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o ヮo

"I am the core of my danmaku. Touhou is my body and canon is my blood. I have created over a thousand spellcards. Unknown to Defeat, Nor known to Victory. Have withstood pain, randomly attacked by peoples. Yet, those hands will never stop danmaku-ing. So as I pray, Unlimited Touhou Works!"
—Essefantasia, Touhou Canon-lore Maniac

"... O ヮO"

O ヮO:

  • O ヮO
  • O ヮO
  • O ヮO
  • Confused? Don't be O ヮO

"Uhh... Just who are you?"

  • Depends, Are you sick of all the "O ヮO"?
    • "No"
      • O ヮO
      • Back to Are you sick of all the "O ヮO"?
    • "Yes"
      • Go on to the next section. Shoo, shoo.

"Right/good/bah/56$%^%$#$@$(*^&*&*(&^@$$##$/whatever/insert-your-text-here. So who/what are you?"

  • Troper
    • If your response is something along the line of "That's obvious" go to the section after this.
    • If your response is something along the line of "I've had enough of this/Jeebus!/Gyaaaaaaaaah!" go to the last section.



That's all O ヮO

  • "Wait where's this "last section" you're talking about?"
    • "Back to Are you sick of all the "O ヮO"? "

Customer complaint/Revenge of the angry mobs/"I'll kill you!"/Dohohoho/>_>/Vandal-modo/whatever section:

  • H-hello? Is there someone here? It's all dark and OHGODOHGODSHE'SGOTMMMM - Orange Spider
  • Hi there! ~ That Human
  • Okay, look, here's the situation. I vandalise your page, and you don't give me that look until my heart explodes. Deal? -Phoenixor
  • unyu~? raigakuren
  • HELLO! Nice to be here. That look... I can deal with. Inhopeless Guy

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