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Quotes about me.

You want other people to guess what you are like instead of giving it out to them.
annebeeche, the "Why do you think the above poster is using that avatar?" thread, on why I use the generic blankface picture.

You are both a mysterious blob and a member of The Avatarless BDSM Cult.
Aondeug, commenting on my "avatar". note 

Your stubbornness to remain completely nondescript about yourself is pretty impressive. Even after all these months, all I positively know about you for sure is that you're human and consume pizza.
Sean Murray I [1]

Human ranks as super-awesome,
Fella is kinda cool,
and his ambiguity rules
funny as hell
and I cannot still tell
a dude or a chick?
Inhopelessguy, Compliment the Above Troper

The Art Of Mystery And Nitpicking
Phoenixor, "What class should the above troper teach"

That Human is the only one that can pull off that avatar. :P


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