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Question everything.
Caleb West saying my motto.

There is nothing supernatural in this world, just mysteries and gullible people.
Caleb West saying my mantra.

Acceptance, not endurance
Caleb West's life philosophy.

... Hello. I, Amazing Lagann, The Storyteller, found this site... a long time ago... or at least it's felt like that. My computer is always on, and I am on a constant Wiki Walk. I almost never have less than ten tabs open on TV Tropes at one time. And once I start, it can go up to 60. Then it takes me several hours to whittle it down to about 20 again. I guess that's why I think it's been so long, I've spent so much time here, but really, it's only been since 2011. I was brought here by Bitter Sweet Candy Bowl, the author Taeshi mentioned that she got a TV Tropes page, and I came here.


My favorite animals are Humans. I'm sometimes an atheist, but for the rest of the time I'm agnostic. I believe in Jediism, and Kaminalogy. I'm a gamer, philosopher, storyteller, and artist (I box too). But most of all, I like to think. I tend to be a bit bipolar with what I want. To be outgoing, or not to be? To want a girlfriend, or not? To be happy, or serious? Some days, it changes. I hate ignorance, and love critical thinking.

A lot of the time, I have trouble discerning what is real and whats not. Is this a dream, am I dreaming during the day? Is this a figment of my imagination? Am I in my own story? The only thing I know is real all the time is TV Tropes.

Tropes that apply to me:

  • Reluctant Warrior: I dislike fighting, and I don't think it's way to solve problems, but I will fight if it's necessary. If nobody fought, the world would be peaceful, but some people just want to watch the world burn. And we have to protect ourselves.
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  • The Anti-Nihilist: I tend to quote Friedrich Nietzsche a lot, but I'm not a cynical as him.
  • Hot-Blooded: If I yell loud enough, I can do ANYTHING!


  • I love to play Battlefield 3 (on X-box, it's all I can afford) and have first place dog tags (50 or more 1st place out of 24). I get first place often when I'm trying because I love tactics and preying on human instinct. I also like to go into a trance state when I'm gaming. I preform really well when I find that comfortable balance between thinking and letting go.
  • I'm playing through Deus Ex Human Revolution right now.
  • I'm also lost in the land of Skyrim. It's kind of dangerous, because for a while, after long play sessions I would say "If I get hurt, I can just revert to the last save... Wait".
  • Still playing Monster Hunter Tri.



I can basically get into anything. Si-Fi, Romance, comic books, anime, manga, movies, whatever.


Leaders should be people, not persons.
Caleb West stating his views on political figures.

Conversation is my most dangerous weapon; I can argue that this knife is a pencil and be right.
Caleb West, while holding a screw.

Criminals are not animals, they're worse. Humans are the greatest monsters for the sole fact that they know what they are doing.
Caleb West

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Sherlock Holmes

Being satisfied never got anyone anywhere.
Caleb West

I think it would be wise to stop worrying and and enjoy life. Too bad it took me years of thinking to realize this, and fools have been doing it all along.
Caleb West

I dream of a world where companies will not have to put warning labels on their products so that customers don't do something stupid with it.
Caleb West

I hate defining words because you have to symbolize symbolism with symbols.
Caleb West

The reason people are not animals is because we ask why we aren't.
Caleb West

Faith is Ignorance.
Caleb West

Logic. Reason. Reality. They don’t magically change because you want to believe something.
Wizardling on

People and their problems make the best stories. Not where they go, not what they do.
Caleb West

Don't judge a man by how many friends he can make, judge him by how long he can keep them.
Caleb West

The only truly free man is a man who has either killed or enslaved the rest of humanity.
Caleb West

In order for there to be freedom and peace, you have to fight a few wars.
Caleb West

It only takes a single madman to enslave a world of pacifists
Caleb West

A dishonest man can trust no one, a honest man shouldn't trust anyone.
Caleb West

If you are not sure about a decision, think it through thoroughly, if you are sure, think it through even more.
Caleb West's koan.



The main story of Singularity.
Event Horizon
About the eponymous super computer, and the impossible changes of society.
"Human" Rights
A political drama set in the singularity, about robot rights.
A romance between a young girl and her low level A.I. robot bodyguard.
Last Machine Standing
The end of the world.
The end of the world hasn't happened. Not yet.
— Tagline
You humans are just machines made of meat. You are no different than us. At the end of the war, the best machine will win, and that machine will be the last one standing.

Fight My Dream

I Shot The Sheriff

Broken Love

A broken life. A broken mind. A broken love.
— Tagline

Counter Snipers


Space Glove

Love Your Enemies

Black and White

Gangster's Paradise




People who are born in this village are bound from birth. What happens when you lose your soul mate?

Demon Heart

A deal with the devil starts a journey of revenge.

Son of Time

A soldier who was never born cannot die.

Facing Death

A deconstruction of the Zombie genre.
Reality Ensues

Small World


A drama series of deconstructed tropes.


A reconstruction of a deconstructed world.
Sometimes it seems like there is no good in the world. That evil will always win and despair will consume our souls. At that point it is easy to say there is no such thing as a happy ending. But what are we to do then? Give up?! NO! You think I'll just lie down and die? No! I will survive. The day I sit down and wait for death to take me is the day I that loose. The only thing I can do is... Hope! If we keep fighting, moving toward that glimmer of hope, there's a chance that we'll win! If you die, die with a smile on your face and your teeth gritted! Just who the hell... DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!


Am I a villain because I fight the "Hero"?
Villain asking the question.


Ever wonder what it's like for the grunts who fight along side heroes? They don't come back.
— Tagline and theme.

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