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A troper obsessed with anime, video games, cosplay, art, and theater. She came across this site while looking for web-comics, and TV Tropes has proved to suck out what little social life she has bit by bit. She lives and is studying to be an actor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While she leans towards Deadpan Snarker, she and her friends tend to switch between that and Cloud Cuckoo Lander, and all of them are performers of some sort (mostly in theater).


She is prone to Entry Pimping. She has also transcribed the River Tam Sessions of Firefly in their entirety—go here if you want to see them. She also has a tendency to work on at least three projects at a time.

Pages she's made major contributions to:

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Tá Gaeilge agat? Cén fáth? Níl aon usáid as an teanga sin ar chor ar bith. Rugadh mé i gCorcaigh, agus táim i mo chónaí ann fós; rinne me dharmad a lán de mo Gailge tar éis a fhág mé mo scoil, mar bhíonn an mórchuid daoine anseo ag caint as Béarla, in ngach áit. note  - The Hero Hartmut


An cainteoir Gaeilge? Nuair a bhí tú mo shaol ar fad? XD -Dia, again.

Hi! Your trope list for your writing sounds really interesting.- Cheeseypoofs

Bonjour! Ca va? Your answer to my "Everyday Tasks Blinded and Sans Arm" thread was really helpful! I really like your trope list, also. I'm itching to learn French, in addition to the German I already take. Au revior, Mademoiselle! - Tropers/Punkreader

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Hey hey! A fellow Pinoy! :D — Liberated Liberater

Look, a Distraction!! *spraypaints wall and runs* - Stolen By Faeries

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Hi. You sound awesome, so I thought I'd drop by and say hi. Zadia

Cześć! Good luck with the actor stuff! (Ninja Smoke Exit!) Oh... wait, was I supposed to leave? Hehe... bye. (Runs) -Ysa Slayer Of Sporks

A non-Catholic Filipino? I'm surprised. Oh, BTW, greetings from the mother land. — Icarael

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