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As her name states in Finnish, she plays the flute.

Has done small edits to already existing topics and corrected some grammar mistakes in the Finnish Wiki. Is one of the few girl tropers lurking at the Negima forum.

Huilisti would become really glad, if someone added some great (or at least decent) Conan/Ai fanfics to the Detective Conan fanfic recs page or Syaoran/Sakura fics to the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle page. <3 *keeps on hoping*


If you happen to stumble upon this page, feel free to vandalize~

  • I haven't vandalized this? Oh wait, this page didn't before have this section. Anyway, time to vandalize my fellow Finnish people for being Finns :D ~Spooky Mask

  • Just passing through, a little vandalizing, nothing much... - Amused Troper Gu


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