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"I often say things like: "It's times like this I feel like I'm in high school again. Or that all my friends are probably 13-year-old girls underneath." But then I realize I'm a 13-year-old boy in a woman's body and I have no right to say anything. To anyone. Ever."
Little Miss Space Monkey, talking about her confusing life

Little Miss Space Monkey is a 22-year-old female troper with an overt fondness for dictionaries, films and science fiction. She owns an imaginary theatre where the only actor/producer/writer is herself. Miss Monkey prefers spending time in a world of her own, generally devoid of humans (unless they're there to worship her).


Troper fun facts:

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Anyone who is overcome with the urge to write graffiti should feel free to help themselves below the line.


You should be Magnificently Affable! — GethKnight
- I haven't even tried yet, and I think it's working!

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Fantastic page is fantastic, keep on keepin' on. — goodtimesfreegrog
- Fantastic page is the unintended consequence of my awesomeness. Yup, you heard me.

Rock and roll! You like Philip K Dick and that makes you gruuvy. ~BlackWolfe
- Thanks, Wolfy, so are you!

OMG YOU'RE AWESOME!! :D cutewithoutthe

- OMG ATTACK OF THE CAPS LOCK KEY! Thank you very much, my awesome brother.

Thanks for vandalizing my page, it hasn't gotten the treatment in a while. Also you seem cool even though I don't think we've actually talked. Funnyguts
- We might've exchanged a few words. Or at least I'm pretty sure I agreed with you on something a few times. Thanks!

    jcruz, Vigilante Taxonomist is fighting! 
  • The Vigilante Taxonomist punches the Crundle in the Left Eye Tooth, bruising the fat!
  • The Crundle scratches the Vigilante Taxonomist in the Right Arm, but was blocked!
  • The Vigilante Taxonomist pinches the Crundle in the Left Ear, many nerve endings has been torn!
  • The Crundle bites the Vigilante Taxonomist in the Fifth Left Toe, but the Vigilante Taxonomist evades!
  • The Vigilante Taxonomist falls into the Magma!
  • The Vigilante Taxonomist is drowning!
  • jcruz, Vigilante Taxonomist is now a Proficient Dodger.
  • jcruz, has melted!

- I'm not even gonna touch this.

- I have no skill for alliteration. But yay for liking Jane Austen and the Princess Bride :D Hkiyoteru

  • That alliteration over there was horrible, so don't feel too bad about not having any skill. :P

-Figured I'd stop by and say hey, I'll add more depending on how well we hit it off. FYI, we need to talk about our redheaded love child. -Kino

  • Our love child? I'm interested in seeing where this is going.

- It seems you run the whole show in that theatre of yours (like Buster Keaton in that movie from so-long-ago) - Amused Troper Guy


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