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A wild Bookworm appears!

I've decided to tell you more about myself. I used to live in Mississippi! Now I've fled to the northern reaches and dwell in the mountain-graced lands of Montana, with my loving girlfriend in a queer polycule set against the cosmic law. I got through college and now I work at a Post Office!

Also I realized I don't like gender! They/Them pronouns please!

Tropes That I Say Apply To Me.


Things I like

  • Various Authors: Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Rick Rirodian. I have complex feelings about David Eddings, since his books are kind of racist. I've read some Anne Mc Affery but it's been so long I can't remember my opinions.
  • Learning about new cultures fascinates me.
  • Myths and folklore.
  • [Strike] I have horrid taste in music. I like things from pop to rock to opera.[/Strike] I have amazing taste in music, this was just me being self-deprecating.
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  • Played tons and tons of MM Os. Ask me about it, I may have played at at some point.
  • I used to be really big into Webcomics, I still keep up on Questionable Content, Kill Six Billion Demons and Dumbing of Age. A classic mix.
  • Humor. I like levity.

Tropes That Anyone/Everyone Else Think Apply To Me

I don't always edit pages, but when I do, I infect it with Tropes.
Stay Genre Savvy, my Friend.

Blah, Vandalism.

Ha, love your "I don't always"~ Amazing Lagann

Verisimilitude. I like that word. You don't, I do. Alas. You seem reasonable, and that is good.

Closets are odd dimensions to be in once ventured into. First hand experience in the past and present — Tromma Machina

A wild Aspie appears! -Indigo12ash

I sneak in, I poop in your shoes. -InverurieJones