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Insomniac Fangirl.

This is the story of a teenager. A normal teenager, who, in typical cliché terms, wasn't that normal. Some may even say that she was a little mental, and often a day dreamer. But enough of that.

This teenager was Crack, and until her 16th birthday, she had lived life normally. True, she was designed to fuck up the world, but she chose to ignore that. But then...

She stumbled upon Tv Tropes.

At first she would spend an hour at most doing small editing jobs. But then...

She joined the forums.

And when she joined the forums...

Life was never the same.

Minutes, then hours, and then days would tick by, and Crack would not leave the screen. She was hooked. Soon, she spent so long glued to the screen that she gained the ability to mess with time. She could spend hours on end and it would only be mere minutes that passed.

She now sits at her computer, typing away. One thing is for sure...

She's still fucking mental.

I'm a socially awkward 17 year old nerd. Who will probably end up living in a library. Solving crimes.

Tropes That Have Been Applied To Crack

Tropes That Have Been Applied To Crack From Other People

Crack's VANDALISM!!!!

  • Protip: If you bump into a blue police call box anywhere, stay away. Don't want Matt Smith stealing your fez, do you? :P - clockworkspider
    • I'll bear that in mind :P - Crack
  • Wellinever: Yo-ho? Ye scurvy dog?
    • Arrrrr - Crack
  • Greetings fellow pyromanical Ratchet And Clank fan. *sips coffee* - Bisected8
    • Greeting to you! *pours more coffee* - Crack
  • Matt Smith or David Tennant? - rifflet
    • Matt Smith any day! -nom nom nom- - Crack
      • BLASPHEMY! -twitch- ... Sorry, I'm a Tennant fan mysel- DEATH TO THE NON-BELIEVER!
      • GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! -runs away-
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You've ruined my page! NOW I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LIVE FOR!!! Wait, Arachnophobic and Acrophobic? You too? Huh, weird. ...What was I saying? - MidnightVelvet
    • Somthing about HAVING NOTHING LEFT TO LIVE FOR and then moving onto my fears. Something like that - Crack
  • I came here with a purpose. And my purpose is to blow stuff up. - WUE
    • -brings out C4- Oh yeah... - Crack
      • Just C4? I was imagining something more spectacular but I guess we'll have to start from something smaller. - WUE
  • I count over 11 individual tropes in this video.Sean Murray I
    • LOL. Love it :D - Crack
  • Do you write? If so, could you give me any advice or show me your work? ~ Aliroz The Confused.
    • I do sometimes write little mini stories that are meant to be novels, but I never get round to finishing them. My advice: work on every single little detail of your story, even if there isn't going to be a sequel. Someone at my old school told me that you should start writing fanfiction before moving onto your own novel, as you get some original ideas from your fic and add them into your story. Hope that made sense :D I do have the tendency to write a load of bullshit - Crack
  • Hello. As a writer myself, I sympathize with your troubles. I suffer from Beige Prose too, and I tend to want to write a totally diffirent story every month (Now I want to write a story about dragons! Now a story about dystopia!) Well, anyway, you seem like a pretty cool person in general. - Gentlemanorcus
    • D'awww thanks :). As for the writing... yeah... I change ideas every week... - Crack
    • Agreed. At times, it's like I have the attention span of cheese. I blame the internet. -Yarrunmace
      • Yeah. -shakes fist- INTERNET!!! - Crack.
  • Hello, the person who is writing this at the moment bought you the fez :) Who be me? I'm Timelady1994, if you dont know by now, shame on you :P xxx
    • ELLIS!! Yay! You followed my instructions and didn't die of confusion in the process :P xxx
    • I know! My brain must be growing :D xxx
      • -gives a round of applause- Bravo! Bravo! xxx
      • Thank you :) I have a new TV Tropes name now :) I'm Kid You Krazy :D GO DIE YOU TOSSER xxx
  • So what's your All-Time Favorite Horror Film of All Time? And please don't tell me it's Saw. — Sean Murray I
    • Saw. Hmm... My all time favourite horror film is... probably... Paranormal Activity. I know, I fail. - Crack
    • Yeah, I basically grown tired of the genre around the time I graduated high school when lame remakes started to become really rampant. People tell me good things about that one though. I'd still say the one horror film worthy of being called my favorite is Re-Animator... or Night Of The Demons if I want to get insanely campy. —Sean Murray I
  • Godot Was Here.
    • Sabrina_diamond waz here
    • Nice to meet you Godot and Sabrina - Crack
  • My graffiti can beat up your graffiti. -Misuki
    • Let the battle of the graffit commence! - Crack
  • Tell Spyro in your avatar to stop giving me that questioning look! It wasn't me! I swear! -Freezair For A Limited Time
    • Okay. "Oi Spyro! Stop giving Freezair the questioning look! She didn't do anything!" There you go. - Crack
  • You have Asperger's too? Cool. Did not know this. - Tre
    • Oui. It's very very very mild though, and I hardly bring it up. Sometimes I even forget I have it. - Crack
      • How mild is it?
