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I decided to delete my self deprecation because as silly as it was, I don't actually dislike myself that much and nobody found it that funny~Well, okay, I did, but I have strange sense of humor But if you want to read it, check history. Anyway, I'm guy whose page you are currently checking, I like art and animals and I would actually like being creepy, but I'm not actually creepy. Not yet at least~


List of tropes which displeases the Spooky(if it appears in story in certain way):

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     Launched (well, sort of) 

  • But Sir, It's Not Ready: Originally I named it(by suggestion of another troper) But Sir, It's Not Ready, but then someone pointed me that there was already old YKTTW about it... So I launched both, but I was too lazy to edit it right away and someone did it first... I guess if I wouldn't have launched them, even though its rather obvious trope, nobody would have, but I still feel kinda sad that someone else edited first...(though, I suck in making stuff, so it would have sucked anyway...)

    Guest-book/graffiti wall...(I don't know who the heck would want to write something here, but you are free to do so if you REALLY want to...) 
  • Hello there, you perfect newbie! - Flanker 66
  • Hey dude! :D-Dark Lady Celebrian
  • 'Sup, mon. ~ Komodin
  • ...Hi~ It's nice to know that there are other Finns here too :) (At least I believe I read somewhere that you're a Finn, so I'm sorry if I'm wrong.) Huilisti
    • Of course I am a Finn! But unlike you normal Finns, I'm stranger than average Finn! Seriously saying, you play flute?
  • Hi, Spooky! =D ~ Everzwijn
  • Just being a random stranger passing through. ~ CapedLuigisYoshi
  • Guten Tag! Thank you for the vandalism! (And, by the way - if that paragraph up there is any indication I think you may really enjoy the Xenofiction page.) - Noaqiyeum
    • Ah, thanks~ Though, most on that page are literature and I don't think I can find them easily from library -_-; So the search continues xD
  • Monsters need love too, and they are grateful to you! - Beholderess
  • I don't think the mask is that Spooky, actually. Also VANDALISM! - WUE
  • Incredibly late vandalization!!! And me, perverted? -bats eyes innocently- I have no idea what you're talking about!
...Anyway, have a snake. ~Epitome
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Its green! My fav color! :3 Like it, like it, like it~<3
  • Oh hey, another rival to my schemes. Fantastic. Still, at least you're giving me warning. Not like that guy with the fans... -Phoenixor
  • Sup Finnbro. — goodtimesfreegrog
  • Does that mask of yours prevent you from drinking coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8
    • No, but my taste buds does :3 *sips from imaginary mug*
  • You're awesome. Time zones suck. - Daionus The 23rd
    • True, time zones suck :(
  • What do you mean "life-changing news"? —Sean Murray I
    • Wouldn't you like to know? ;)
      • Well, yeah, I would. That's why I asked to know. —Sean Murray I
      • Well, too bad :3
  • Hey, if you like non-human protagonists so much (Like me!), you may want to check out Deadly Creatures. You get to play as a tarantula and a scorpion! —Anomalocaris20
    • Hmm, been planning to get that game at some point...
  • Hey there, my friend! =D Nathaniel The Seeker
    • Hi! I can finally edit again!
  • Are you my mommy? - Dracia
    • Yes, I'm your male biological mama, now come here my little spawn and join my flesh.
  • The faeries have now invaded your page. You are now ten seconds too late to start running. - a faerie
    • Hey, get off my lawn or I will sue you-*gets invaded*
  • You are the most adorable. - Daionus The23rd
  • -sets the page and your Self-Deprecation on fire- Come now, surely you must've known that I would do this. :P -Nekoalexa
  • The faeries wished to inflict more vandalism... the structural integrity of your page have suffered as a consequence. - Stolen By Faeries
    • Wait a sec, didn't you fairy folk invade this page before? o-o*checks history* What the heck ._. It does read in history, but I don't remember deleting it. In fact, according to the history, nobody deleted it ._.;
  • Excuse me, but I think I left a song around here. HERE IT IS!
To Spooky Mask,
A really great lad,
Bundles of fun,
And a cool avvie to boot,
I think he's got a reason to enjoy the sun,
The forcast ain't as bad as it seems,
It's clearing up soon, if only in dreams - The songseamster

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