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I was banned. I hang out on IJBM and Beyond the Lampshade nowadays.

I used to have a long, self-indulgent page here, but it no longer seems appropriate to keep it up. I'll keep comments from other people here, though.

And you doubt wrong. Because I vandalize your page For Science!! You know, like using orphan blood as fuel, just not as funny. - Nyarly

  • Hi! I used to watch Mr Bean as a kid, too. Those were the days. - elemcee

YOU! FUCK YEAH! - A friend.

Oh, there you are! ~ Aliroz The Confused.

  • Yay, another Sonic fan who doesn't hate the newer titles! Seriously though, the Genesis games are all awesome; I just like some of the newer titles more, is all. - Komodin

  • You threatening me? I don't even know where to start with you. I mean, do you even know who you're talking to? Do you have any idea, any idea who I am? Basically, kind of a big deal. So you want my money, brother? Listen here, pally ...Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people. Got that? Say it again, tough guy, and you'll be fucking dead! Boink! - Soliferrum

Vandalism must be answered in kind! Also, a huzzah for role-playing games! Calvin and Hobbes is also awesome. - Dmboogie

Remember kids, when CWC arrives, DUCK AND COVER! REPEAT WITH ME! DUCK AND COVER! - WUE

  • ORCUS! It it I, The Great Crack! -evil laugh- Thanks for the vandalism. You seem pretty cool too :) - A Crack In Time

  • Just dropping by. Your page wasn't nearly velvety enough. Anyway, I hope my interactions with you increase exponentially, before CWC snaps and murderapes everyone! - Midnight Velvet

  • Crud, now I feel the cosmos too. *sniffs* At least it smells like it's been cleaned.

  • For France? - Krrackknut.

  • A gentleman? Yes, you are. - Arcolops

  • How are you gentleman? All Your Base Are Belong to Us. You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time! HA HA HA HA —CATS

  • Gentlemanly indeed! I say good sir, up for a sip of tea and a round at the brothel? -sits down in chair cross-legged, drinking tea innocently- :3 ~Epitome

Congratulations, gentlemanorcus! You are the 100th Troper to edit my Contributor Page. That makes you the winner of our illustrious Grand Prize Luxury Package! Johnny, tell him what he's won!

  • gentlemanorcus, as the proud winner of this glorious contest, you can get to celebrate with... A NEW PORTABLE SPACE HEATER!
    • From the Trustus Fan & Heater Co., Just simply plug the Trustus Luxury Space Heater, the only space heater that can be carried anywhere, into any outlet, and let the metal coils heat up to temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit and keep you warm when its cold in the Winter. "Trustus: If it hasn't been rigorously tested, just trust us!
  • And while you're warming yourself up when it's cold outside, be sure to enjoy the experience with... The Sarah Palin Baby's First Firearm! because it's never too early to teach our kids to exercise and defend our 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights.
  • All contestants also receive.... Rice-A-Roni, the San Fransisco Treat, a year's supply of turtle wax, and a copy of our home game!
Well, isn't that something or what? From all of Sean Murray I's Contributor's Page, I bid you a good night and a pleasant tomorrow! See you next time; thanks for playing!

  • I have vandalised your page nefariously! -twiddles false mustache while escaping in a hot air bloon- N'YAHAHAHA! -rifflet

  • I know, right! We totally need to talk more because you seem pretty cool too. waves -SenatorAwesomePants

  • Godot Was Here.

  • Curse you! Curse you for being the first to vandalize my page! Now I shall vandalize yours! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -YouMustDie

I just made your page more.....gentlemanly? Eh, doesn't work as well. I'll be as gentlemanly as I can, though! -Longfellow

I Am The TRUE and HONEST CWC. You Will PUT ALL THE INSULTS DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -CWC

Hey gentlemanorcus. Thanks for the compliment. I do like Firing Range, and most Eastern Animation for that fact, but that link was only on my page because I wrote the article for it on here. There are a lot of things on my page that I don't like that I wrote a page for anyways, so... yeah, just so you don't think I like Sleepover or something. ^_^; You seem really cool! And you have good taste! —blamspam