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I also hurl rainbows. Yes, it's a metaphor.

You, [subject name here], must be the pride of [subject hometown here].
G La DOS, from Portal, a game I haven't played and often pretend I have. no longer a Red Link! YAY.

Aralyn is a troper that you will see every now and then in the Forum, usually in the RPG or Forum Games areas (sometimes even in the Yack Fest area, when there's no-one around to play with), but is also a person who essentially has a busy, busy life that is unfortunately not as entertaining as the Internet and its never-ending content, and of which is, unfortunately, more important, for it pays the taxes. I've been lurking around here for some years but didn't see the need to create a user account until there was this edit I sincerely wanted to make a few months ago. Aralyn has nothing to do with my real name- I just grabbed a random name from a website that, come to think of it, doesn't have any conventional nick-name possibilities. NO UNACCPETABLEnote .

Aralyn is also that person who gives people bugs, that person with that lingering obsession with hats, and that girl from Land Down Under. As well as that person whose troper page is pretentiously long for no apparent reason.



  • October-November: I will be mostly, involuntarily busy till mid-late November.


  • 19/10/2012: I did a little spring cleaning on my page (not a lot, but one must admire the effort), because everything was a bit messy and taking way too much space. So lots of things have been fodlerized. And I totally meant fodlerized.
  • Sometime in October 2012: Quietly slinking in, pretending no-one noticed me leave.
  • 10/4/2012 I'm back. Sorry about that lapse. I just had to deal with some crap that's been going on in my life, and it will probably happen again. But hopefully not.
  • 13/1/2012: I will be away for a few days (maybe three) from this afternoon (the 13th), with little to no access to the internet :/ I give G Ms liberty to carry or kill off characters I have in various roleplays :D

    I am currently in possesion of 

Will update as I steal from more people. God, I have no life.

Tropes that describe Aralyn which you can add to but most likely will not add to


Aralyn is a on-off persona in this very wiki's forums, seeking respite from her weary dreary life by delving into the bosom of roleplay games and lurking people's profiles and past conversations. Aralyn lives in the desert in a flat, regularly meeting talking turtles and other nuisances in her travels along the street where she resides. She has zero children and has inadvertently killed probably every single one of her pets. Including the potplant which is faking life signs at the moment.

