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And this is my Troper Wall for Vandalism!


I over-dared myself. Yeah ! ~Dhana Ragnarok
Kikoo. Yup, I dared. ~Dhana Ragnarok
I'm so iconoclastic; I'm clastic!
I only want you to think I'm fantastic.
I'll participate in what you believe,
If you give me the attention!
Yeah, yeah that's the only compensation
I wanna be included in your conversation.
- "Things That Rhyme With Orange" - I Set My Friends on Fire.

Pictures of moi: Here.

And with my brand-new beret: Here.

You know my face. Let's begin. Just... ignore... the next little bit.

I don't know that I'm doing this correctly, but this is vandalism! :P ~ ArsThaumaturgis


¡Hola! ~MrsRatched

By the Admins! This place is a wreck. Just like home.

Whadefu are you guys doing? I... I... THIS IS A DISGRACE! You're not attacking each other hard enough!

(NOTE: If you want to vandalise the page by entering this little battle here, you can. Start at the bottom, and work up. Thank you!)

Hi there! Nice to meet you! Nice quote. :) Punkreader

I wanna start on top. ~theindefiniteone

Oh noes! More page-topping vandals! — Liberated Liberater

INSANITY WILL PREVAIL !! (Sorry Hopey, by the way) ~Dhana Ragnarok

Curse you, Ragnarok! Not really. Yes, really. No, not really. Hi Hopey! -Dalexterminate

Death to all PANDAS !! (That includes you, Dalek !) ~Dhana Ragnarok

Take that, Ragnarok! -Dalexterminate Oh, and hi, Hopey!

FABULOOOOOUS Vandalization ~Dhana Ragnarok

I vandalized the top of the page! Now that's vandalism. -Dalexterminate

Hi again! -Dalexterminate

The balance between hope and despair must remain at zero. — Liberated Liberater

Jefferson Lives! - deathpigeon

YOU DONT PLAY DOTA?!?!?!?!!?!!!!! me neither. ~Baff

You're a MILF -ImAbove

I'm giving you a hug -Hugs- ~Vyctorian

I still can hear the countdown/It is the final call!/I want it higher to get into his sight... -DarkDestruction


Your posts confuse, terrify and entertain me. I LIKE YOU! ~Alma

What the fu...? Damn kids... Ignore that, reader. Please... ignore it.

HANDLE Inhopelessguy.

NICKNAMES IH. IHG. Inhopeless. Hopeless. Hopey or Hope. Actually, I like Hopey/Hope the best.

Age I have a National Insurance card; leave it at that. I was born in 1995. (aka i'm a fetus~) - FEDORA!

GENDER Male. And metrosexual. NOT GAY! DEFINENTELY NOT GAY! METROSEXUAL! HETEROSEXUAL! Fedora? With the heter... never mind

LANGUAGES English. Native language. Street colloquialism. I have a B-grade in French. That's more French than the average Briton. And Bengali, which is my parents' tongue, and know nothing about.

RACE My parents are Bangladeshi. I would consider myself European or British.

POLITICAL VIEWS Socialist with a tolerance for capitalist interests. i.e. a Capital Socialist.

TWITTER @Peacock_Hopey. Or go here:!/Peacock_Hopey

LIVEJOURNAL Keywords: Inhopeless or

LOCATION Central Birmingham in the nation-state of the UK, of the grand European Union. (GPS decimal co-ords 52.49 (long.) -1.89 (lat.))

ANYTHING ELSE? Oh, I also have a mobile phone, a facebook, Steam, an Xbox Live a 'Skype [Skype ID: inhopeless]. If you want, I can add you to my contacts on any of these; just ask. :D

I have an affection for cake.(Indef? <sigh>) - (NO FEZ.) But, like other Tropers, likes TV, and music.

GENRES LIKED * Music: Pop-punk, post-hardcore,

  • TV:comedies (esp. sitcoms) and quiz/panel shows.

If someone made a huge combo of those, then I'd pay to see it. - (Very nice Neko.) Stop vandalising the vandalism, Fez

HANGS OUT IN You can find me within the the confines of Forum Games... playing forum games. I'm cool with them.I also mix things up in several threads in Yack Fest. I will comment on anything. ANYTHINNGGGG! If I'm not there, you'll find me being opinionated on several issues in On-Topic Conversations. Very opinionated.

So... that's me. The bits you need to know anyway. Hello, and welcome dear reader. I assume, you are much like me - a popular-culture nerd, am I correct? Well, that's cool.

