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Hello! Ò益Ó Ignore that piece... Ahem,As You Know, I am VoidsEmpathy and a resident troper of this wonderful land known as Tvtropes. Know this, it'll take me awhile to properly alphabetize the tropes and other things, so I apologize in advance for the arrangement as they come to mind. (I like cows. Moo moo~) Sigh

Voids Empathy invented Burritos! No, really!

While I reside within the Void, My human shell was created in CA.

Human Age: 27 — Younger Than They Look...

Appearance: Well....I have an account for Facebook. And the link's gone....yes. Here's the edit link for those lazy enough to not use the edit page button.

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    List of Tropes Referring to my Personality 

    Other Tropes that Relate to me 

the person. ~ betterthanstrawberry betterthanstrawberry

     List of Things I Enjoy  

  • AMV Hell - This also includes it's smaller set, AMV Minis
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Avatar The Last Airbender- Liked the few seasons it had, but not a big fan of the sequel series...
  • Bleach - This would count for any subsequent fanfic I might read. Well, this guy counts as well
  • Invader Zim
  • Kingdom Hearts - I admit, I have played this game far too many times to count; But hey, I can't help loving the music
  • Mahou Sensei Negima - I don't know much of UQ holder, but I don't have the energy to expend the effort to be interested in it.
  • Mass Effect - Honestly, I'm only getting into it again because of Mass Vexations
  • Mythbusters
  • Naruto - Same with above except with a different artist/composer
  • NCIS
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion - It's combination of multiple things to be honest: This, this, and any other fanfic I might read. Listening to it's awesome soundtracks doesn't hurt either
  • Red Vs Blue - I wonder why there isn't a seperate page for AHWU yet. Time will tell, I suppose.
  • Samurai Jack
  • RWBY - Thanks to Red vs. Blue, I've come to love this series as it continues to grow
  • Warframe - Those crazy space ninjas...And Space mom, too! Well that, and having a play time of over 1000 hours may be another reason....
  • Worm - Like anything new, reading wise, it was a crossover fic that got me into it, though reading the original work itself had left me emotionally drained for awhile...So damned distressing ;-;
  • StarCraft - Grew up with this!
  • Diablo - Like Star Craft, I grew up with this game...
  • WorldOfWarcraft didn't play this until Wrath came out, took a break during Cataclysm, reentered during Mists, interest fell off during Warlords, and currently keeping pace with Legion
  • I know I've got a lot of music to sort through, but it's too difficult to list those too

     My Troper Works...Under Construction 

     Vandalism Section For Tropers
  • I'm kind of trying to organize your page, if you don't mind? I hope this doesn't make me come off as sneaky. -_- I just kind of wanted to help. I have the original order saved, if you want it back. -Risingdreams
Dude you are awesome,
Do not forget,
This BOVINE on the internet,
The COWS are funny,
And the HENS ain't runny,
But god, I mean everything said. Inhopelessguy Boys Like Girls. Check it out. Inhopelessguy