    Tropes include 

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Off and on. It’s harder to see online because of the way posting is set out; half of my tabs are usually half-complete responses to posts or RP Gs that I have not completed though it doesn’t help that I type a letter an hour. Offline, I get distracted when talking to people, usually preoccupied with picking dust off my coat, though sometimes they're just boring. When I wear my coat. Although I usually don't face people when I talk to them, because I think my hearing is bad. Habit.
  • Berserk Button: Any sort of hatedom. Fandoms are tolerable and amusing, but hatedoms are just aggravating.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Off/on. Apparently, the angrier I get, the smarter I seem/am. I don't usually asplode though.
  • Big Words: Offline and sometimes online, though I do usually know what I’m saying.
  • Bookworm: For a time. The internet has solved that. Now I'm insomniac.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: When I did bother to try in school, I did epically well. Of course, most of the time I was too lazy to bother.
  • Brown Eyes
  • Catchphrase: Have some, but can't call them to mind right now. Mostly just the use of fragments. I use them. A lot.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Offline, when I'm feeling especially happy. It's part of my online persona too, but only if you squint.
  • Crapsack World: It's a shitty world we live in, and honestly? I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Online- offline sometimes. At least an aspiring one. Unfortunately, my deeply ingrained sense of politeness and instinct not to piss anyone off gets in the way. Mostly comes out in arguments, or in necessity.
  • Ditzy Genius: I would say Ditzy Sort Of Smart Person, however.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: I don't tan. I just spout dots.
  • Emoticon: I use them more often than I should. I add emos when I would be using a more 'joking' or just 'happy' voice, and don't add any when I'm being serious. That's why you see so many emos in my posts on the fora. I'm not sure if I should be sorry for it or not ^u^
  • Fetish Fuel: Subverted. Most assume hats, but it's not hats. That's more of an obsession. Passion. Thing.
  • Grammar Nazi: A phase in my teens, though I wasn't a very good one. My spelling was never really good.
  • Heel–Face Turn: I was a easily pissed troll, then an easily pissed Grammar Nazi when I was in high-school. Unfortunately, I still tend to spout out in violent fits of incomprehensible and random lots of gibberish in forums, especially when I am nervous (habit). I was also a fanfic critiquer. Ugh.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Especially the cat bit. I like cats almost as much as I like hats. I can't find avatars that justify my obsession...yet ^u^
  • Nice Girl: It's really hard to get me to argue with someone; it takes a lot for me to get pissed enough to provoke a response. Explanation speel: I believe my own offended-ness is not anyone's problem to a certain extent, though having lived with generally blunt characters my whole life not much crosses the line. I also toe the line of politeness very carefully, and for me the rule is no personal attacks online. Completely different to how I was in my teens, though.
  • Nice Hat: I've got many. Damn right.
  • Not a Morning Person: Relatively comprehensible.
  • Sloth: Fatal flaw. I wanted something reasonable, like pride or envy. But what do I get? SLOTH. It's selective, though, so that's okay :D.
  • Sweet Tooth: Ice-cream and cookies. Cookies and ice-cream. Cookies and cream.
  • The Klutz: It's a miraculous day if I can get through 24 hours without knocking into something or breaking something. Common targets are my feet. Note: surprisingly insightful for me, since I recently broke my leg tripping on a ball.
  • The Quiet One: Offline, and subverted. Only in certain social situations. And depending on my mood.

I also seem to love talking about myself. Is there a trope for that?

Things that Aralyn likes or has liked at some point in her life in alphabetical order unless she's not bothered to put it in alphabetical order:

    Anime and Manga 


  • Aladdin: Hey. That movie was fricking awesome.
  • The Dark Knight
  • Gone With The Wind
  • Life Of Brian
  • Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
  • Hunger Games: For the first few minutes. I mean, the film was pretty good in terms of cinema, but really? It was too fast-paced, not very emotive, and I honestly didn't care when some of the characters died or were going to die. It did some bits justice (Elizabeth Banks was wonderful, and when Jennifer Lawrence was allowed to act, she was pretty good too, and honestly? I liked this Peeta better than that bland character in the book, because they showed the angst that Peeta felt at being jealous and attracted to Katniss, etc...though Mockingjay Peeta still wins :D), others not so much (we got about five minutes of Rue, and many of the characters died before you knew it; apparently Katniss' hearing is self-healing?; what was with the mutts? They looked like pugs!; the dialogue for Cinna was just stupid; the camera waving was not that bad, but was a bit Narm to be honest; SO MUCH MORE WRONG) but yeah. It was okay.
  • Inception
  • The Princess Bride
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: I thought it was funny :(


    Live Action TV 

    Video Games 

Note: I'm not a gamer. It's because I don't have the time, nor the money, nor the skill, nor the dedication to ever properly get into an elite video game community. But I follow the trends, I read about upcoming games, I watch Let's Plays, I read reviews, I critique and compliment games, I get excited with my gamer friends. So yeah. I'm a mainstream, vanilla non-gamer who pretends to know what they're talking about anyway, and I'm cool with that. These are mostly games my friends have recommended to me, as well as games I've seen on Let's Plays and a few I've played.

  • Amnesia The Dark Descent: My friend had it, and I enjoyed hearing her whimper over the phone. I do believe I'm getting Pig Machine for a late birthday present, though :(
  • Bioshock
  • Dear Esther: Though I hear it's more an interactive story anyway.
  • Deus Ex
  • Portal: Didn't need my friends to get into this one. I've got the second game, but I can't find the first anywhere :(
  • Team Fortress 2

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Food And Beverages 

  • Eggs: poached, fried, scrambled. I like them well done.
  • Ice-cream.
  • Pastries.
  • Potato salad.
  • Tequila, neat. :3


My favourite...