I may seem very off-the-wall, absent-minded, silly and rather immature, but don't let that fool you; I'm a frickin' badass when it comes to debates and discussions of great intellectual capacity. I will happily go from discussing the progress of gay rights in a feminist post-modernist context to the simplicity of wondering about orange chocolates.

Did I mention I am the only Briton to solely use metric in real life? Everywhere? I'm that pro-Europe.

I write really good songs. (Thank you again, Indef!) - AGAIN? Fez.... Has a 12MiB folder on my harddrive full of self-written songs. I've even dubbed myself TV Tropes's on-the-spot songseamster. Because I do. The amount of songs I pour out of my head in a week amazes even me. It is my true talent. I had a notebook full of poems and witty limericks that I had written during my school time or times I got bored, but some jackass stole it.

Dislikes London. I don't know why. And the fish don't fryyyyyy in the kitchunnnnn. - <sigh> Fedora...


NO, Fez. Just no. But thanks for the song...

  • "That is awesome." - IRL and on site,
  • "You Die" - Self-created meme on the site.
  • "I'm European/Asian/British. It works like that." - On the site.
  • "Whoa. My. God." - On something so surprising
  • "<NOSEBLEED>/<SUPABLUSH>" - On seeing things and girls that arouse me
  • "I have friends in X. It will be done."
  • "Oh. OH. OH!!" - on steadily realising certain things
  • "Give me two words, and a subject. Now." - said before writing on-the-spot poetry


Go ahead. Vandolise. Inventive curse words and ASCII art are appreciated. Use British English. Those are the only constraints. Fez. You goddamn...

This work contains examples of:

  • Bond One-Liner - Esp. used in videogames where an enemy is defeated or killed or whatever.
IH: Take that to heaven, bitch.
Brother: You do know that car is fictional, right?
IH: Take that, BRAH!
Friend: Dude. You just stabbed me with a fricking compass.
  • Waxing Lyrical - Well, with over 15GiB of music, It's kinda hard not to.
  • Creator Breakdown - Subverted. Has a stupidly high tolerance of taking crap. However, one day...
  • Break the Cutie - Not a cutie (although thinks self to be), but has gotten this several times on a daily basis from friends.
  • Berserk Button - Do not step in front of the television when something good is on. Just don't.
  • Asian and Nerdy - As in South Asian. Not Oriental. But, yes, extremely nerdy.
Friend: The PS Move has two controllers!
IH: Oh, like a bi-directional input system.
Friend: Great, you just ruined it by making it more nerdier than before.
  • Angrish - Damn, I stubbed my finger on the A button. How the fu...
  • Elevator Escape - Well, subverted. I wanted to get out of the lift instead.
  • Mr. Exposition - Does a lot of this to people who ask me 'so what are you doing?'
  • Eagleland - A mixture of both flavours. Essentially, all Americans speak like a surfer, a hillbilly, or a New Yorker. Nobody walks, everyone solves crime on-the-fly, guns are as a staple as bread, and have terrible healthcare.
  • Traveling at the Speed of Plot -
IH: Dude! I need to get home on the bus! To the bus stop! <ten minutes> The bus is here. <daydream a little> I'm home! Wait, what?
  • Brilliant, but Lazy. I'm in the top percentile of the West Midlands county in terms of IQ, but yet... still lazy. Just look at these tropes. Non-alphabetisised.
  • Perpetual Smiler. Oh yeah...
  • Nice Guy. So nice.... my tolerance of shit is pretty high.
  • Rapid-Fire Typing. I once managed to type really fast on one keyboard at a rate of about 50wd/s. I hate laptop keyboards, and flat keyboards. The keys don't work as well as raised keyboards.
  • Deadpan Snarker. I've always imagined myself as the one guy in the background making snide remarks.
Friend: C'mon Hopey! I'm sure you'll be perfect for the job of being a loser.
IH: *under his breath* Wow. I knew I should've made friends with psychopaths. They're more sympathetic.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander. Oh dear god. Even on the forums, my thoughts are often outlandish, non-sequiturs, and one time...
  • Precision F-Strike. On the internet more than in real life. I once not swore in Real Life from the years of 1995 to 2008. And I haven't sworn in Real Life for about... a week. On here? As of 10.07am (BST) on 12-JUL-11, 45 minutes.
  • Cool Car. Well, I can't drive, but my mother has a Mercedes A-Class and my dad a Nissan Primera. The Primera has a pretty banging stereo system.
  • Neutral Good. I consider my morals to be the most absolute thing. However, if a bigger moral dilema needs to be solved - and breaking a smaller one helps it, then that is fine. E.g. I do not lie. However, if I must not disclose the location of X, then I will lie about the location of X, because to me, that is the morally right thing to do. I will follow the rule of law to the letter. I will comply with regulations, rules, as long as my personal freedoms are not violated.
  • The Ditz. Often. I often get so-called 'blonde moments'. I have black hair, and I'm a guy.
  • Bilingual Bonus. I managed to get one of my cousins a better deal on something because I realised what the French shopkeeper was talking about.
  • Engaging Conversation. Yeah... Not actually said 'Marry me', but y'know, stupid things are said in the heat of the moment. Oh yeah, I said 'I love you'. Fu...
  • Curse Cut Short.
What the fu..WARRGGH! - I tripped over a wire when someone came out at school.
  • Reading the Stage Directions Out Loud. <nosebleed> <sigh> and <yawn>. You can guess why.
  • Product Placement. Oh... so much. I am a walking billboard! I can also guess most slogans of TV adverts.
  • Mistaken for Gay. My metrosexuality (i.e. camp straight) means that people assume my effeminate nature means that I am gay. I'm not. Which explains the bit of e-screaming at the top of the page.
  • Camp Straight. See above. I'm metrosexual.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome. On here, on the Compliment the Above Troper thread, I managed to compliment people in song, street colloquialism, French and English. I combined all of them, and I got a pretty good result.
    • There are more. Of course.
  • Totally Radical. Here's a list of colloquialism I throw around.
    • Whatevs/Whenevs.
    • Redics. (short for rediculous)
    • Totes.
    • Kick. (Short for kick-ass)
    • Sweet.
    • Aweso. (short for awesome)
    • To Parr

