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Eccentric Internet presence in vague proximity to femininity sometimes found on this site. Very fond of strange, genre-defying music and strange, panic-inducing fiction. Serves as Herald for the Music subforum and a former member of the Cinque Dragowó wait, no, the Content Violations panel. Totally not on the wizard court.

Makes music and writes fiction, the former far more often than the latter, although both are subject to grandiose ambitions.

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    Vandalism (Archived) 

Editor's Note: Seeing as contributors may now only edit their own pages, please feel free to wreak havoc on this page.

Seeing as many of the users who vandalised this page are now long since departed from this site, I shall keep their words here in their honour. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Any vandalism to be perpetrated shall go here.

*no response*


OK, now I'm just offended.

Well, fine then. *ravishes* Your Slasher Smile holds no fear for me. is my homeboy. - SunshineWerewolf


  • What is this and this radvishing stuff? Oh, and hi. - d Roy

  • The faeries don't ravish. They steal. Some of your stuff may be missing, by the way. - StolenByFaeries

...with a radish?

  • And some more vandalism, for you sir- BetsyandtheFiveAvengers
    • Thank you, O Vengeful One.

  • It occurred to me that I hadn't vandalized your page, and though I'm very happy I'm not actually the Finn to your Harris, I thought that I should do this, in memory of their strange and horrific relationship. - AwayLaughing
    • Strange and horrific indeed. And thank you.

  • Well, you know what happens when a person is awesome. THAT PERSON'S PAGE IS RAVISHED WITHOUT MERCY. ~ Snowy Foxes
  • Ravishing radishes! -Katana Cat

  • Considering your eclectic predilection of music, I guess the JHM means "Jazz-Heavy Metal-Motown" ^^ -Amused Troper Guy
  • Soli Deo gloria indeed. - the Sweet and Full of Grace
  • Returning the favor. Considering the guy's amazing musical knowledge and taste I had to do this. -Akalabth
  • As long as you're an attractive woman, I'll marry you XD. Nice musical taste, by the way! -Quag15