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-Strums a guitar in silence. Badly.-


Dia duit! I'm here to leave you a little gratuitous Irish; because as we say i nGaeilge: "Ní tír gan teanga" ("There's no nation without a language") - ya bollocks ya. Sincerely, DanEile

Sup? Coffee? ~ Paladin Paul

The faeries had thought they had already vandalized this page. They wish to rectify the problem. - StolenByFaeries

Not gingers, redheads; think Christina Hendricks. - Kino

  • That'd be a ginger with fake breasts.

By virtue of being snarky and non-sparkly, I tolerate your vampire malarkey. - Sharysa

  • Wicked.

You seem fun, for a Troll. Ba Dum Tish. Cause you have a troll avatar. Get it? - Ekuran

  • Not anymore I don't. Triple goddess symbol Nuada Airgetlam Cu Chulainn FTW.

I'm awesome. Thus, you're awesome. - cutewithoutthe

This page needs moar British. But don't worry, I'm here now - SunshineWerewolf

Pre-pare for Van-dala-tory ac-tion! -desdendelle

Hey Diamonnes, what's up my fellow Boisterous Bruiser? - Darkclaw


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