    Tropes about me, added by others (regardless of whether it is in the above section or not) 

     Song/Album/Band Names and Lines from Songs That Apply to Me 
  • >page qoute<
  • "Attractive Today" - Motion City Soundtrack
  • "If I Cut My Hair Hawaii Will Sink" - Chiodos
  • "Talking to the Walls" - Finger Eleven
  • "Another Boy" - Midtown
  • REPETITION! REPETITION! REPETITION! - "The Cheval Glass" - Emery
  • Can you relate, can you keep up the pace? - "Blackout" - Breathe Carolina
  • This won't stop, until I say so! - "Blackout" - Breathe Carolina
  • "Medicating" - Boys Night Out
  • "Recovering" - Boys Night Out
  • I'm a little more than useless.../And you promise me I'll get through this. "More than Useless" - Relient K.
  • "I'm The Only Person to Take It Personal" - Breathe Carolina

    Song Tropes 

The following Tropes have not occured to be real and are instead based upon observations... of TV

     Hopey's Songs [Please Add Own Links]... 

    Goddamn Recommendations 

    QUOTES - (please add your own) 

    TV and other Media I like 

    Films I like 

    Hopey's Seven Acts 

    Other music 

     People Who I've Written Songs For (Please add your name if I have) 

     People who have written poetry for me. 
  • Inhopelessguy (207) (1) in Vandalism
  • Oh yeah... damn freeloading <grumble grumble>
  • Rena The Archmage (2) - Other poem in Vandalism
    • The thing is, from what I can tell,
      You've exhausted the whole of your idea well.
      See, writing isn't something you can do from nine to five,
      It's not something that you can force, no matter how you strive.
      It's a natural release of ideas and of rhyme,
      But it's all about sitting down to write at the right time.
      So don't attempt to force a poem to jump onto the page,
      Wait for it to come to you, rather than scream and rage.
  • Sean Murray I (in Vandalism)
  • Aralyn (in Vandalism)
  • theindefiniteone (in Vandalism) This is also Shameless Self-Promotion. :D
  • Dhana Ragnarok
    • Look ! In the street
      There's a girl passing by
      She's quite cute, looks a little bit shy
      Red everywhere, won't you stop that Nose Bleed ?
      Now sing this along, to caramelDANCIN' !!

Vandalism/(For the love of... Fez? AGAIN?)

I came to your page with something so say,
And I don't mean to be overpraising.
But I've been reading your poems,
And they're all, like, totally amazing!
Sean Murray I (a love song) Thanks man.

  • You've been vandalized! - Premonition45 Uh-huh. And tell me, when did your mother take away your first pencil?