  • Accent: I love British accents as a rule.
  • Animal: I'll have to say panther. Felines in general.
  • Colour: Yellow, green, blue. I prefer light hues to darker tones.
  • Person in the World: It'll have to be my mother. Lame response, but it's true :)
  • Season: Spring- much nicer weather. I like Autumn in other countries, but the trees down here don't change much.
  • Time of Day: Late afternoon. I perk up around noon and start to settle down around 11pm.

Role-plays That I Am Noticeably And Currently Contributing To (In Ratio To Other People's Contributions), In Order Of Sign-Up, Which May Or May Not Have Died

I generally join fantasy roleplays, or otherwise really Bad Ass ones, and as a rule I generally steer away from crossovers or canon roleplays (bad experiences, don't ask) unless they are really good. What else, what else...oh, I also will generally use one of the few characters I have invented, due to my laziness in creating new characters. They are listed below this archive of my past roleplays.

This is more for my benefit than yours, so I can put my links somewhere apart from Favourites and Watchlist. Also for advertising purposes. Role-plays never grow sick of more lives to eat out of.

    Page 1 and Beyond 

The Gambit:

Mercenaries! RP:

  • Playing as: Arianna Drew (see a pattern here?)
  • GM: Savage Heathen
  • Personal Comments: The first more modern-day militaristic RP I joined (I'm more partial to fantasy R Ps) and, again, it's pretty awesome. It's only a month old (depending on how far you future people are from 9/8/11), and I will say no more in fear of jinxing it or something.
  • Here's the sign-ups!
  • Here's the discussion!

Freeform Wuxia RP!:

Welcome to Nowhere:

  • Playing as: Black
  • GM: rumetzen
  • Personal Comments: Just a supernatural urban fantasy role-play, which is absolutely freeform (yay). It's a great place to hone character development and filled with laid-back players and a casual environment.
  • Here's the sign-ups!
  • Here's the discussion!

Hercine - City of Wonders and Magic:

  • Playing as: Black and Elanor
  • GM: The Herald daltar
  • Personal Comments: Another supernatural urban fantasy, but older and just filled with different characters and story-lines. It's hard for me to say anything yet, since my characters haven't been fully immersed in any of these streams, but so far the RP seems pretty fine to me.
  • Here's the sign-ups!
  • Here's the discussion!

The Fallen Angels or The Second Chance:

Heart of Desire: Wonders at Nahuiollin Temple:

Sign-ups are open again! Go go go!

Bounty Hunters: Apocalypse-

     Page 0 



Roleplay Expies, in Order of Conception:

Again, this is more for my benefit than yours. See, when I role-play, the character I use is usually an expy of a character I used in a previous role-play. Sometimes I make up new ones but generally they're based off/exactly the same as previous RP characters. I have several, none of which are really expies of popular media (well, except one, but not realy intentional. Just a well-known trope. Probably.)

    Arianna "Ri" Drew 

I found a thing.

A cold, ruthless, Green-Eyed Monster of a ex-Triad sniper. My first ever RP character in TV Tropes and probably retired. Unless I find another one of those Black Lagoon-esque role-plays again...

