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Pinata is the internet screen name of Mythology 101 Cycle author Jeremy Frost. He has written several poems, a few short stories and a little bit of Fan Fiction under this name while waiting for the first Mythology 101 book to finally be completed. Which it isn't yet. He is also a regular contributor to Honorable Hogwarts, and is known by Pinata there too.

Much of his work can be found on Literotica.


Works that were written under the name Pinata:

  • The Sex Star: Web Serial Novel written for Literotica, currently on Chapter 13.
  • Jason Frost and the Muggle-born Revolt (work in progress): Prequel Fan Fic to Honorable Hogwarts, showing what the OCs were doing during the timeframe of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. In the Potterverse, The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized.
  • Sea Dog Cemetery: PWP story written for Literotica's Halloween contest in 2011.
  • Candy For Candy: Another Literotica Halloween contest entry. Pinata loves Halloween.
  • The Ghost Writer: The third, and final, Literotica Halloween contest entry. A serious horror story that just happens to have sex in it, rather than PWP like the other two. Drew a comparison to Stephen King in a user-posted comment.
  • Candy Everybody Wants (work in progress): Due to heavy user demand on Literotica for a sequel to Candy For Candy, Pinata is working to produce one.
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  • Happy Holidays, Damn It!: Written for Literotica's Winter Holidays Contest 2011, but delayed until January by repeated rejections (see Breaking the Fourth Wall below).
  • Ella Inseminated (work in progress): X-rated version of Ella Enchanted, being written for (what else?) Literotica. Not a contest entry.
  • Cinemark 18 May 2003: Poem posted to Literotica as well as numerous other sites, including right here on TV Tropes. Not erotic in nature.
  • No Man's Land (work in progress): New Web Serial Novel idea. Horny aliens wipe out the male population of Earth so they can have the women for themselves. It's basically Falling Skies as a porno.


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