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Go To Lost... Regained
"I must have awesome nightmares if you're one of them." - gentlemanorcus
"I think I was more comfortable with xim when xe was an betentacled abomination unto the Lord in my mind." - Sabre's Edge

Welcome, delicious friend. Very *squishy* to meet you!

This page is mostly a relic of an earlier time of TV Tropes formatting. I thought it was a funny idea at the time, but I suppose it's come out somewhat poorly. As I tend to have a lot of ideas that I thought were funny at the time but come out somewhat poorly, it shall remain in place, and use this space for clarifying notes.note 

This, of course, merely begs the question of how I ought to describe myself such that I won't get demands for further explanation. Let's see.

I am philosophical, queer, whimsical, methodical, anarchic, secretive, honest, analytical, neurodivergent, slightly creepy, needlessly verbose, overly anxious and self-aware, and unfortunately passive-aggressive. I am non-binary, determined partly due to how much joy I took in other tropers being unable to confidently agree on my gender, and accept "it" or "they" as appropriate. Somewhere at the intersection of new weird, magical realism, science fiction, and analog horror is my favourite genre. I post art and writing to Tumblr and DeviantArt under the deliberately-vague description of "night shapes", which encompasses worldbuilding, surreal and body horror, cute nonsense, and pretty people. I am a shifting thing of smoke in a cage of bones and flesh, a rubber-band-ball of neuroses, a crystalline void whose facets refract light into named identities, and even, very occasionally, a person.

Oh, and it's pronounced No-AWK-ee-yoom, or "Noa" for short! I prefer Noa at this point, actually, I just haven't come up with another username I like enough to be worth the hassle of switching.

This page may be experiencing some technical difficulties. In the event of a BLIT inceptionnote  or Fiction Metastability Event, please make sure you are securely fastened to your nearest reality before continuing. If no such reality is available, a brane of sufficient dimension may be found behind your quixotic cortex to stabilise your descent. Thank you for joining us on today's flight of fancy.

     Mental Images of the Tropers 
I dabble in artiness and have been drawing my mental images of other tropers in this thread. This folder is in satisfaction of a request that I list them in one place.
I'm drawing tropers of whom I get particularly interesting/unique/distinct/wasauchimmer mental images. I'm happy to take requests (it helps me remember everyone whom I have such images of), but please don't take it personally if I don't actually ever draw you! note 
So... similarly, I don't think I'm going to state whom I'm drawing ahead of time. It'll be a happy surprise for you! :D

     Interests - (contents under pressure, keep closed when not in use) 
Reorganisation in progress. Currently sorted by mode of engagement, ordered by letter, numbered by preference on a scale of 0% to 100% True Art.

Genres (some of my own devising)







     Contributions to the Wiki 

Tropes describing me and other assorted vandalism has been relocated here. We apologise for the convenience.