  • Name: Arianna Drew (adopted last name), commonly known as "'Ri"
  • Race: Muggle
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Twenties
  • Appearance: Light chestnut skin, brown eyes, mousey dark hair cut down around her shoulders, not very tall, fond of leather boots. Not wiry thin, but not heavy set either. She always draws a bless-mark (a black mark in one line across the eyes) every morning, if possible. She wears what's appropriate for the job, but she's never without two handguns and two stilettos (the knives :D) to match, excluding whatever sniper rifle is required for the job.
  • Personality: Outwardly, she makes a great effort to be calm and controlled, almost to the point of overkill. Ruthless. She does what has to be done, no more and no less, and without any outward feeling of remorse; she would like to think she's first and foremost a soldier. She speaks only when spoken to, and what little she says is cynical and jaded, and she uses sounds and facial expressions more often than words to convey her feelings anyway. Except, you know, when there’s required conversation :) Problem is, she’s a Green-Eyed Monster to anyone who’s better than her in combat and didn’t have as shitty a childhood as she did, and she can really let that get to her. She’s a serious perfectionist, and gets really stressed & agitated if something doesn’t work her way. However, if nothing gets emotionally in the way, she is a brilliant strategist, and fidelity is her strong streak; she will fight for her goal and those close to her till the end.
  • Tools/Objects: Back-up handguns (two of them, both Jericho 941’s), two stilettos, sniper rifle varies depending on the distance between her and the target, and therefore the scope accuracy of the rifle required.
  • Skills: Strategy. She is accurate enough to be valued for her skill, but it takes time for her to make the perfect shot.
  • Backstory: It’s really quite sketchy. She grew up on the streets, got involved with Triads somewhere and is doesn’t want to be involved with them anymore. I’m not sure whether she was dismissed or ran away from the gang, but the Triads are not happy. Essentially, she’s in hiding from them. I think there’s a romance in there somewhere too. I think that’s where she got her last name :/
  • Flaws: Envy. Heh :)
  • Goals: Make a new life for herself, and not die along the way.

    Elanor or Lorna Miriam Hayes 

My dear Cloud Cuckoo Lander Creepy Child. My usual character for fantasy R Ps. She's sometimes blind, sometmes not, sometimes orphan, sometimes Rich Bitch, but she's always insane. ^u^

  • Name: Elanor (orphan) or Lorna Miriam Hayes (Rich Bitch)
  • Race: Either Muggle or Witch
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Varies from 10 to 17, depending on the roleplay
  • Appearance: Small and thin, light-blonde hair pulled into a wispy plait, long thin fingers, almost obsessively smoothly cut back fingernails, big light-brown eyes that don't focus because in most role plays she’s visually impaired. Otherwise she's just insane.
  • Personality: Cloud Cuckoo Lander. After she became blind (if she became blind- otherwise it was due to her mother's death) she slowly descended into her own immature, childlike world, and she’s just not there half of the time, and has this weird vacant smiling expression on her face when she's not. She’s not insane; she just enjoys listening to the voices in her brain a little too much. Oh, she can be perfectly friendly and generous, and she is, if a little airheaded and strange, but if you press her enough, she becomes irritable and unpredictably moody, almost savage. Underneath that happy demeanour is a twisted logic and warped version of the world, a brooding hate and envy for almost random people, a constant paranoia that everyone is making fun of her behind her back, and an honestly whingy spoilt brat. Her determination is stone cold; if the situation comes where she or someone she loves is threatened, she will do whatever it takes, even if it means her death, or someone else's.
  • Tools/Objects: In fantasy she has a flute tied around her neck with a slimsy red ribbon; sometimes she has a stupidly adorable dognote . She sometimes also carries around a butcher's knife- expect powerful (panicked) but inaccurate blows.
  • Skills: She can play the flute pretty well, though partially because she had gotten most of the skill down before she was blinded. Being visually impaired, her other senses are slightly more magnified than the average human. And she's insightful; finding purpose in actions and reactions, patterns in random sequences, seeing things from all perspectives, but little details take up all her concentration. Just don't expect anything out of her physically. Sometimes, though, she carries a butcher's knife around, so meh. In fantasy her magic centres around her flute; she can influence people’s emotions and feelings (playing discordant notes will cause slight pain, playing calming melodies will suggest tranquillity to the listener, etc) and corrode and alter their will through her flute playing, though one could probably resist these effects if one concentrated hard enough.
  • Backstory
    • Orphan: Orphan, beggar, plays flute for money. Yay ^u^
    • Rich Bitch: Born into an upper class family with an older brother, she began to lose her vision till she was practically blind by the time she was five. Her parents, wanting to spare her from being 'bullied' by her would-be schoolmates, had her home-schooled with private tutors. She grew up in a sheltered home and cut off to general society except for her brother, who she grew close too. She developed a keen insight into the human psyche, something her tutors became delighted with. At the age of thirteen her mother died of heart disease and her father swiftly remarried, and while the step-mother and her children didn't treat her badly, she became more withdrawn and twisted and cynical in her view of the world at her loss and her father's swift recovery, deteriorating even more when her brother left for university. She never truly accepted her step-mother and step-sisters as family. Maybe she was envious. She'd like to think not. Then again, she'd like to think sleeping with a butcher knife under her pillow is not weird.
  • Flaws: Blind, weak, etc. Some psychological ones too, but eh.
  • Goals: Varies; depends on the RP.


