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Inverurie Jones is something of a polymath, having been a sailor, soldier, Coastguard officer, airman, scholar, charity volunteer, a postman a fireman and, most recently, a police officer. He tells everyone it is because he wants to experience life from as many different perspectives as possible, but really he seems driven by an unknown force to change the future for the better, and finds himself leaping from job to job, striving to put right what is currently going wrong.


It's tragic, really.

His interests include:

Rock, Folk music, Chappism, Sci-fi, tabletop wargaming, trying half-heartedly to learn to play the fiddle, making beer in the bathroom, growing fruit and veg, aviation, shooting things, drinking tea, having heated debates about Tamrielic theology with his wife at all hours of the night, playing with his awesome kids, firefighting, anything involving wild boar and, last but not least, blowing shit up.

  • This week Mr. Jones has mostly been: in hospital.

He now has a Wall.
Mr. Jones looks a bit like this. Now with added moustache!
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
UK Civil Air Patrol
H.M. Coastguard
HMS Scotia


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Royal Corps of Signals


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  • Tapadh leat, my countryman! -Uilleam

Things Jonesy likes:

Uh...gimme a minute. This could be a long list and putting them in alphabetic order might take forever... (Under construction)




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