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ERROR! The troper known as Shadow Bender is now known as Motor-Runner.

Redirecting... —> Motor-Runner

A member of SPOON and PLATTER.

    Vandalism AHOY! 
  • Hey there shadow! I personally have the urge to do stuff in exponents of twos and exponents of twos minus one — Like 8 and 255. I think we'll get along pretty well! —jcruz
    Thanks jcruz! Me too!

  • So clean...not anymore -raigakuren
    Thanks. Let me return the favour.

  • The Kadaver has risen to give unto you some vandalism. Valdalism Powers Activate! Rock on! - Karl Kadaver

  • I've never seen you around before, but that's probs because I'm new. Do cows eat weeds? - Pasture Cow

  • Good morning. NOW DIE MWAHAHAHALiberated Liberater

  • I'm kind of surprised I've never vandalized this. Oh well. Sugar cube tea LSAHFSHASA~ ~Junfez
    Thanks... Mm, not enough sugar

  • You're Nigerian? Hmmm, I think you're the only troper whom I know is Nigerian. ~a mysterious blob
    There is another person. I just don't know her handle.

  • I am what is given form by Humanity. The Chaotic Order of the Void: that is what I can be, or....—The Wandering Seeker

  • Hello! Just here to say hi. :o) ~Enzeru
    Thank you. Hi!

  • Funnily enough, my friends and I used to work on Avatar The Last Airbender AU fanfiction where there are different elements. Darkness was one of them, and we called them "Shadowbenders". Anyway, hi there. — Liberated Liberater
    What a coincidence! I mean the Darkness element.

  • Ok. Just don't say it. - Amused Troper Guy

  • Wanna be mah friend ? :D ~Dhana Ragnarok (on crack)

  • You seem like a Pretty Cool Guy. Also, Black and Nerdy FTW. :P - Nekoalexa
    Likewise, Neko. Likewise.

  • lulz -raigakuren

  • Hey, Shad! Uhhh... yeah, so I broke your fridge. Inhopeless Guy

  • And I stole the broken carcass. It was shiny :D ~ Aralyn

  • The faeries thought they had been here. Ah, at least the tedium is over. :P - Stolen By Faeries
    Glad to meet the faeries.

  • Look at that pretty picture on the right! I'm sure she means no harm... — Liberated Liberater
    Now I'm scared.

  • Ha! Made you highlight. -Rivux
    You got me... this time...

  • *goes back to scribbling on the wall* Deadbeatloser22
    -conks you on the head from behind-

  • Why, Hello there! c: Fuzy2K

  • You are a part of a dream. Ailedhoo
    -moves dreamily-

  • Hello there... Now you see me.... Now you don't. (Not really.) - Voids Empathy
    I do now.

  • Tree. ~theindefiniteone

  • H3H3H3H3 YOUR P4G3 1S 4BSOLUT3LY D3L1C1OUS BUT COULD US3 4 L1TTL3 MOR3 R3D >:] - Captain Excellent
    -Tastes page- Mmm... You're right...

  • It's simple. Just take the hydraulic phase shift emulator, and attach it to the transdimensional photon particle emitter. Bam! New tower. -desdendelle
    Ok. Just one question: What's a... whatever you said?

  • klasdjf;lakfhga ~raigakuren
    I didn't know you spoke kajf0=-acn384 too!

  • A wild Quarterman Appeared!
    ...and was challenged to a duel by a tame Shadow.

  • Homemade chocolate cookies = good. - Mort08
    -eats cookies- Why, thank you! -Lemonade appears-

  • Hey there ! Nice to meet you !^^ ~Dhana Ragnarok
    Nice to meet you too.

  • *hiding from you*
    You can run but you can't hide...

  • Ailedhoo ask thee the question: cake or pie?
    Is the cake a lie? Yes? Then pie...

  • I-I'm vandalising your page... I-if that's all right with you... - Deadbeatloser22
    Gimmie some booze and I'll see what we can do...

  • The faeries are here - using the shadows as doorways. - Stolen By Faeries

  • Your profile shall be the host of many insects, culminating with my vandal post. I hope you like beetles... big ones. ~Sincerely, Prometheus136
    They shall not live to see the light of another day.

  • Soon you shall see. You shall see the light in the shadows and the shadow of the light... ~raigakuren

  • HEY SHAD I JUST RAIDED YOUR SOUNDCLOUD. Awesome stuff. Do you do psytrance too? —jcruz
    Thanks! And more or less...

  • Hey, Shad. If you don't mind, I copy-pasted the guide to colors the wiki supports onto my profile. Just wanted to give a heads-up. —Icarael
    Not at all! Glad to help.

  • Christmas Vandalism repaid in kind! —UristMcdorf

  • I concede —eternalNoob