  • Spaces are empty. Spaces are meant to be empty. They are lonely beings. ~The Indefinite One NOT WHEN I PARK IN THEM!

  • I am about to fall asleep (and I have no idea why I just told you that) but I am vandalizing yo page. HOLD ME BACK HOLD ME BACK HOLD ME BACK ~Junfez Say what?

  • I haven't been here yet? A pity. You're cool. ~Milos Stefanovic I'm cool? Me? My friend, I am not your mirror.

  • I'm also pro-Europe. Well, more of pro-Germany...but I admire you Europeans! ~European Wannabe Thanks.

  • -blasts page with a building at 40000 kph- ~Liberated Liberater Ow. Ow. I'm sueing.

  • Rock on fellow socialist - gingerninja666 SOCIALISM IS THE WAY!

  • I have no poem. I am a bad poet. ~The Bad Poet That's rivalling me, mate.

  • NEED A SONG DISPENSER HERE! - Orange Spider <pop>.

  • Leningrad, Berlin Wall, March on Rome, Byzantium's fall. Lightning war, Dresden night - maybe you'd like that song. ~theindefiniteone Never heard of it.

  • MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! I have vandalised your page >:D - A Crack In Time AND I HAVE YOURS! TAKE THAT!


  • Color, armor, favor, "quotations", Mr., Mrs. HAHAHAHA! You're foolish British grammar and spellings- MANGLED! ~Kexruct Damn ye.

  • I'm in ur pages, vandalizing ur pages. ~raigakuren Uh-huh. So, your father? He loved to play video games too?

  • In case anybody wants/needs the original German lyrics for "Ode to Joy":
Freude, schöner Götterfunken,
Tochter aus Elysium!
Wir betreten feuertrunken,
Himmlische, Dein Heiligtum.

Deine Zauber binden wieder,
Was die Mode streng geteilt,
Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
Wo Dein sanfter Flügel weilt.
->That Human

I'm in ur pages, vandalizing ur pages...again. ~raigakuren I get deja vu...

Ohai, I breaks ur windoez -Kuro Fox Damn. I'm not paying for that.

The new message appearing on your page,
Only in the last few seconds made,
Has not just your page only vandalized,
But abused and pulverised,
The credibility of your poetic genius by deliberately disobeying the rules of structure of limericks.
... Thanks for the poem by the way :D ~Aralyn Its A-OK!

  • i have squiggly glasses and everyone is jealous of it = CommanderObvious Damn ye...

  • I am so writing you a free-verse poem. Because rhyming poetry kills me.
    He weaves these songs
    Carefully, for they are fragile
    Lines and words and rhymes and emotion
    Fulfilling all.

Inspiration then strikes
There is a song to write
Words to flow and to sing
Humanity in verse.

~theindefiniteone Wow. That's pretty kick.

  • I appear before you once more,
    How many times now? I think it's four.
    But hear me out if you please,
    For my poetry laced with cheese.
    I'm well aware that you have so much,
    And that simple rhyming is my crutch,
    But though you've got poems out the wazoo,
    One more can't hurt, or maybe two.
    So here I go, not with the flow,
    Did I mention this was just the prologue?

Oh Maiden of the Border, dressed up in red,
The fate of a land rests on your head.
Do you realize the weight on your shoulders,
Even as Hell's flame smolders?
To protect and serve, your foes and your friends,
You are the one on which all depends.
Maiden in White, are you aware,
That the red-white cloth that hangs from your hair,
Is much more than simple decoration,
Or festive clothing used in celebration.
They represent your commitment to life,
And the courage to press on through all strife.
-RenaTheArchmage Hooolleeee crap...

  • Neck snaped!- GearLeader <throws Ford Focus at you> TAKE THAT!

  • :-p -Strange Dwarf <poke>

  • i can see you

  • Let me interest you with a random song:
    They're Pinky and The Brain
    Yes, Pinky and The Brain
    One is a genius
    The other's insane.
    They're laboratory mice
    Their genes have been spliced
    They're dinky
    They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
    Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
    Yours truly, The One. ... Whut.

  • I used on of your poems on my quotes page. That's cool, right? ~ That Human Its A-OK, Homa.

  • If I ever get that condition that changes your accent, I hope it is a British accent. ~ SonicGTR That's cool, bro!

  • You've been very polite toward me. That's nice of you. Wait... isn't vandalism usually negative? Uh... grr! *runs away* - Dalexterminate COME BACK!