A fallen angel version of Elanor/Lorna, but different enough to warrent her own entry.

  • Name: Uriel
  • Race: Fallen Angel of Music
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Years of redemption in human form- 13. True age unknown, probably a few hundred.
  • Appearance: Small, almost fairy-like in composure, light-blonde shoulder-length hair pulled into a wispy plait, big light-brown eyes that don't focus because she’s visually impaired, small stubs of wings that are slowly moulting away; trying to fly with them would be laughable :D. She has a flute, which has been always hung around her neck off a dodgy red ribbon with her name inscribed on it, though she wouldn’t know, being blind.
  • Personality: Agh, hard to explain! Cloud Cuckoo Lander / Creepy Child. She doesn’t remember anything from her past- well, she probably could, but she doesn’t want to. She’s therefore rebuilt her entire personality on her experiences, and her experiences haven’t been too cheerful. While she’s outwardly cheerful and friendly, if a bit air-headed, but if you press her enough, you won’t like what you find. Underneath that happy demeanour is a twisted logic and warped version of the world. She’s just not there half of the time, trying to escape in a made-up world of her own, and has this weird vacant smiling expression on her face. So, is she good or bad? Hard to say. but her determination is stone cold; if the situation comes where she or someone she loves is threatened, she will do whatever it takes, even if it means her death, or someone else's.
  • Tools/Objects: She has a flute, which has been always hung around her neck off a dodgy red ribbon with her name inscribed on it, though she wouldn’t know, being blind.
  • Skills: More like what powers she has managed to sustain through in her form. She can influence people’s emotions and feelings (playing discordant notes will cause slight pain, playing calming melodies will suggest tranquillity to the listener, etc) and corrode and alter their will through her flute playing, though one could probably resist these effects if one concentrated hard enough. She’s also pretty insightful, despite her dodgy sanity; she has a gift for reading people, finding purpose in actions and reactions, patterns in random sequences, seeing things from all perspectives, but the little details often take up all her concentration. However, physically she’s nothing.
  • Backstory: Uriel was a angel of music, gifted in her skill, and the music she played was damned pretty. However, pride began to cloud her divinity and eventually she started doing bad things that I haven't worked out yet <.<, and her music grew cold. Anyway, she chose redemption (being trapped in the body of the humans she was taking advantage of and slowly forming back into her previous form, wings and all) for her crimes, as opposed to be banished to Lucifer’s realm, but continued on her corrupted ways with prideful and selfishness (I sound like a preacher >.>), and was abandoned by her Master, left trapped in this human state. She gradually degraded into what she is today; a pretty much mad and blind girl with practically no memory of her previous divinity, moulting stubs for wings and barely any power in comparison to what she had previously. I guess she could remember if she wanted, but she doesn't. Not yet, anyway...
  • Flaws: She's tied to the human plane now, so she can be hurt physically, though she still regains some sort of divinity. If she uses her music it costs her. She has no other ways to defend herself, except maybe her words, but that's not a heavenly power
  • Goals: To regain her sight, her wings and her previous state of power- to regain her place in Paradise, respected and admired, and more, and she will use force if she must. Though she would probably be just as happy if she could drag Heaven down with her and lay it at her feet :D

    Black The Cat 

This is my absolute favourite character so far, for the pure fact that he is such a simple character and yet I can be a Large Ham in this role (not that I don't in others but it's part of his personality here :D). A mysterious Magnificent Bastard black cat that is actually a demon tied down to the human plane, who definitely does not resemble Mogget from the Old Kingdom.

