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Fond of music, maths, Latin (and various other languages, but Latin's the only one I currently study), and, of course, literature.

Has a Tumblr.


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  • Hello strange book affiliated person. ~ Tuefel
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    • Salve! I am glad to meet a fellow Latinate!
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    • Well, now you are. :D Hmm, maybe now most of exams are done I can expand it. -hugs-
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    • Aw, thank you! And likewise :)
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  • -Sacks Rome- -Twice- -Exelixi
    • Ladies and gentlemen, my girlfriend.
  • You are one of the only people following my ridiculously slow-to-update blog. That kind of rocks my socks. All the best to you.—JHM
    • Awesome. And it's a very interesting blog!
  • 200 points for getting my Poppy Day avatar reference! -Best Of
    • Aaaaand points mean prizes!
  • And further points for what I can only assume is an I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue reference XD ~Slendy
    • Yes, yes it is.
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