  • Here's hoping the bloody stupid rioters don't get you, we've still got that Infected thread to do. Steventheman I can deal with Infected. I can deal with rioters. See ya soon!

  • What the above troper said, except I have no idea what thread you guys are talking about. ~Enzeru Thanks.

  • Can you fly?Liberated Liberater Wish I could...

  • sorry am I bleeding blood from my nose onto your page? -raigakuren AH CRAP! CLEAN UP OVER HERE!

  • My socialist-capitalist-Coca Cola-welfare state-undecided friend, your politics are confusing. But endearing. Kind of. (I jest, I jest, you know we all love you). :D — USAF713 Thanks, USAF.

  • How you love, how could you, Mr. Man-of-the-Year? Walking tall, with nothing to fear. — Liberated Liberater We get it. You like Fallout Boy.

  • Hel-lo~ in-hope-less-guy. Ya seem so shy. Glad to see you're all right, and all your rhymes are tight. Good luck trying to squeeze a rhythm outta that. Damn ye.

UMINEKO HIJACKLiberated Liberater



I love invading white space. ~theindefiniteone
  • I'm still waiting for my poem, Hopey. :P ~ boyob13
  • I don't have a poem too, Hopey. :-( - Shad

"From Moddeir with... power! -Ailedhoo
  • Vote for Max at the next election!
  • All your bases are belong to us!
  • Whatever doesn't kill Rory Williams makes him stronger. Whatever does kill Rory Wiliams also makes him stronger. Just thought you might like to know. -Logan Locksley
  • Hi there bro! O,O ~dracosketch
  • HEY-O! ~theindefiniteone
  • This page now has 25.1293% more pterodactyls than it did before I vandalized it.
  • I was a bigger fan of the Punk Goes Metal compilation from back in the day. —Sean Murray I
  • Am I a Red Onnie or a Blue Onnie? —a vandal
  • For the last time... on second thought I think I made my point. Bowser
  • wait, Radox used vandalize! Radox has left shampoo suds all over the page!!! It's very clean!!!
    • Rivux whipped out his Vandalize Hammer! Rivux DECIMATED this portion of the page!!!
  • Hello, you will be assimilated into the great Penis Hivemind. ~Yours Truly, Promtetheus136
  • Hello, you have been assimilated into the great Copy-Paste-the-above-vandal Hivemind. ~Dhana Ragnarok
  • Hello. Someone has set us up the bomb. Ailedhoo
  • Hello, you will be targeted by an Overly Long Gag. ~theindefiniteone
  • I cannot, yet I must. How do you calculate that? At what point on the graph do "must" and "cannot" meet? Yet I must, but I cannot! —Sean Murray I
  • It would be so nice if you wrote just a little song about me. The gratitude of a Lawful Evil troper is not to be underrated. - Belfagor
  • -glomps- —Grey
  • October 24, 2011 - Journal Entry #178 - I killed one of them this morning. I won't go into the stategy behind it suffice to say that shooting them actually works. Who knew? Their ichor reeked and made me puke. It's sticky as all hell and I got some of it on my hands. It's damn-near impossible to wash it off. The only thing I found that works is gasoline, and that's pretty hard to come by. My hand still smells like them, and I can't make it go away. I wonder if they can smell it, too. It's probably drawing them to me as I write this. I can hear the shuffling of their footsteps just on the other side of the wall. If I find a doorway, I think I'll try killing some more. What the hell? I got 5 more shots. No guts, no glory, right?
  • BING!Sean Murray I

