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  • Vandalization complete. -Mr. Pastry
    • Reply complete.
  • Hello. Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
    • Hello. I'm more of a tea bloke myself.
  • *Divebomb page* ~betterthanstrawberry
    • Oi! Watch where you're diving!
  • Hey Hellman! Just a postin' here to give the vandalism page more love! —Earl of Sandvich
    • Much obliged!
  • Ooh! OOH! TURGA!Snicklin
    • Yay?
  • Vandalism done! And you can't do anything about it! -Spirit
    • Goddamn it. You sneaky cake.
  • I could have sworn I vandalized your page... >Puts up a Lamento poster< Soundtrack is great! -Enkufka
    • Well you have now. I'll have to check it out sometime.
  • The faeries were astonished to find that they hadn't vandalized this page, Hellman Sabian the Cuddler. The situation has been rectified... with cuddles! - StolenByFaeries
    • Aw, thanks.
  • 6,7,7.5,8,(9),10,10.5,11,12,12.3,15,42,300,1337,9000,9999,31337,99999. Miss any? - TARDISES
    • Too many to count.
    • Don't worry, I don't think anyone ever will.
  • Hey, listen, if I ever die, I want you to take me to see the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden one last time, just like this.Sean Murray I
    • I'll try mate. No promises.
  • Jinjoman says hi. He also wants your flesh.
    • Hey, I'm still wantin' that flesh of yours.
      • I like my flesh where it is, thank you. On both counts. :D
  • I'd have something witty and humorous to say here, but right now I'm just wondering how I missed this page for so long. -Phoenixor
    • No need, "better late than never" I always say.
  • You were nice at the role play and you are still nice at the cuddlepile :3 ~Spooky Mask
    • You're quite welcome Spooky.
    • Good lord.
  • Do you have a sister? -Kino
    • No, I don't I'm afraid.
  • du-dud-d-du-du!
    This is for you!
    Sabian, a guy who's cool,
    Deadpan snarker,
    Brillant for laughter!
    Pretty smart too,
    If I want an open ear,
    I have you, sitting right here! ~ You know who writes the songs.
    • Are you here all week?
  • Wait... wait...? TWO SONGS?! YOU LUCKY SON OF A BI... I know a guy called Sabian,
    His name rhymes with Kasabian,
    And he likes them.
    I find him to be a very sweet guy,
    Always happy and kinda fly,
    He's offbeat, I guess,
    His intellect works so hard, it never rests,
    I'm sure he's pretty humourous,
    Although his wit is dry,
    If he were to go, we would all cry. -Inhopelessguy
  • Ailedhoo was not here. This is not vandalism. It is a duck. -Ailedhoo
  • Jarate to da face!!! ~raigakuren
    • Gross. Thanks.
  • Here. Again. Woohoo. InhopelessGuy
    • Why so grumpy old chum?
  • The Lord of Shadows graces this page.
    • My page is honoured.
  • >attempts to pickpocket your supply of Septims< -Enkufka
    • Oi, stop that!
  • Wooo! - Wagrid
    • Right back at you.
  • *poke* I vandalized. So satisfying. >:} - whataboutme
    • I'm glad you got enjoyment out of it!
  • You can't be that boring if you're here. - Amused Troper Guy
    • Maybe, maybe not. At least until someone bring in a measurement for dullness.
  • You have been chosen. Accept this vandalization. -Crimson Zephyr
    • I accept.
  • What? Don't mind me. I'm only here for the steak. And your valuables... - Wolfenmaus
    • I got my eye on you. O_-