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So, this is the Orange Spider's page. It will stay in a crude state.

It's pretty easy to define me. Take a default. ANY ONE. Chances are high that I possess it. Wish to reform.

For the rest, I have pretty regular troper interests.

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     Games I wanna Try 

  • Quake 2
  • Mech Warrior 2
  • Fallout
  • System Shock 2
  • Final Fantasy 2
  • Baldur's Gate 2
  • Half Life
  • Deus Ex
  • Castlevania Symphony Of The Night
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Super Metroid

     shows I want to watch 

     Japanese stoof. 

When I first stepped into TV Tropes, I had never watched an anime.I'm curious as to howm any shows and mangas I have consumed since I came here.

A whopping 18. So much for starting out as a Japanophobe, eh?


This space is for you to put your brand on a tiny Orange Spider and feeling TERRIBLE after killing it and making its remains splash around because you were SADISTIC ENOUGH to press a red-hot piece of metal on an innocent little spider.

Please keept it clean, folks.

Dude! I made you song!
It's not totally wrong,
But you are cool,
That is true,
I mean, dude,
You rule. - A terrible rhyme from You know who.

I just vandalized your wall! You like that, chucklenuts? -Wanderlust Warrior

We like sp8ders. - Stolen By Spiders

Sp8ders are gr8! ::::D -Oz8ourne

Hmmm. -VutherA

Also you are clearly a Tsundere for Mister C Sharp -VutherA

Feel free to use it wherever. It's an adequate expression of how disappointing the game turned out, but knowing the Internet there are plenty of other applicable situations. - Grahf

You like spiders and that makes you cool to me. No spiders were harmed in the making of this vandalism. x -Alma


No explanations needed here. Ya'll know 2+2.

If you so happen to have some posts of me in the random thoughts thread about the definition of snow or how to reverse-engineer a penis ( IT MAKES SENSE IN CONTEXT), i'd be glad to get them to store 'em here.

Just be a man and eat the goddamn spider already.

She's even chocolate-coated for your fancy-princess taste, fer Christ's sake. Mon, 17th Oct '11 4:56:10

We should put cynics against a wall and shoot them to make the world happier. 'Mon, 17th Oct '11 4:39:08

''The snow...

It's like a giant, all-consuming moving death-trap. A cemetary that won't stop to eat our souls until it has had enough sacrifices. Low-tone terror for the poor.'' Thu, 3rd Feb '11 12:46:48 PM

4160-4310 4623 too far