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2024, 3 years after going from a tiefling player to tiefling cosplayer!
2021, when I decided to get back into cosplay for my tiefling D&D characterClick to see 
Mother's Day, 2019Click to see 
How I rang in 2016Click to see 
My contribution to Christmas 2014Click to See 
My contribution to Christmas 2013Click to See 

Just some English 90's girl with bleach blonde hair, hailing from the Midlands. Her hobbies include: Gaming (mainly of the computer and video variety, occasionally D&D), Cosplay and Baking.

Photos of various baked goods can be found on my DeviantArt account.

I stream games on twitch Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays here!

For me-related tropes and vandalism, here's my Troper Wall~!

Yes, that's me in my avatars.

Now in moderator flavour!

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     Articles launched by Bisected (If you make an edit on these, I'll probably be scrutinising it) 



Playing With Wiki:


     Favourite Works 
Anime and Manga


  • The Goon - A mob enforcer vs. zombies. As sensible as it sounds.
  • Watchmen - Super heroes deconstructed...thirty-five minutes ago.



Video Games

Web Comics and Web Original