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Hello, I'm somebody registered as That Human on this site. I have two sockpuppet accounts, both of which redirect to this page.

If you see anyone else going by "That Human" on other sites, it's most likely not me, as I don't use this handle on any other website.

I can use this page to tell you some more things about myself, but I don't feel like it.

Vandalism or whatever it is.

New messages go on the bottom, I think.

[-Vandalism section opened on 17th Apr '11 8:34:07 AM site time, which should give you some clue on how old the comments would be.

update: Editing other people's troper pages has been disabled at some point during 2013, so this section looks kinda pointless now.-]

Ello!-Pink Dave
  • Greetings, fellow troper. How goes life? - Phoenixor
  • Hello, human! You sound like an interesting fellow/fem-low. Air Of Mystery
  • Vandalism with a Smile! RenaTheArchmage is spreading the love!
  • It's that human! Kidnap him! - one of the many faeries
  • There hello! O ?O Essefantasia
  • You know, Indef vandalized you, like forever ago, but this is the first time I've left vandalism. I've shamed myself and my family. My zombie family. - Karl Kadaver
    • And I'm back. Did you do that thing we talked about? You know...that...thing... If you didn't, I swear to the Heavens, I will destroy you! You don't actually have to do it if you don't want. I'm just acting tough for the sake of my reputation. - Karl Kadaver
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    • I totally have no clue what you mean. :| That Human
  • What on earth am I doing here? I think I got lost. Thespacephantom
  • Hello! Hello! Hey, Listen! NotAlwaysTheHero wuz here.
  • I'm shaking my pedipalps just for you; hope you appreciate. - OrangeSpider
  • Cornbread us. - Premonition45
  • That Human is a SPY!! - DJKing
  • derp -raigakuren
  • Want to take my challenge? - Nathaniel The Seeker
  • Yeah. I'm so busy that when I go online, few of my old buddies are still there. TT~TT ~Indef
  • Blargh. - Junfez
  • Describe Troper Here =Commander Obvious
  • I like humans. ~ lilylilium
  • So I vandalized Eventua by mistake. Whoops. >_> - A Senile Donkey
  • You are not gonna let go that I like Sakura Kasungano are you? Or Ritsu's hoodie? That's cool but let's just say Sakura is mine. Yeah, I'm shipping myself with a fictional character. What you gonna do? ...Anyways, what's up? You seem pretty cool. - Darkclaw
    • I guess I could let it go, but the fact that you posted this makes it a bit harder. :P That Human
    • Don't worry about it, I find it funny. I'm a lot tougher skinned than I seem :P Darkclaw
  • This human is here to vandalize That Human. ~thiefoftime
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  • I would post a peom about you here, but... for some reason there's one up there! Ah well. Less work for me. :D - Inhopelessguy
  • Hello there! -abstractematics
  • The shadows grace your page. Be honoured. —Lord Of Shadows
  • S c h m e e p . ~theindefiniteone
  • This is not vandalism. It is a duck. - Ailedhoo
  • Here's to a fellow toku fan. - Kraken
  • Hello, babs. My second-favourite page here, bar mine. :D Inhopeless Guy
  • You are totally an alien. - Completely Normal Guy
  • Don't be sad. Your a winner in my eyes -PinkHeartChainsaw
  • It's only fair when I vandalize your page too. Although "vandalize" kinda sounds bad... well whatever. Hello. ~kay4today
  • Are you "THAT human" or "that HUMAN"?-Canidaemon
    • Erm... the latter, I guess. Me
  • Hello to you, too. :) ~Nocturna
  • I love humans. They taste delicious... - Alrune
  • Weird how I haven't been here before. Anyway, pleased to meet you! -Mokona Zero
  • I do indeed look like Troy from Community. -Chrissie Mc Napkins

Alternative Title(s): Eater Of Pizza, Simply Whatever