

  • Fucking crazy but often in an amusing/funny way. Tuefel Hunden IV
    • Crazy is good, it's even better when other people benefit. I'm glad it's not being wasted.

  • Did you name yourself after Kino from The Pearl?
    • No; it came from the union or a Russian exchange student, vodka, a pack of Uno cards...and an awesome Russian band.
    • I can't tell if that's sarcasm. Now I feel like an idiot.
      • Surprisingly, not this time; you're idiot-free in this instance.

  • So you dig red-headed women heh? Wise choice man, wise choice. - HellmanSabian
    • Just one of many according to the gf.

  • Vandalized. Also, I gave you a Made of Forum Win point for a statement made on the "Animal rights" OTC thread. - USAF713
    • We get points now?
    • I thought we did. If not officially, you can always keep track just to prove to people that they suck so much more than you do.

  • That hat damned well better be a peaked cap - Hotel Kilo
    • But all of America's enemies have worn peaked caps!
    • What's the hat of freedom then? That freakin' beret?
    • De oppresso liber
    • So, the boonie?
    • Sure