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Describe Schitzo here.

With Pleasure.

Schitzo is a 21 year old male (!) troper living in the nether regions of Orange County. A scholar, a gentleman, a lover, a fighter and a hero: all five live next door to him. note 

um, what?

Uh, anyway... My current projects include a High School Black Comedy, among others. I'll add some more stuff to this page, once i get around to it

Tropes that Describe Schitzo: Will not be doing this anymore because its stupid and masturbatory.


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Vandalism space!! Do your worst, tropers! note 

Hello, Schitzoid! You're one of the cooler troper things that has spawned lately. Another Evangelion fan in the making, too. We need more of them. - Solstace

Hi there Schitzo. I expect some editing in return. -signed, Kinkajou

Hey fellow A Fistful Of Dollars lover! I was wondering when you'd finally make this page.

COOKIES. Future bounty hunter says hi ^^ -Dark Lady Celebrian

I am enjoying your liveblog of HAY ZUDAK immensely. Though that's possibly because it hasn't yet reached the parts where I was acting particularly idiotic. Anyway, keep up the good work until then, and then please go do something else. Haven

Reciprocal vandalism! I'm gonna index your page, too, mmkay? :3 -Blackmoon


You get no secks as I am asexksual. But here's a comment. -Ozbourne

Hello again, fellow Queen fan. -Kinkajou

Hi or whatever...Just kidding! HELLO! :) Tidal_Wave_17

  • I feel my enthusiasm could be shared between both of us, Tyler. Hey, Schitzo, let me introduce myself. I'm Jeffrey, Tidal Wave's friend and ever-geekier, and you seem like a pretty interesting guy to know! You, too, are a Berserk -fan? Or would you like to tell more about this Orange County?

REI!!! *fangirl squee* ~Dracia

"HURR! I'M A HOERS!" ~ Wheezy

It was by my hand that I was given a contributor page! I was called here by the my friend who wished to entertain me with the meta-analysis that I enjoy! ~Glenn Magus Harvey

  • Perhaps the same could be said of all literary scholarship.

Schitzo's good people. - Krrackknut.

  • punches you so hard that your nose itches* -Charlatan

WRYYYYYYYYY! ~ The Lucky Star

Salutations. I shall leave my mark upon your page. - Imipolex G

Oh, Hey there! - Phyi

Oh hai Schitzo. I do believe an AWESOME troper requires an AWESOME act of vandalism. Say, are you a FUN and COOL chap? Well yes, yes you are. Jseblan

What's this? A fellow Guilty Gear fan? Exquisite! And be sure to keep yourself alive! -Voltech44

Props go to you for having an icon that actually made me want to sit in a corner and BSOD. -Latia

How come I've forgotten to leave my mark here? You're really great a guy to know, although you probably knew that already. May I also add you are extremely insightful and masterful at constructive criticism? Always a pleasure to speak with you. -NathanielTheSeeker

Godot Was Here.

Ooh, a Final Fantasy fan! What's your favourite one? -rifflet

Okay, who else I have forgot to vandalize? -Spooky Mask

Humans have Shark Week. Sharks have Chuck Norris Week. Chuck Norris has Schitzo Week. -Scrye

I feel so welcome. -IPunchWithMyFists

My favourite Final Fantasy is VI!! - mst3kluv

Hello *extremely*! I am glad you like to *play*! Some *tropers* are not so good for *games*. - Noaqiyeum

Jawsome! Extreeeeeeme! Random 90's reference! - Shirow Shirow

Hello, fellow River City fan! I am glad to meet you and enjoy your company! - SMSoldier

Castlevania is my favorite 2D game series. did I get here?

Oh yeah, I raped your page and set it on fire. I could do a graphic description but I don't think you would like that.

- Aramil

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy, caught in a landslide?- Mr W