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Gender: Male

Location: Missouri

I know how to fence (Classical not sport or stage) and have wanted to take up archery as a hobby.

Feel free to add whatever it is you want. I guess.

Awesomely creepy avatar. And you actually stick to one unlike people like me! I have like 250 avatars in my gallery as of the time I'm writing this...anyway, hope you had a good fourth of july. Unless you aren't american, in which case I still hope you had a good day, but acknowledge the reduced probability of fireworks factoring into that. ~Katrika

; for each integer from 1 to 1000
	mov ecx, 3

	mov esi, 3
	mov edi, 5

	xor ebx, ebx	; sum

_0:	mov eax, ecx
	xor edx, edx
	div esi
	test edx, edx
	je _yes

	mov eax, ecx
	xor edx, edx
	div edi
	test edx, edx
	jne _no

_yes:	add ebx, ecx

_no:	inc ecx
	cmp ecx, 1000
	jne _0

Another Mythbusters fan 'ere! —Wartys Neryon

Best of luck on becoming a history teacher! :D —Compassionate Sadist

This page will be vandalized by Quarians. Mark my words!!!.-fringeman

GethKnight likes Cows for their haunting moos. —jcruz

Geth Knight. Qualifies. - LittleMissSpaceMonkey

Just making sure that I get here while the gettin's good. Right on time... - @Karl Kadaver

Yay! ~Dracosketch

By the power of ROGEEEEEEEEEEEEER ! ~Dhana Ragnarok

Hai. - HellmanSabian

All your Vandalisms are belong to me! - Dvdmacyoshi

For you, the day Belfagor graced your page with his vandalism will soon become the most important day in your life. But for me, it was Saturday. - Belfagor

hello ~ Who Needs Sleep