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We are your friends

Class: Euclid
Allegiance: PLATTER

Please be advised: This vigilante taxonomist shall not be confused with similarly named wights on other sites. The handle is very commonly used.

As you know, carrots are a very noisy vegetable. Do not eat carrot when operating heavy machinery. Lawyers are not friendly with carrot-based cameos. A terran lurker should eat carrots whilst curling. That's what everybody needs, eat carrots and become orange.

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     Troper Profile 

Religious Profession

  • Protestantism


  • High Master Lyer
    • Note: Subject's proficiency in manufacturing Sodium Hydroxide is a lie. Skill item is only present under the subject's request.
  • Proficient Cook
  • Dabbling Dwarfputer Engineer
  • Proficient Dwarfputer Operator
  • Proficient Dwarfputer Programmer
  • Skilled Drafter
  • Adequate Graphic Artist
  • Novice Illustrator


AlignmentNeutral Good
PropensityChaotic Neutral

Reported Illegal Troper Activities

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☢Caution☢: BUNNIES

You said something?

We do not wish to celebrate this new year
Choose your weapon carefully
You shall not pass

Evil is my favourite flavor


     Tropes Applicable 

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Memory allocated for vandalysis below the line.

    Oh btw, you should make sure you're defining your array sizes correctly ;) - jhax
    • Oh yes you are. Because of you, I suddenly look like a pathetic loner! Also, I use vectors instead of arrays! - jcruz
  • You seem pretty cool, for a member of Platter. I'm a FORKS person, myself. ~ Aliroz The Confused.
    • Yay!
  • Wraithsight here thx for the coding advice on my page, its always welcome.
    • Ohoho. Wait till you find out about Tables!
  • Mamanerd returning the graffiti love, along with a complimentary fruit basket. *Holds fruit basket aloft*
    • I SAW WHAT YOU DI— did you say fruits? Yay!
  • System.out.println("Have some Java."); //Sadly I ran out of coffee. - Bisected8
    • Getting some java... Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  • Ha! I has a troper page! And who's the one who said I can't? - jhax
    • I never said you can't.
  • So, even though I found it already, thanks for the link to Writer's Block, it really helps when I'm attempting to go to my conversations. - Tre
    • You're welcome!
  • Godot Was Here
    • Weh? Really? Where?
  • Us Liberal Artisans will rule the world!!!! - iamdatroper
    • For the Revolution!
  • I be sharing the vandalism love back at you. - Balmung
    • うるさい! *slap* That still doesn't mean we're sweethearts! *blush*
  • The Faeries made me do it. - StolenByFaeries
    • No, not Cirno!
  • This is vandalism. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. —a Legendary Vandal
    • On the item is an image of a Troper. On the item is an image of a Troper Page. The Troper is laughing. The Troper Page is making a plaintive gesture. This artwork relates to the creation of sgrunt's masterful rendition of Magicpants the Butcherpeacefulness by jcruz.
  • Where am I? What's going on? Am I real? Is it me, John Wayne?Is it you? - OrangeSpider
    • Oh no! It's an existential nightmare all over again!
  • Fellow Pinoy FTW! :D -Nekoalexa
    • \(^o^)/
  • You sound really cool. ~ Braincogs
    • ...But if you take a thermometer, my core temperature is actually around 43 degrees celsius, which is a little bit warm in my opinion.
  • Hey hey hey... hey. -Shadow Bender
    • Yo yo yo... yo!
  • I AM JOHN GALT!! Well, no. And I'm thankful for it. - Amused Troper Guy
    • Who?! Oh wait, I thought you were Doctor Caligari.
  • I approve of your forum signature. :D —Harpsichord
  • Hello, Troper Jcruz. So I herd u liek cerebrospinal fluids, eh? Why not sample my medulla oblongata instead? - DL
    • Eh. I don't like medullas. They taste like involuntary muscular functions. Well, not really. I'm lyeing. I love medullas!
  • Hello jcruz. I LIKEZ FOOWD —Eternal Noob
    • Foowd?! No! My one weakness! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
  • The Great Mineralizator was here. He mineralized some organic tropes. BAMF! - Belfagor
    • Hmmm... I guess I could weaponize some inorganic tropes...
    • I hope that limestone was enough. Could you add some tropes on my wall in change? Please?
    • Space Whale Deployed.
  • For Love and Honour! -Naoe Kanetsugu
    • Foreach Love as Honour
      • Do print Honour in string form
  • hello there! i was just browsing through the troper pages. hi. -Passerby