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(C.C. will be back when I can figure out how to fix the sizing issue.)

Ozbourne is one of those people who never knows exactly what to write about herself in biographies.

Don't worry; she doesn't usually talk about herself in the third person. She's only doing it here because putting "I am..." all over the page would look a bit strange.

Ozbourne's age depends entirely upon whose perspective it is we're talking about.

Oh, and because others seem to be doing it, Ozbourne is hopping on the bandwagon and asking that if anyone has any descriptions or tropes that might apply to her, feel free to add them to the wall.

Tropes that describe Ozbourne:

It's a thing!
ok, it's no longer a thing, but as I was distracted when it was a thing and thus couldn't announce that it was a thing... it was a thing.

Old vandalism is here. New vandalism goes on the troper wall in the above link.

Hey Ozbourne!

Hey Ozbourne. I left you some pizza.

HAY OZBOURNE this is mostly just a random comment and graffiti.

William Wide Web wants to know the secret to your immortality.


Severed Khan appears... For no reason at all!


Ozbourne is C.C. She's a bored immortal and that's all the information you need for Epileptic Trees!

Hey, Ozbourne. I haven't seen you that much around the forums after I stopped reading Troper Updates. Which is too bad, 'cause you seem like a neat person.

Lemurian may or may not have been here, but there is a bottle of booze and a link to some awesome Touhou-related music, so chances are that he was.

Ridiculous and slightly hallucinatory vandalizing comment. - Wicked223

-offering of a years supply of snark- ~Katrika

Have you ever considered insulting every being in the universe in alphabetical order? -Tropers/darnpenguin

Hello then. You asked for a comment, here it is. -signed, Mortal.

Vandalism? Okay. Pokemon sucks! You are awesome.

Ozbourne is by far the coolest immortal I've ever met. - The Jackal

Wild ABRATangent 128 Appeared!

If you could see the end of the world as we know it, would you still be bored? -Wanderlust Warrior


Fear the boredom. I give you the big shiny red button that will fix boredom I promise.-Tuefel Hunden IV

  • There will be no chiseling my pants off when I am a statue. Very amusing.
Oh God! How did this get here! [[meme I'm not good with computers]] Justice4243

All my base (and pizza) are belong to you. ladycoffee

Well I suppose I should pay a visit... ~ Zyxzy

Hey there! Thanks for leaving something back at my page! ~ L3wt

* Attempts to vandalise here and gets zapped.* - Coyotic Evil

Miss Hedgey baked you some brownies! Hope you love it.

Hello, fellow Pokemon fan! ~ Arcadiarika


Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Ozbourne is all kinds of cool! —goodtimesfreegrog

I came here in an attempt to figure out the reasoning behind your color coding. And also to thank you for leaving a comment on my page :) — Leradny

Nice redirect. Also, since when do users get WMG pages? - Caped Luigis Yoshi

Well, it's a good thing I kept that Master Ball until now. —Shlapintogan

DANCING KIRBIES!! <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)> <(^^)> "Poyo~!"—Squealing Sandry

Hello, fellow not-romantic-person. - Imipolex G

Weird. I got to Oz, but I didn't see any yellow brick road. Huh. - Keybreak

Oh my god, Oz isn't made of stone anymore! RUN!Shlapintogan again.

Clearly, you are the eternally-bored to my eternally-amused. I salute thee. - Krrackknut.

Wild Gloom appeared! Gloom used Mythology Gag! - Gabriel Gloom

O HAI NOSEBOURNE! - Not-So-Badass Longcoat

* is a statue* You're right, this is awesome! - Aleclom

The coolest snake-haired petrifier on the Internet. *bows* - Arcolops

"There are no uninteresting subjects, only uninterested people." ...and statues, I guess? - Noaqiyeum

Epitome used petrify! ...It did nothing, seeing as Oz is already a statue. Well that's awkward. ~Epitome

Geez, have I really been this lazy in vandalizing pages? THIS MUST BE CHANGED!!! -Spooky Mask

-vandalises statue- -Shichibukai

Pale Skinned Granite Cutie! -Tobias Drake

Congratulations. You've lost the game. -@DJMarred

Heya! :D-Etheru

It's a strange feeling, looking at your page and seeing you still have C.C. as your image... ~Noaqiyeum

How do you comb your hair without excruciating pain? - Kraken

So... you're 599? I'm a long-lived bored person too! Not a statue though. Have I run across you before? ~ Electrosa

I've forgotten to mark your page, which is so rude of me. Time to correct that. -Nathaniel The Seeker

Trick or treat! -Milos Stefanovic

This page needs at least one squiddleTron edit! 8]

Why haven't I editted this yet? <> - Lo ID

Rats!~ Tuefel

trick or treat!

You gave me ponies and infected me with a disease that makes me dependent upon them for survival. All I can say is...thank you! -DA