  • Name: If he must be named (those Two-Paws really put a stock in naming things, don't they?), he's known as Black, but he really doesn't give a crap what you call him. Even The Black Cat or Cat is fine with him, as long as you recognise his majestic-ness.
  • Race: Cat. A magical Cat. A Magical Cat, I suppose, since he can talk, but I like to think that he just has disdain for The Rules. And in his Higher form a demon, but that's a completely different story.
  • Gender: Male. Probably.
  • Age: Old for a cat, but not for a magic cat.
  • Appearance: A sleek, coal black cat with splendid whiskers and large, bright yellow eyes that blink slowly at you.
  • Personality: The classic affable, mysterious, talking cat. A deapan snarker, a trickster; particularly disdainful, arrogant, charming, superior. He distinctly loathes rats and traits that rats are associated with (cowardice, traitors), he dislikes wet, rain and moist, and doesn't hold much respect for laws and rules. He is easily bored and comes and goes as he pleases. He also is partial to smoked fish, particularly smoked salmon. Whipped cream is nice as well. He'll probably slap you if you offer him milk in a damn saucer.
  • Tools/Objects: He wears a red collar with a shiny silvery bell with strange arcane letters inscribed onto it. He will try to convince you to take it off. People don't, because the bell's the only way to know that he's stalking you, and they have to give bird some sort of chance. Whatever. He's learnt to walk without sounding the bell anyway. Most of the time.
  • Skills: Apart from a huge ego and being hopelessly derogative, he literally comes and goes as he pleases. Not necessarily teleportation (though, essentially, yeah), he just goes where he wants to go, travelling through shadows to get to wherever he wants without anyone noticing, though you might hear a telltale ringing when he wants you to hear it. He can be perfectly stealthy when he wants to, but what's the point in that? And he'd rather avoid fights, thank you very much, but he'll bite and claw at eyes and artery points if you try to kill him or give him a bath.
  • Backstory: They say he sat in the laps of Queens, that he came from the Other Side, that he's thousands of years old, impossibly wise and you should probably do everything he tells you to. Then again, he probably perpetuated the myths himself. He's actually an Eldritch Abomination tied down by that collar to the human plane, but that's not important. Everyone in the town has had him follow them for some period of time, at least- he's almost like the town pet, except, you know, he's his own master.
  • Flaws: Well, he's a cat.
  • Goals: To be fed. If you're really serious, he'd love to be released, but that's out of the question. Probably.

    Esther "Essie" Linscott 

It's "lin-scott", not "lins-cot", get it right.

Recent character of mine, she's my other expy for military-esque roleplays.