      • Very very very mild. So mild I rarely ever bring it up, and hardly anybody knows about it. I guess it does justify my twisted imagination. - Crack
  • I envy you, you have a fez. Fezzes are cool. Do you have a bow tie? - Pastylover2
    • Sadly no. But I'm sure I'll find one somewhere! - Crack
    • I'm an Eleven fan too, I found Ten a little too angsty.
      • Yeah, it did get quite annoying. I found myself screaming "Stop Wangsting!" at the T.V. And don't get me started on the Deus ex Machina...
      • Eleven's personality is just what I envision the Doctor to be.
  • -Reverse Mega-Glomp-! Legionnaire
    • -glomps- - Crack
  • You want my ham? You can take it... from my cold dead hands!Sean Murray I
  • I noticed that The Megas haven't been mentioned until now. You're welcome ~ Land Of Gold
    • A band making remixs of a video game. That's suprisingly cool. —Crack.
      • You find this cool? It is fantastical!
  • Can't resist making my mark on this page seeing as I'm looking at it and all... —a vandal
  • You probably shouldn't admit to being a cracker. - Wanderlust Warrior
    • <.< >.> Erm... -hides- — Crack
    • Don't hide! Some crackers are good! Especially with cheese. No, I don't think I'll eat you. I'm just trying to reassure you... in my own hungry way.
  • We need some Diet Coke and Mentos up in this bitch. ***=___|Game Spazzer
  • Hello, there Crack...looking pretty as always -offers shot of whiskey-
    • Hello there Juan. -takes whiskey- How did I know it was you? The "Page History" button exists for a reason y'know. -offers shot of vodka- — Crack
  • Hello, Crack. Remember me from Shipwrecked On An Island? —Fusch
    • Of course I do! You were the pilot on the plane that crashed into the island! — Crack
  • -Glomp- You're gorgeous, you know that? - Stolen By Faeries
    • -glomps- Thank you! You're gorgeous as well! :) — Crack
  • I have no idea how I managed to miss this page in my vandal wandering. Mistake fixed. Now, to find the mythical ubertroper. Or keep vandalising until I get bored. - Phoenixor
    • Getting bored vandalising? Impossible! Think of the possibilities! (Wow. I never knew there were that many I's in possibilities. AWESOME!) — Crack.
  • Hey sorry about when we first met on tvtropes.
    • It's okay Queenie. (I assume you're Queenofdarkness...) I'm just very loud mouthed and easily angered. Not your fault. :)
  • Oh my Gawd... I can't believe I am just now vandalizing your page... (glomps) :3 Hi, friend! ~Fuzy2K
    • Holy shit! Vandalism! YAY! -glomps- :3 Hai! —Crack
  • Well, now I have another troper to check off of my list of Tropers To Vandalize. -Black Hole Of Food
    • Whoop! Thanks for taking the time to visit my craphole shithole page! — Crack
  • i myself want to be involved in either genetics or nanoenginering
    • Hey Fringeman! Go for it! PURSUE YOUR CAREER! (But pass exams first. They matter.) — Crack
  • The Small Name, Big Ego Shameless Self-Promoter Vigilante Taxonomist has struck again!jcruz
    • OH NO! WHATEVER SHALL I DO?! — Crack
  • I present to you a pie floater, just to be friendly. Pics [1]. —pathfinder
    • Wow. First we get cake pies and now we get pie floaters... Who knew that people could be so inventive with pies? — Crack
      • less cool [2] and now very cute [3]
  • I like some hot sauce with my bitches.Snicklin
    • Really? Well, I don't like hot sauce... — Crack
      • I never said that you do.
  • I'm in your page, taking up space. You...person...thing. I tell you...NOTHING OF SIGNIFIGANCE! — Flarp22
  • Miss, I'd love to go write the full length of the compliments I should be giving you for surviving the drinking game, but I'm quite reluctant to potentially damage the server. So for now, have a congratulatory hug. ~ betterthanstrawberry
    • Thank you! -glomples- — Crack
  • Let's see now(looks at trope list with reading glasses "borrowed" from his mum): I see a lack of a Berserk Button; Is there (no/any)thing that can set you off m'am? Notice: Purely Curiosity nothing more -looks shiftly- ~ Voids Empathy
    • Oh, I have MANY a Berserk Button. Naming them all would take up all the space on this page. -shifts a little- Nothing major, just little things... -twitches more- —Crack
  • -squeakyglomples- Have some tea and scones on the house! Oh, and ain't the weather nice? =D - Cata
    • -glumps- :3. Spiffing weather! — Crack
  • Don't worry about your descent to darkness. We've all fallen to the deepest end. - Amused Troper Guy
    • I joined the Dark Side ages ago. They have cookies! :D — Crack
  • Just returning the favor, my fellow Insomniac fan. (ruffles hair) You're adorably amusing, you know that? - X2X
    • Why, thank you :3. — Crack
  • -tackleglomps- ~ Phoenixdaughter AM
    • -glomps- ^_^ — Crack
  • I haven't vandalized this page? I... I must faster! -Motor-Runner
  • Guess what, you should got vandalized by a Kylodious, so that just happened.....also tacos.
  • You're so awesome! - kay4today
  • Crack! -gluddles- -tehjinx
    • Teh! -glomps- — Crack
  • [[redirect: Spyro The Dragon]] Poisson d'avril! ;) - Noaqiyeum
  • You hear about that Ratchet And Clank movie? - Tropers/Vgm3
    • This is Crack, and yes I did! -insert fangirl squealing- — Pocky

    Ratchet: When aren't they heavily-armed?
    -desdendelle (PS: The bullet messed the markup up, so it's like this. Sorry. -des)