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Holy Crap it's me.


Good [time of day here] to you. I'm Slendid Suit.

I first created this page about... four years ago now and am older, wiser, drunker. Actually somewhat baffled that I decided to come back, in all honesty.

I like a number of things in terms of music, games, TV and what-have-you, so here's a list in no particular order:

To name but a few.

In other news, I'm small and skinny and English. I recently graduated in Journalism and Creative Writing at Uni. Or Creative Writing and Journalism, depending on whom I want to impress. I am now studying an MA in Amsterdam.

If I have an alignment, I would suggest Lawful Neutral with delusions of Chaotic Good.

I was involved in the forum RP Justice Avengers, wherein I played a Rule 63'd version of the Golden Age Sandman, a character I'm immensely proud of.

I also have Steam! Gimme a PM if you want to play some TF 2 or Borderlands or something.

    Tropes I feel apply to me: 

  • Aloof Big Brother: I'm the oldest of four. I wish I was this more often, to be honest.
  • Buffy Speak: Philosophically speaking. I'm very much of the opinion that if somebody needs to use a fuckton of technical jargon to explain something, they clearly don't understand what they're on about too well.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: I was first introduced on our Student Radio station as "This is Slendid Suit, Slendid, please don't swear." Which is probably some sort of indicator.
  • The Lancer: my preferred role. Fuck being the lead character, awful things happen to that guy.
  • The Role Player
  • Precision F-Strike: Often used when I want to emphasise that some information is either particularly important or interesting. A trait picked up from my father.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: I'll zig-zag back and forth between erudite and uncouth in a matter of seconds.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: I will never not believe that humans are awesome and anyone is capable of bringing out the best in humanity. This is in conflict with my otherwise cynical and atheistic attitudes to a lot of stuff. Go figure.

    Tropes You feel apply to me: 

Things that feed my narcissism:

If I make any meaningful contributions to the site, they will go below this current sentence. Hi.
What's that? There is one now? Eh, not really. But I am technically the reason that These Very Forums is now a redirect. So bully for me.
Tel: Another thing! You have reached Level Two in being a Quotable Person, following your words being preserved in forum sigs. Here is a line spoken by Slendid the Splendid in Troper Updates:

I have just written a poem about a monster. Because sod it, I like monsters.

    Goodness Gracious a thing to Vandalise 

I'm the first vandal! -Diurnal Brocolli

  • *Gleefull Squee*

Ab excessum Augusti divi -the Xenophobe

Oh dear, it appears as though I have spilt my tub of vandalism all over your page. Sorry! — Peaceful Apocalypse

  • Urg, that shit's horrendous to clean up. Gets in all kinds of weird places.

Your page has been hit with COLOR! ~Telcontar

    • Yeah... this is a total non-sequitur now.
Hello Slendy! I'm in your page doing stuff! :D -Hopeless Daydreamer
  • Oh no! ...wait, I don't have a problem with this. Enjoy your stay!
  • Hi. - Hachiko
    How did you get in here... Hi Hachiko :P
    • I wondered why you never wrote on my wall. XD - Hachiko
  • I HATH ENTERED. HELLO. [[Inhopelessguy
    • Entered you hath. Congratulations.
  • Hello! Libris Dedita
    • -nods- 'sup.
  • Even you have the ol' idealistic and cynical conflict? Well, that makes two of us. - NES
    • Truly, it is the strangest of afflictions.
  • [Insert something funny] Indigo12ash
  • You are the legendary mighty Centicorn! Half man, half unicorn, half pegasus, 100% awesome. -The Mike
    • Though evidently not a single factor of mathematician in me.
  • So, how's your relationship with Robert Downey Jr going? - kay4today
    • About as good as your relationship with Shirou.
  • Spiffing day to the most English chap on this entire website! Jolly good show, eh? - Uilleam
    • Quite, my good man, quite. -smokes pipe, adjusts monocle-
  • You like the Coen Brothers? I think we can be friends. — Boxen
    • that's the only qualifier? I'm cool with this.
  • Become one with the Harem! Also, it's cool that we added each other on the Bookface. :D -Nerd Bird
  • Bam. -Insert witty insult here- -Montmorencey
    • Pow. -even wittier retort-