  • Name: Esther “Essie” Linscott (name generator :/)
  • Race: Human muggle.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: 23.
  • Appearance: Euro-looking (I was thinking Finnish or French)- rather short but fairly strong girl. Short jagged blonde hair, with boring brown eyes, a few freckles and an infectious grin- a vaguely European accent, due to her father’s upbringing. She is fond of berets and other nice hats, which somehow manage to stay on her head through force of will, it seems (actually hairclips, but I’m busy scaring the GM with her possible magnetic powers :D). She also adores ties and sunglasses and cowboy boots, though seeing as sunglasses are made of glass she rarely wears them into battle. Being a blonde, she obviously places much value in her clothing (practically the only thing she spends money on apart from artillery) and if anyone ruins her clothes, they’re going to get knifed in the face. Atop whatever outfit she's wearing, she's usually got a hunting vest loaded with carrying ammo, hip holsters for her smaller firearms, and a small, badly sewed pack of essentials (first-aid, water/snacks, cigarettes, hairclips, scissors, a few dollars lying here and there, etc). Either the SMG or the LMG is slung over the back.
  • Personality: She’s pretty highly strung, constantly chatting and you know, Genki, but due to her experiences with this Crapsack World she’s a bit more grounded and snarky than your average Genki Girl. When she smokes she calms down a bit (for some reason), and much of the time people have taken to giving her cigarettes to shut her up. On caffeine or drugs she’s absolutely insane. She smirks a lot and quite confident in her ability to kick ass, but is essentially a pretty friendly, righteous and enthusiastic character- to allies. The thing is, she gets a child-like, immature kick out of violence and death, and this makes bounty hunting and mercenary shtick her favourite past-time. She doesn’t take the job seriously, treating it more like a game and a way to take out her inner angst and bring out her inner child. It’s hard to explain, mostly because I haven’t quite figured her out yet, but you can be assured she’s in it for purely selfish reasons. Her response to violence is due to daddy issues, so I guess she’s essentially looking for a father figure -shrugs-.
  • Tools/Objects: (excuse my lack of firearm knowledge and obvious Wikipedia grab) This kid loves her automatics and More Dakka. She revolves around using an M249 or SA 361, depending on the situation/job, though she prefers the submachine usually. She has two pistols on her at all times (Jericho 941’s, her father’s firearms) and a combat knife somewhere in those boots. She secretly would love to use a flamethrower, but it’s really impractical against enemies like these. 9mm calibre. Though the M249 uses 5.56...I don't even know what I'm saying, to be honest. Aside from that, a hunting vest loaded with carrying ammo, hip holsters for her smaller firearms, and a small, badly sewed pack of essentials (first-aid, water/snacks, cigarettes, hairclips, scissors, a few dollars lying here and there, etc).
  • Skills: While essentially being a big guy in function, she’s pretty damn fast and agile, dodging and weaving to avoid getting Infected due to her affinity for getting the violence up close- when she's not tied down by a bigger firearm, in which case she'll fire a shit load of bullets to make up for the lost thrill. Essentially, more firepower. Strategically, she’s not going to counter in all that psychological and statistical mumbo-jumbo- she’s best at figuring out the straight line between A and B, simple and clean. Of course, not everything’s this simple (rarely ever is, actually) but try telling that to her.
  • Backstory: The child of a divorced marriage, Esther grew up with her father, who wasn’t a particularly child-friendly role model, though essentially good-hearted. She had an unusual upbringing, father and daughter bonding over hunting (though Essie usually just shot wildly rather than aiming), card games and his various military expeditions. When Esther was halfway through high school, her father was killed in action- rather than move in with her birth mother, she dropped out of school, cut her hair, and joined the military (somehow >.>). Being the blood-hungry kid she was, it wasn’t surprising when she was discharged for misconduct (which she doesn’t like to talk about), and disappeared under the radar for a while, getting involved with gangs and the black market for a while, which she also doesn’t like to talk about.
  • Flaws: Blood Knight tendencies, impulsiveness, impatience with most people. If you haven't earned yer respect, she isn't going to respect you.
  • Goals: To kick ass and murder people. I think underlying is the need for a father figure. Hey, I'm trying to enjoy playing a blood-thirsty daddy's girl here.

Excuses for being absent from TV Tropes:

    I Archive My Excuses, Apparently 

Sometime till April, 2012

See Announcements. I had issues that I don't want to talk about.

End of September to Early November (?), 2011

I was just trying to break from my addiction! Why must you tempt me with your shiny buttons and intellectual analysi? CURSE YOOOOUU!!


In all honesty now, in a tragic event involving playing soccer for the first time in a long while, I believe near the end of September, I broke my leg, and it was the most pain I have ever felt in my entire life.


I was kept in hospital, undergoing surgery somewhere down the track, and stayed in hospital as long as I could because the beds were very comfortable, and I didn't need to make the food, nor clean the dishes. After a lengthy 3 week stay I was finally kicked out with crutches and a hospital fee, after which I went into a 2 week frenzy of study, because I was behind in my study schedule in preparation for my tests.