  • Maxi all over this pad! -Uberwitch
  • So i herd u take Liberal Arts. raigakuren
  • Yarr!! I be vandalizin' yer page like a pirate. - Completely Normal Guy
  • Who reads the papers? -Ailedhoo
  • anyone order a Reigun? -Pink Heart Chainsaw
  • RAINY DAY!!!!Sean Murray I
  • Why is there vandalism on the top and bottom. IS IT A SANDWICH!!! I hope there's bologna! ~raigakuren
  • So basically here I am vandalizing the page of this cool British dude because of some forum game, and I start thinking: What is the point of all this? Is it just a simple game, or is there something more? Does someone benefit from this, or was it just something that happened? And then I realize that maybe I'm over-thinking things, and I should just enjoy myself. - Completely Normal Guy
  • So...
Rain patters
Like the tears of a dying god
My coffee is cold.
It is cold and it's just terrible. ~ Aralyn
  • Have you ever confused the past and future, and found yourself talking to someone only to realize, "I shouldn't be talking about that. It hasn't happened yet." You know, spoilers and all? - Completely Normal Guy
  • Whenever you think of me, I want you to think of this.Sean Murray I
  • Well, aren't you popular? Thanks for being such a cool troper. - DL
  • At first I was like all -_- but then I was all /)^3^(\! ~raigakuren
  • The original Punk Goes Pop (I love this track!) —Sean Murray I
  • You play Dot A? o.o —Liberated Liberater
  • So I hear they're remaking The Incredible Mr. Limpet now. —Sean Murray I
  • Damit you have loads of vandalism. Can I have some? —Silasw
  • You don't love me, you only love my nationalisisisisism D: Which is okay because we're fucking awesome.whizzerd
  • Duh... Duh... DaDuhDuhDuh Duh Duh, Duh... Duh... DaDuhDuhDuh Duh Duh, Duh... Duh... DaDuhDuhDuh Duh Duh DING DONG DEE DEE...Sean Murray I
  • Oi! Oi! Oi!Tre
  • Holy tropes, Batman! Look at the amount of stuff on this page! ~Rockonman
  • HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN HERE YET?! Well, I am now. Here, have an ochestra! -leaves one behind- ~ GameSpazzer
  • This page shall take me days to crawl out of again ~PhoenixdaughterAM
  • So WASSSSUUPPP. - JR Pictures
  • VA VA VA VA VA VA VA VA VA VANDAL! ~raigakuren
  • -glomps while giving you some tea- -Grey
  • Hi. ~Rockonman
  • For whatever reason I felt a strong urge to put high-quality vandalism on your page. No idea why. Eventually I was able to ignore that urge and put this mess of words here instead. - Completely Normal Guy
  • Do you find yourself plagued by unfathomable mysteries? Then you require one of Cherryforth’s pocket Victorian detectives! Find your keys in a flash! Solve country house murders! 21st Century attitudes and values not included. Get your pocket detective, today! Cosmic Chinchilla
  • hey. Hey. HEY. -catches someone's attention- Uh...well...Mindy Cohn called, said she wants her movie career back? Haha, snap? -slides out of view- ~Aralyn
  • SURPRISE FOOL! Nah how you've been? - Steventheman
  • Hopey! *tackles violently in an attempt to glomp* Whoops :/ -That One Guy Named X
  • Greetings. Have some brownies. Belle
  • I WILL KILL YOU, IF IT MEANS GETTING THAT BERET!- [[Tropers//Eternal noob Fried Nachos]]
  • I refuse to use British English. Potato Chip. French Fries. Color. Exercise. Cookies. - Physical Stamina

  • Both the bottom and the top of your page are mine (almost)! MWAHAHA! ~Dhana Ragnarok

  • I enjoy your gayness. -Shaggy

  • Stay awesome! Wow, can't believe I haven't vandalized yet. xD - kay4today

  • poopbutt AikoHeiwa

  • Here's another vandalization. Note that you are one of my favorite people in the entire world, ranking up with my mother, my best friends Mary and Michael, Jesus, John Lennon, the Dalai Lama, Siddhartha Gautama, Gandhi, and X.

  • I shall vandalise this page like a gentleman! *sips tea* Oh wait I'm not a man...~WendytheCreeper

  • How come it took so long to vandalize? Anyways, enjoy! ~DiurnalBrocolli


  • I come with VANDALISM! *spray paints with pretty colors* ~Explosivo25

  • Rainbow vandal! -Indigo12ash
    • Dammit, colors don't work... You're still my favorite British metrosexual.

  • Okay, son, clean your room and I'll give you sweeties. -Sixy

  • Hello first person to vandalize my page ~Phantom1

  • A vandalism for my son/brother/nephew/uncle! -The Mike

  • (Is crushed by vandalism)Ow..-Xiphos Orochi 666


  • I actually realized it would be weird if you didn't TYPE IN ALL CAPS :D -Mokona Zero

  • hello. Passerby

  • So. Here's a word of advice from Yoko Ono. *The More You Know. —0dd1.

  • Hewwo, new fwend. 'Tis Jasmin here, your new mother-sister. :3 -Nerd Bird

  • Vandalized with extreme awesomeness! - Quag15

  • Hey there. Alphonse Brown called. He wants his Mongolian back. ~Dhana Ragnarok

  • A wild Sixy appeared. Wat do? 


  • HEY YOU, I THINK I KNOW YOU TOO, HEY HEY, HEY YOU *Nuzzles* Mraow - Kumatomo