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I've been lurking this site ever since 2009 and I wished to join the community ever since I've watched the This Trooper videos. This site is awesome, and I hope that I can make it the best I can. Outside of that I'm your standard issue nerd.

Before anyone asks, yes I am a guy.

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  • Good evening. I am Hopey, your guide to this page. This is the first part of vandalism. The next vandal is a loser. Inhopeless Guy
  • Woo, Human took the hit for me! Winning street ahoy! - Phoenixor
  • I'm not sure I like your view of humanity, but I feel obligated to notice another Yuri Fan. -Aryn
  • I decided to leave my mark on your page. -gets spray can- :D - Tools Of Destruction
  • Squid tastes like... um, squid! ^________^ It is an interesting taste.
  • Hello, human. Your page has not been properly vandalized. Let me assist. -torches page- >;D -Shadow Bender
  • The 3rd worst poster.


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