I then put off telling you guys for another week, mostly because I felt scared about the R Ps I was playing. So, yes ^u^ That is my lengthy excuse, and I sincerely apologise for lagging the R Ps I've been in. I believe I broke my leg some time after I died on this site, and I have no excuse for that, which I also apologise for.

I will now proceed to profusely beg the G Ms of those respective R Ps for forgiveness.

Vandalism here. I mean, it's sort of obligatory in this site:

Hooray, some vandalism here!

Wait, who keeps vandalism in a folder?

Me apparently. Not that that's a bad thing. You know.


Oh, just graffiti my property already.


  • Yes. First. Ahem. Hello. Here's a poem, as standard.
You are a really cool person,
I'd like to know you better,
You're a funny kinda dude,
And I guess you're not too rude,
Dude you're awesome, and that's true. - The Songseamster

Also, you can't just leave a story like that on my page and not expect something of equal or lesser value on thy own page! *ahem*
An Aralyn fanfic by Karl Kadaver
Once upon a time, Aralyn was walking down the street. She was looking for a pastry shop that sells pastries, but every one that she went to only sold moldy cheese and stale potato crisps. So she went up to the manager of one of the stores and asked, "Hey. What gives?" and the manager told her, "We sold all of our pastries to that rat bastard Karl Kadaver." And she said, "Where can I find that rat bastard?" and the manager said, "He's at the warehouse district, in warehouse 37." So she went there and found Karl. Karl, being the rat bastard he is, was sitting on top a pile of pastries and wiping his fingers off on a napkin since he had just eaten a pastry. He might be a rat bastard, but he's not a slob. Sheesh. So Aralyn drew her mighty pickaxe and said, "We must Kung-Fu fight now" and her lips kept moving after she finished speaking like in those old kung-fu movies. Then Karl said, "I will defeat you because my kung-fu is stronger than yours" and Aralyn said, "We will see about that" and she charged at him. He leapt into the air because he knew Wire Fu, but she managed to cut his strings and he fell to the floor and she killed him with her pickaxe. As she picked up a pastry and started to eat it, she said, "Nothing tastes better than kicking ass."
The End. (OR IS IT?!)

    Vandalism the Second 

I bought a new folder :)

    I am currently obsessing over 

Cinematography and its processes, though more the story-telling aspects than anything. It's really random, but I'm just lurking on blogs and stalking world-building behind the scenes art and so on. Also, A Song Of Ice And Fire; I've read up till Dance With Dragons and am currently waiting for the reservations list to clear off because I am too cheap to reserve a spot for myself. I am placating myself by watching Game Of Thrones Youtube clips. And watching Game Of Thrones. Illegally. Because I'm in Australia, and our networks apparently have better things to do.

The Chaos Walking series. I thought the ending could've been a bit less...I don't know, a bit less cleanly I suppose. I enjoyed the blurring between good and evil but my issues with the series was mainly how the series was wrapped up. Ben was too righteous, too much of an embodiment of peace and happiness. While it was alright while he was 'dead' and considered a symbol of Todd's childhood (and how it's been 'killed' or 'ripped' away from him, if you will), when he 'came back' he seemed just a voice of good, no flaws or misgivings unlike any of the other flawed and therefore fascinating characters in the whole series. The more I think about, the more I feel just disatisfied with the overall ends of many of the characters. Even the Mayor whose death seemed the like the climax of the whole series seemed a little anticlimatic, by how he...ugh. Words cannot be found. Ignore my nit-picking. It's an amazing series and you should by all means read it. It will not disappoint. I actually cried at one of the deaths in the first book.

Rewatching Death Note. It's actually damn good.

Pronouncing the word hilarious "hi-laaar-ri-us". It will pass soon. Hopefully.

"don't hug me, i'm scared"- short film by This Is It. Green is not a creative colour...

    My bookshelf/folder for random things 

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